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Always Together

Listen, you need to stop calling me… We’ve been through this already, I’m done. I don’t want to see you anymore. I have a girlfriend now… No. This is your your fault. I wanted us to be together but you acted like I was crazy… I always did everything you wanted but not anymore. Now you can’t have me, so you want to be with me. Well that’s not how things work in the real world. Stop calling me. Stop texting me. We’ll never be together again….

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Adriana Chechik and Kissa Sins in Incest Video

We need to hide screens but you can believe us when we say this is amazing Incest video that you should definitely download!

I’m just an ordinary guy with extraordinary dreams; it’s my dream to control the minds of two gorgeous babes. Imagine being a real life superhero with the power to train women to do whatever you’d like them to do, whatever sex position, and begging for you, desperate for you to kiss them, to pump them full of your cum. Don’t scoff at me, it’s something I could teach you, if you wanted to learn. It’s got to be every boy’s fantasy!
I’m at my girlfriend’s house right now, Adriana, and she’s serving me a drink while her sister, Kissa, rubs my feel and is practically burning a hole through my jeans starting at my crotch. The two girls can go in and out ofever since that epic day where I trained them to come in and out with a snap of my fingers. They get along really well now, but that wasn’t always the case.
Kissa used to shamelessly flirt with me and it drove Adriana mad. They were always fighting about it. The Chechik sisters are the hottest sisters in my town, and I’ve got to be honest with you, it makes me feel pimp to have these two babes lusting after me. Kissa used to say to me, “you’re such a good friend,” meanwhile her breasts are pressed up against my chest tightly with her “friendly” hug, just like clockwork, Adriana would corner her in the bedroom and they’d be yelling and sometimes wrestling each other! It’s the hottest thing, and I’d crouch down and watch through the keyhole, until I saw Kissa hold the pillow over Adriana’s head a little too tight. Adriana’s hands and legs were flailing around, I was scared for her! I came in and broke it up.
I told them about my mind control therapy and how it could make the girls see each other’s points of view. “Imagine loving each other as sisters again?” They totally bought it, hook, line, and sinker. I had a lump in my throat the size of a plum, so worried that the process wouldn’t take, but it did, oh yes.. watch and see the story unfold. You’ve got to see it, to believe it.

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The Big Anal Pleasure First For My Sister

We have gathered today to visit friends. I was ready to come out. But my Brother was not ready. He was horny. He wanted to stay. We can not be late, waiting for us. But I agree, not for long. He put his big dick in my narrow asshole. It was painful. Ouch. But then it became more enjoyable. I like to feel a big dick my Brother in my ass. Dick shot and cum was on my hair, nose and lips and also I had swallowed a portion of the protein. It was great!

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Brother And Sister Anal Internal Edition

I am in my room one day when my step brother just comes in and starts recording me on his video camera. Apparently he got an early birthday present for his favorite sister and came to deliver it and capture my reaction on camera for our home family movies. Can you guess what he got me? Yup, a healthy dose of brotherly dick. Except this time he doesn’t want my pussy. My brother has decided he wants to try my little butthole out. Watch me take his cock and a big fat load deep inside my ass!

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Creepy Perverted Brother Gets Lucky

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Don’t call me Daddy!

Katie is in the bedroom in bra and panties admiring herself. She wonders aloud what it would be like to be pregnant and how she would look, sticking out her belly to see and checking her boobs and booty. Ever since she helped Allie, Katie has been wanting to get pregnant herself and wants her own baby so much. Her and Alli’s can grow up together.She decides on a plan and goes into the room where her boyfriend is watching tv. She tries to convince her boyfriend but he doesn’t like the idea. She thinks some hot sex is the best way to change his mind and starts stroking and sucking his cock to show him how the baby would feed from her nipples. She gets on top and rides him and then he fucks her doggy style. While on top, her boyfriend plays with her belly. Wouldn’t it look great pregnant. She starts calling him Daddy and he doesn’t like it. But he still shoots his load inside her. Is she still on the pill? We’ll see in 9 months.

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Sister Watching porn With Her Brother

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Sister Ambushed In The Shower

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My little Sister wants her asshole banged

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Sister Waits For Parents To Leave

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