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Hot Busty Sister

A missing girl. A worried big sister. An agent with information. And you, the charming investigator to crack the case. But what would big sis do for you to find her sibling? And what will the agent ask for the hints? And most importantly, is there a sexy reward in this case? Well, you won’t know if you don’t check. Happy investigating.

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Little Sister Big Batthole

Our step sister walks into your bedroom while you are jerking off your cock. You were really thinking about her so when she walks in and closes the door behind her it only makes you more excited.She looks shocked at first but then looking down at the size of your cock her face changes…She complements on how big it is and sits down on your bed.She starts telling you that she has a confession to make. Even though she is your step sister she can’t help but be physically attracted to you.

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Opportunistic StepSister

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Violated Repeatedly – Sis fuck Sleeping Brother

Lucy is talking to her girlfriend on the phone….sharing her “situation” Her situation is this……Lucy has recently broken up with her boyfriend….and she is not ready to start dating again….but she is…..in her words…..”cock crazy”!!! Lucy complains that she NEEDS cock badly….and doesn’t know what to do. Suddenly Lucy has an idea!!! She remembers that her Brother Russell is known to be a VERY sound sleeper. Nothing can wake him up once he is asleep. Lucy decides that, Brother or not……she needs cock so badly….that she could Violate her Brother…without him ever having to know!!! For the next three nights, Lucy does just that!!! On the first night…..Lucy tip toes into Russ’s bedroom in the middle of the night….slowly peels his blanket back….and Jerks him Off until he spurts for her. Lucy giggles, and sneaks away. On the second night….Lucy gets a little braver. She, again sneaks into his room….peels back the blanket….and sucks on his cock!! Lucy keeps sucking until he has a big old “wet dream” right inside her mouth!! With cum dripping down her chin….Lucy creeps off to bed. On the third night….Lucy gets even more aggressive with her sleepy Brother….and this time, she gets completely naked….and climbs on top of her Brother and Fucks him while he sleeps!! Lucy rides on his cock….getting all of her sexual frustration out of her system…until he unloads inside her….signifying the ride is over. lol Three nights….three Violations of her own Brother’s cock….without him knowing a thing!!!

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I know you were watching me Bro’

I know you were watching me. I heard the door closing… You don’t have to lie. I’m not mad at you. We’ve always been close… Remember when we kissed that one time? I know you wonder what it would have been like to do more… I still think about it all the time….

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Paying for incest sex

Since Baby Sister Gemma “got her boobs” recently….her Brother Conor has become obsessed with his Little Sister’s sexy body. Conor has made a habit out of giving his allowance to Gemma, so that she will take her shirt off and let him masturbate to her boobs. Although it is embarrassing for him….and awkward for her…it seems to be a relationship that works well for both. One day Conor is furiously Whacking-Off to Gemma’s tits….but the next day…there is a twist. Conor has some extra money….and he asks Gemma if he can lick her cunt instead of masturbating to her tits. Gemma takes the money from him…and, although she is on the phone with her girlfriend at the time….she lets her Brother lick away. After a few minutes, Gemma tells him he got his money’s worth…and she dismisses him. The following day, however….the plot thickens big time!!! Conor has sold his XBOX…..and is desperate to Fuck his Hot Little Baby Sister!! Gemma examines the fistful of cash her boogerhead Brother has…..and agrees to let him penetrate her!!! Gemma takes a hard Pounding from her older Brother….even agreeing to let him cum inside her mouth….but Baby Sister refuses to swallow……she spits it out, and tells him that for more money….she will swallow it next time.

