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Sleeping sister seduced by her brother

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Lyra Law is a little conflicted about getting close to her step-brother, but soon she gets seduced by his sexy smile, and just wants to put her lips around his dick. Her hot deep throat blow job makes him raging hard, and he needs to thrust his cock deep inside her. Lyra rides Mr. Van Wylde with a vengeance, and the petite sprightly blonde bounces up and down on his shaft like a wild animal. She slams his dick is several positions, getting him riled up for a POV finish where he explodes onto her sweet pussy.
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The Ring Of Impurity

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Study Your Sis

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Familiar Sexual Conduct

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Dear Brother-in-Law

We are human and we love to fantasize about forbidden things, such as Infidelity. We don’t want to hurt someone we love, but it’s natural to feel desire, in its many forms, for other interesting and attractive people. The controversy arises when this idea becomes a reality… Cinema is about living adventures we wouldn’t dare to have in our real life, so when I read this confession I thought to myself: why not shoot a confession about this slippery, lascivious subject? A forbidden hookup can be a very intense one.
In modern societies, new forms of relationship beyond monogamy arise little by little, and tolerance towards these “mistakes” is bigger nowadays within the frame of traditional couples as well. But there are still taboos. It’s not surprising: jealousy is a very complicated feeling to manage. I’d say each infidelity has its meaning, and getting into bed with someone from your partner’s family might be one of the most controversial events. What I found most interesting about MRS BANANAS confession was the format: a letter to her in-law. Full of guilt, deliciously tangled with desire. She ends it like this: I’m not looking forward to it, I’m not looking forward to it, I’m not looking forward to it! Well, darling: you are so obviously looking forward to it.
We built a very bourgeois environment for the character played by the sweet Lana Sue, in her second XC film after My Roomie`s Toy. We underlined the feeling of confinement within a long-term relationship, even though we see very little of her husband. Styling and art departments worked around this idea. From a narrative point of view, the challenge was to build the growing tension between the in-laws in the very few minutes I had to tell the story before the sex scene. I think it worked, mainly because of a very lucky cast decision. Bel Gris plays the messy brother in law interrupting her very organized life, and the result is a natural yet lustful encounter, beginning in the kitchen and finishing on the living room couch before anyone can discover them…

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Haylie is a nerdy girl who has never had sex before and her brother just got home from work. Her brother notices her dress is pulled up and showing off her nice ass. He can barely control himself. Their parents are gone so the decide to do a little experimenting. Haylie becomes her brothers little slut and starts sucking his cock. They take things even farther when her brother convinces her to let him take her virginity. They fuck in different positions until he accidently cums in Haylie.

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