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So big dick Brother

Carmen Caliente is ready to admit that she’s addicted to twerking, and her mom and stepbrother have decided to stage an intervention. When Carmen joins her family for what she believes is a twerk audition, she gives lots of attitude before sitting down. Logan makes his plea to Carmen, sharing that she’s making him feel strange down there. It’s soon clear that Carmen lied, so Logan confronts her by saying she’s making his dick hard. She responds by twerking backwards until she’s fucking his boner as she gyrates her hips.
Bouncing back and forth, Carmen fucks her stepbrother with all the fire of her Latina blood. Her miniskirt rides up around her waist as Logan grabs her ass. She doesn’t stop bouncing that booty until Logan cums in her greedy twat. That sets a precedent that Carmen can twerk all she wants as long as she takes care of Logan’s needs.
After giving Logan a lap dance that gets her bottom jiggling, Carmen slides down on her stepbrother’s fuck stick to give him a stiffie ride. Then she lays herself out on the couch with one thigh in the air so he can keep pounding away at her cock hungry fuck hole. Once Carmen’s needs are finally met, she gets on her knees to give Logan a puffy lip blowjob and a handjob until he rewards her with a facial of hot cum right before Carmen’s mom walks in on them.

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“You Came Onto Me First!”

Hey sis, you’re looking really great today… Come on stop What’s wrong? I thought you liked what happened the other
night? It was fun, but I think we were both in a bad place.. So you’re saying it was a mistake? No… But I think it was innapropriate and we probably shouldn’t do it again. It’s not like we’ll getcaught! You know, you came onto me first, right? Can we just drop it? When my step-sister needs a shoulder to cry on and a dick to filll her up, I’m there for her. But now that I want more of whatshe gave me, it’s not ok. She can’t just tease me with that perfect bdy and not expect me to get what I want… So I sneak into her room and take what is mine. If she thinks that she can use my cockwhenever she wants, then I get to use her holes whenever I want! Watch me cover my sisters pink pussy in my semen and promise she won’t tell anyone about this!

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“I’ll Give You Exactly What You Need!”

I thought you stopped talking to that douche!
Listen, what happened before was a mistake..
That’s not what you said earlier…
We can’t let this keep happening, what if our parents find out!
They won’t find out! Look.. I’m the one that’s always there for you, I know you want me..
I finally get my step sis to shutup by shoving her panties in her mouth, and give her what I know she craves.. She’ll deny it, but I know she likes acting like a slut… From now on, I’m the only guy my step sister gets to fuck!

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Sister Reluctant Handjob

I’m so exhausted Melanie tells her Brother as she crawls into bed. She had a long day today and has another one tomorrow. She closes her eyes and falls to sleep. Her Brother tries to sleep but can’t he’s too horny. He goes over to her side of the bed and pulls off the covers touching her body. What are you doing? She says sleepily. Give me a handjob He demands. Do it yourself Melanie responds annoyed.

But he doesnt stop touching her big breasts or ass no matter what she says. No! Just go away! She yells at him. But he doesn’t stop touching her. Fine! Let’s just do this so I can get to bed. Stroking his cock she spits at him Are you happy now? She strokes him faster and faster sighing and waiting for him to cum. Can we get this over with? She asks him. After what seems like forever to Melanie he cums. Finally, god! Can I go to bed now? She asks him annoyed beyond belief.

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Adorable Sister Gives You Anal

The video starts with me alone in my bedroom putting anal beads all the way into my ass in preparation for your cock when you get home. You’ve been wanting to do anal for awhile and I want to make you happy so I can’t wait till you get here for your surprise. The perspective changes to your point of view as you get home to discover me waiting for you in the bedroom with my gift. We get your clothes off right away. I’m happy to suck on my boy for awhile before bending over to get fucked with my beads in. All ten beads get pulled out by you slowly to make room for your hard cock. You fuck me in the ass doggy style for a bit and then I get a dirty taste of your cock between that and missionary. You cum deep in my ass which leaves me a very happy girl in the end. As always, I hope you love it.