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Brother fuck small Sister

With Mom now working full time, and hardly ever home….Baby Sister Jenni has had to pick up the slack around the house. Jenni is busy sowing in the spare bedroom when her big Brother Russ comes in, and wants her to sew a button on his jeans. After some squabbling back and forth, Jenni agrees to fix her Brother’s pants. Russ takes the jeans off, and waits patiently as his little Sister tends to them. As he watches her….in his underwear…..Russ can’t help himself….and he gets a big boner!! Baby Sister Jenni is shocked by the big bulge in her Brother’s shorts….and claims she can’t work with “that thing”….behind her…..so being the domestic little girl that she is….Jenni offers to, in her words….”make it go away”. Jenni puts the stiff cock inside her mouth and starts to suck it. After a few minutes, Jenni realizes that she is doing all the work…and she insists that Russ “return the favour”…..and she strips out of her clothes, and lies back, as her big Brother eats her tiny, little Pussy. Russ begs his Baby Sister to let him stick it inside her….and she agrees!! Jenni’s Cunt is very tiny….but she takes her big Brother’s cock all the way in…and takes a Pounding from him. Jenni cums as she gets plowed…and then Russ unloads a massive sperm shower all over his Baby Sister. “The things I have to do for my Brother…….” she says.

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Brother love Sister`s BIG ASS!

Lana Rhoades is annoyed that her stepbrother Tony pissed all over the toilet seat. She demands that he clean the pee up, including what’s on her big ass. He is totally turned on by his stepsister’s bottom. While Lana’s back is turned, he starts jacking off. Pulling her closer, he gets his stepsister close enough to slip it into her greedy twat. Lana can’t help but ride her stepbrother’s stiffie once she realizes how good it feels.
Turning around, Lana whips out her big tits for Tony to enjoy. Soon she’s on her knees sucking him off with her puffy lips before she climbs aboard once again. Her trimmed snatch is nice and creamy as she keeps her hips in motion bouncing up and down while her knockers jiggle. Tony can’t get enough, especially once Lana flips over and lets him be in control. Bringing her knees up to her chin, Lana opens herself wide for Tony to pound her pussy while rubbing her clit. Then she gets on her knees so he can bring her home with a big climax. Shoving her giant boobs together, she gives her stepbrother the perfect landing spot for his cum shot as Tony jacks himself off to the enticing sight of his stepsister’s breasts.

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Licking My Brother’s Asshole

I know this sounds crazy, but I’m freaking out right now…and don’t know what to do. boyfriend (who I really care a lot about, and don’t want to lose him), he has been asking lately to…..lick his asshole! have never done anything like this before, and I’m really nervous.
I don’t want to ask any of my girlfriends, cause I don’t want them to think I’m a freak or tell anyone at school. You know how gossipy 18 yr old girls can be. know it’s crazy but the only person I feel comfortable enough to talk about something like this, is my brother. We have always been super close and besides, he was the 1st person to know when I lost my virginity. My brother could tell I was super nervous about something, especially after I double checked to make sure that mom and dad were down stairs watching TV…he knew something was up!
After a few moments of me beating around the bush….I finally just blurted it out. boyfriend wants me to give him a rim job! Even my brother (who knows everything about me), was speechless for a second. But then things got even more weird. Somehow I started to ask him if his girlfriend Shelly has ever licked his asshole? At first he was embarrassed to tell me, but after he could tell that I was actually serious…he confessed to me that he has let her tongue his butthole.
Then I did it…. did something that I never thought I would ever do! actually asked my brother if he would let me experiment on him, and let me lick his butthole!
Watch as my brother actually spreads his legs, and exposes his bare ass to me….allowing me to go down and lick my tongue all in the crevice of his open butthole.
Licking my brother’s ass has gotten me wetter than I have ever been, and I started to notice my brother’s dick growing larger right in front of me. Before I know it, I start stroking my brother’s cock while rimming his hole. en he flipped me over, for his turn to lick my butthole!
At this point we were both so horny we didn’t even care that mom and dad were down stairs watching TV. legs were spread for him, and he dipped his rock hard boner deep into my soaking wet open pussy. boyfriend has never felt as hard as my brother’s dick felt! It was throbbing as it slides in and out of me…
Then watch as I finish him off by tonguing his asshole, while stroking his pulsating cock till he exploded all in my hand and on his belly.
Even if I do ever give my boyfriend a rim job, I doubt it will ever top my 1st experience with my brother…

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Latina Sister Seduced young Brother

After I saw my stepbrothers package, I thought it would be best if it he just slipped it in through the backdoor.

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