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I Need to Borrow Your Cock Bro

My sister Sophia is always bringing me her problems, I try to be a nice brother and listen to her. Today, Sophia has some boy problems. Her ex-bf cheated on her and sent her all these pics of him fucking another girl. I tell her the best way to get back at him is to do the same thing back to him! Sophia thinks its a great idea and asks to borrow my cock, at first I did not wanna do it but Sophia is just so hot! It starts with a couple pictures of her sucking my cock, she is such a slut she wants my dick deep inside of her. I fuck Sophia with my big cock and fill up her tight pussy with my cum. Sophia freaks out but it was her idea, I let her know that we need to clean up all the cum in her pussy and on the couch.

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Cheating Sis Brute-Fucked

Daisy’s bro is spying on her as she’s in her bikini talking to her side dude. She catches him recording her and he threatens to tell their parents what she’s doing. She tries to grab his phone but he pushes her onto the bed and overpowers her. He starts fondling her and then proceeds to fuck her.

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Cold Hard Cash From Brother

Petite babe Avery Moon wants a tattoo but she doesn’t have any money. She asks her brother for the money, but when he says no she steals it. Avery’s bro isn’t stupid; he knows exactly where his money went, so he confronts his sister. He points out that Avery has a brand new tattoo and asks where she got the money. She claims it was from a friend, but her story quickly falls apart. Avery offers to give her brother something else in exchange for the money, like working it off in the age-old way. Leaning back so that her miniskirt rides up to reveal her landing strip twat, Avery lets her brother see and feel just how wet she is.

Then she whips out his dick to put her sassy little mouth to work once he agrees to have sex with her. She sucks him until he’s nice and hard, then lays on her back so he can shove it all the way in. This horny chick is all about her brother’s cock as she rides him, strokes him with her feet, and then gets on her knees. Getting fucked doggy style leaves Avery moaning her delight, which pushes her brother to the edge of his endurance. He flips her on her back and keeps on banging her until he’s about to cum, then pulls out and jizzes into Avery’s mouth so she can swallow his cumshot. When Avery is done, she lets her bro know that she’s thinking of getting another tattoo if they want to keep up their new deal.

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Sis Finds Excitement In Big Brother

I’m so glad I stumbled into my sister’s room after a night of partying. I was tired but sis was grinding herself all over my leg, and running her hands up and down my body.. “I want you so bad right now” she tells me. Melody gets on top of me and teases my cock even more before giving me head. It felt so good too.. I couldn’t believe my own sister was sucking my cock! I slide myself deep into her perfect pussy and fuck her while our parents have no idea about this taboo act. Her pussy was so tight, I pulled out just in time to blow my big load up her stomach!

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My Slut Step Sister

Johnny’s Step Sister Kenna James just moved in to his old bedroom and that room has stories to tell, What to do?? Why not Fuck his slut step sister In all positions to give her a warm wel-cum.

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Dad Won’t Find Out

The first thing I heard when I came inside was my sister Kylie yelling at our Dad over the phone. She said she wasn’t going to stop hanging out with “Those people — they were her friends,” and that she hated him. My Dad and my little sister have always butted heads but this seemed like their worst fight in awhile. I sat down next to my sister and told her she shouldn’t worry about what Dad thinks of her friends — she should just be more sneaky about hanging out with them. I told her there’s a ton of stuff I’ve done that Dad doesn’t know about. I calmed my sister down with a back massage and then joked she could return the favor by blowing me.

She just laughed and called me a perv, then she looked in my eyes and saw I was being serious. My sister’s first lesson in secrets started with a blowjob, and I promised Dad would never know…My little sister sucked my cock so well… I could tell she must have learned a lot from those “Friends” Dad didn’t want her seeing anymore. It didn’t matter what Dad thought — her big brother approved and knew how to keep a secret. I told Kylie we needed to fuck — and she agreed. The moment I slid my cock inside my little sister’s dipping wet pussy, I knew we were doing the right thing. I could feel us growing closer together with each thrust. I’ve always loved my sister, but as she rocked back and forth on top of me I knew things would never be the same…My sister bounced on my cock until I couldn’t take it anymore. I could barely resist the urge to cum inside my little sister’s pussy, but I knew I had to hold back. I pushed her off and fucked her from behind as hard as I could. Then I turned her around and blasted a huge load in her mouth. I was dizzy, I could barely breathe. My little sister asked me one last time if I was sure Dad wouldn’t find out about this, and I said yes. There was one other thing I was sure of…I just had the best sex of my life — and I had to keep it a secret.

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Shot of Brother’s Cum!

Sis and I were wrestling when her tit accidentally popped out.. I felt like I had to look away, but Michele wanted me see her big natural titties!I always wanted to see my sister’s big breasts, but I never thought it would actually happen.. She goes down on me, slobbering all over my cock. Watch as my sister bends over my bed begging for me to stuff her. I pound Michele’s sweet pussy, making her cum harder and harder with every orgasm. I finally shoot my load into a shot glass for my freaky sister to swallow!

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Family Sex Vacation

It’s vacation time for the family, in the hotel room, Mom goes for a shower while stepsis and stepbro change into their bathing suits turning back to back, she cannot resist her curiosity and decides to peek on her stepbro’s dick, he catches her and is startled, but stepsis is turned on by the size of that dick and persuades stepbro to give him a blowjob and sex until they get interrupted by stepmom who almost caught them. Later on, when stepmom is alone in the room she decides to pull her dildo and masturbated herself so good, that she fell asleep without realizing it. When stepsis and stepbro come back, they find stepmom passed out, completely naked on the bed, she looks so sexy, so hot, that they cannot resist and have to fuck right there next to her. She wakes up to find them fucking, but she is not mad, she wants to join them..

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Sexually Frustrated Sis

Riley is nothing but trouble, and I’m not complaining! We’ve fooled around before, but now’s the chance to really fuck each other since mom and dad aren’t around.. She grabs my hand and pulls me towards her natural petite body. “I want you so bad..” She looks at me with her big blue eyes and pulls my cock out to suck on. I sit back and enjoy her lips wrapped around me, stroking my cock as she blows me. Riley turns around and bounces her ass on my fat cock, I love seeing her pussy lips spread while she fucks my dick. I turn my little sister over and pound her tight pussy until I’m about ready to cum! My sister sits up and opens her mouth wide for my big load!

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Big tits sister gets naughty

My Brother and I decide to bring things to the living room to get naught. This video includes, blow job, boob sucking, light spanking, pussy/ass licking, hair pulling, fucking in missionary and doggy, plus a creampie ending. NOTE: you do occasionally hear my puppy whining in the far back round (he is not use to sex noises yet.

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