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Brother sister combo – athletic Sister

Combo of 3 Alexis Rain clips where she stars as the sister getting fucked and creampied by her brother! Includes: Sis got stuck and creampied, Wrestling turns into creampie and My sister’s ass
Sis got stuck and creampied:
Alexis was putting together her new couch when she got her arm stuck. She calls for her brother to come and help her get out. Once he realizes she cannot get out and how hot she looks in her booty shorts with her hot ass in the air, he takes advantage by pulling her shorts aside and slipping his cock inside of her. He fucks her doggy style until he cums deep inside of her!
Wrestling turns into creampie:
Tony is lying on the floor watching tv when his sister walks in and starts stretching right in front of him. He tells her to move but she stays in his way. They argue and then start wrestling. Tony gets turned on and starts humping his sister. He gets so hot for her that he pulls off her panties and starts to fuck her. She eventually gets into it but when Tony says he is going to cum inside of her she says no, but Tony cums in her pussy anyway!
My sister’s ass
I can’t resist my sister’s hot ass! I watch as she bends over and admire her ass. I can’t resist humping her from behind. She gets frustrated and tells me I should just fuck her, so I do. I pull her booty shorts to the side and slide my cock in. I fuck her and play with her nice tits until I cum in her pussy!

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Sister/Brother Christmas eve sex

My Brother and I kiss each other, go down on each other, and then our bodies connect. His excitement has him finishing on my ass sooner than I was expecting, but getting to that point was super fun so I guess we can just do this again… and again.. 🙂 xoxo

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Panty Sniffing Brother Needs His Sister

More brother and sister role playing with my boyfriend: While I’m in the bathroom peeing I notice that my panties are missing from the basket of dirty laundry. Since I can’t find them anywhere obvious I decide to ask my brother since he is the only one home with me at this time. I enter his bedroom to find him masturbating while he is smelling a pair of my panties. Confronting him gets a little weird when he reveals that he needs help finishing and before you know it I’ve got my hand around his cock. I suck him, we fuck doggy style, spread for the camera, POV, cowgirl, and a facial finish. I take back my panties and leave my perverted brother with a feeling of satisfaction and the taste of his cum in my mouth. I hope you like watching this, we loved making it! xoxo

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Perverted Older Brother Seduces Sister

Brother and sister role play fun with my boyfriend: I’m woken up by a nightmare and decide to go use the bathroom instead of staying in my room alone and scared. Still feeling nervous, I start peeing only to have my older brother walk in just in time to catch me. He apologizes and I quickly clean and cover myself. I tell him about my bad dream and realize I would probably feel so much safer with him around so I ask to stay in his room. He agrees after some pushing on my part and then we go get comfortable. His bed is small, we need to spoon to fit on his single pillow. I feel him hard against me as I’m about to drift off. I call him out on it, he tries to get rid of it by jerking off which gets a strong reaction from me. He then points out that it would be faster if I helped him. As weird as this is, I realize he is right so I put my hand around him and things escalate… Hand job, Blow job, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggy Style, and Side by Side finished off with his cum in my mouth. No mess on his bed that way. We get comfortable afterward like everything is normal. I hope you like what you see, it was a lot of fun as usual 🙂 xox

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Little Sister’s Revenge – Bondage Incest

Flynt Dominic’s wedding is tomorrow and he’s been out drinking the night before. April Dawn, his soon to be sister-in-law, has been tasked with making sure he gets home safe and sound, and out of any trouble. But, the problem is, April has a secret crush on Flynt and she wants to take advantage of the situation to have sex with Flynt before he marries her sister. She helps him to the bed, but Flynt is faithful and tells April in no uncertain terms that nothing will happen. April says “Fine” and leaves. But, she sneaks back in once she is asleep and with a soaked rag, takes him down. He wakes up bound spread eagle with his mouth duct taped. April seductively strips for him. Flynt can’t help but get hard. She grabs his cock and plays with it for a bit. Once she gets him rock hard, she climbs on top and rides him like a crazy girl. She shifts back and forth between cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. She shift herself into various positions to enjoy herself. Finally, she wants his cum inside her. She speeds up, grinding relentlessly, until Flynt has no choice but to fill up his sister-in-law.

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