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My Sister Is Hotter Than A Pornstar

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Pussy Power – Sister manipulate her Brother

Poor Russell gets the Pussy Power treatment every week….when the chores are handed out in his household. Every week Mom and Dad give Russ and his Sister Brooklyn their list of chores for the week…and every week….Brooklyn uses her body….specifically….her PUSSY to convince her poor Brother to do all her chores as well as his!!! Brooklyn enters her Brother’s bedroom in black Teddy and black Stockings…and is about to make his life miserable for the next week. Brooklyn goes through her list of chores….and one by one….offers a sexual favour to her Brother, in exchange for him doing a chore. With notebook in hand….and her spectacular PUSSY displayed Brooklyn begins to negotiate. In exchange for doing the dishes…she agrees to let her Brother lick her Pussy. Second….in exchange for making the beds, she agrees to suck her Brother’s cock. Next…..in exchange for doing the vacuuming….she agrees to let her Brother lick her Asshole. Finally….in exchange for cleaning out the garage….she agrees to let her Brother Fuck her!!! Poor Russell is helpless to protest…because Brooklyn is so Fucking Hot……and he is Forced by his manipulative Sister to sign a contract agreeing to all of the above. Once the contract is signed…Brooklyn lets him lick her cunt….lets him lick her Asshole…sucks his cock….and lets him pound her hard until he absolutely soaks her in cum!!! Russell almost his baby Sister he cums on her so much!!!!

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Sister Sperm Diet

Diet crazes seem to come and go…..but this one is really taking young girls by storm!!! There is a new Diet that all the young girls are on, called the “Sperm Diet”. As it turns out….Sperm is very high in protein…and low in carbohydrates……and if you eat/drink a Diet of Sperm exclusively for several weeks….you will lose weight…and feel great!!! A sort of “cleansing”. Blaire has been on the Sperm Diet for a week or so….and she is feeling great, and she has already lost 3 pounds.

The problem with the Sperm diet is….trying to find sources!! Blaire sucked off her boyfriend so many times during the first few days of the Diet…that he is currently in the hospital suffering from dehydration. Desperate….she asks her older Brother Chuck if he would do her a “solid”….and give her some Sperm.

Chuck is baffled by the odd request…..and is reluctant……but Blaire offers to let him lick her Cunt for a while first….and fuck her……if he’ll promise to give her the “nectar” she so desperately needs. Chuck gives in….and after Blaire face sits him….and lets him have a poke at her…..she gets what she wants…. a mouthful of fresh Sperm. “Thanks for my Dinner” Blaire declares as she swallows it all down. What kind of crazy Diet will they cum up with next???!!!

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Sister Learning to Share

You can’t be in here, you’re my brother.. No, shut up, you don’t even know that… That’s none of your business… Please just leave me alone… That’s only for Daddy…

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Secret Stepsibling Shave And Fuck

Gracie May Green was up to her usual saturday morning routine of watering the plants in her see through pajamas. Her stepbrother was also up to his usual saturday morning routine of toying with his cock and watching her. Gracie then made her way into the bathroom to wash off, and stepbro followed. Today would be the day that he steals a pair of her panties for his spank stash. He slowly crept in and grabbed them. He got so caught up in sniffing them and jerking off that he ended up getting his cover blown.
Good thing Gracie needed help, or else he would have been fucked. Gracie asked him to assist her in shaving her pussy. It was hard for her to reach the back area without hurting herself. Stepbrother was super gentle. Gracie could see he wanted to lick it too, so she let him. Before long these devious step siblings were fucking all over the bathroom. Stepbrothers cum was blown all over Gracies face and left there to seal her lips and keep this ordeal forever a secret.

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Sister Baby Fever

Lexy has caught a Fever….Baby Fever!!! She desperately wants to have a Baby, and she and her boyfriend have been humping each other like rabbits….trying to get her pregnant. Unfortunately…..Lexy has received nothing but bad news from the home pregnancy test. At her wit’s end….Lexy is about to take drastic measures!! Lexy asks her Brother Josh to “help” her get pregnant…by being her “sperm donor”.
Josh points out that no clinic would impregnate her with his sperm….since they are Brother and Sister. Lexy has an answer all ready for him….”Of course a clinic won’t do it silly…..we would have to do it the “old fashioned way””. Before Josh can even mount a protest…Lexy yanks down his pants and takes his cock into her mouth. With Lexy’s hot lips and tongue pleasuring his cock….Josh’s sense of right and wrong vanishes pretty quickly!! Lexy sucks his cock to full attention, and then asks him if he would like to lick her cunt. Josh answers affirmatively…..and starts to lick his Sister’s pussy. After a few moments…Lexy gets over anxious and demands him to “Stick your Baby maker in me!!!”. Josh climbs on top of his Sister and starts to hump her. Lexy asks him as he pumps away….”did you Jerk-Off today?….I hope not……I hope you are FULL of Baby Batter!!!”. Josh pounds his Baby crazy Sister until he delivers the goods…..a cunt full of active swimmers!!!! Lexy makes sure that all the Baby Batter goes inside her wet pussy…..and turns to her home pregnancy test….”I hope you have some good news for me this time…..”.

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Summer with My Slutty Sister

My sister Melanie is so hot. She walks around in short little shorts and tiny bikini’s all day. She is driving me wild. I cannot stop jerking off thinking about her. I went outside and found her washing her car. Damn, I could not help but to stare. She caught me watching and told me to go back inside. Since she was teasing me all summer, I decided to lock her ass outside. I wonder what I can make her do, to come back in. I told her to show off her ass and big tits. She did and I took pictures. I opened the door and ran into her room. I showed her the pictures and threatened to send them to everyone. She begged and pleaded for me not to. She said she would do anything for me. Can’t we work something out, my sister asked? Sure, I thought, she can work out my cock!

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Sister and Brother make a Porn Video

A Brother and Sister lay naked in a forbidden and secret bed. They caress and kiss. In what should be a moment of intense tension, they feel relaxed for the first time in days. The petting continues and increases. They look in each other’s eyes and decide this will be the night. This will be the time. They embrace and make love. They feel whole for the first time. They don’t know why they share this unacceptable need for each other. They just know it is real and it is overpowering

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The Deal – REAL creampie from her Brother

Don’t look at me like that.. I’m not crazy. I love my boyfriend, that’s why I have to do this. We need to have a baby. I just can’t convince him to cum inside me… That’s why I need your help… Oh really, you would never do that to your little sister? I think you’re wrong about that. I think you’ll do exactly what I want….

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Brother & Sister Reach an Agreement

An exasperated sister decides to try a new way to deal with her brothers sick obsession over her….

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