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Thunder Buddies

It’s a stormy night, and Tellulah is frightened!!! She has always been afraid of the Thunder….and whenever there is a Storm…..she seeks a Family member to cuddle with. Tonight…..Mom and Dad wouldn’t let Tellulah climb in bed with them…..so she climbs in bed with her older Brother Russ. Russ is woken from a sound sleep by his baby Sister…but agrees to let her stay and cuddle. As the Storm rages outside…Tellulah asks her big Brother if they can “play”…..so that she can get relaxed enough to fall asleep. Russ reluctantly agrees to “play” with his little Sister…and Tellulah starts to suck her Brother’s cock. Russ suggests some 69, so he can lick his Baby Sister’s ass and pussy. Tellulah and Russ Fuck away while the Storm continues….until Russ fills up his Sister’s pussy with a big, messy Creampie. The two Siblings wish they could move to Florida…so that they can “play” during Thunder Storms more often!!

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Parents watching How Brother fuck Sister

Tiffany Watson and her stepbrother Alex D. have decided to play a prank on their parents, Lexi Foxy and Brad Newman. They collect fake wedding clothing and dress up, then go downstairs and announce to their parents that they’ve decided to tie the knot. When they aren’t quite convincing enough, the stepsiblings lock arms around one another and make out to put on the best show they can. That’s enough for Lexi to become upset, but Brad remains unmoved.

The stepsiblings take it upstairs and admit to one another that they enjoyed making out. They keep it up in what they think is the privacy of their own room while Brad peeps from the doorway. Soon Tiffany is on her knees with Alex’s cock in her mouth as she strokes him off while sucking the tip. Her deep throat BJ just gets them hotter and hornier, so Tiffany pushes her panties aside and climbs onto Alex’s cock for a stiffie ride that is hard, fast, and oh so satisfying.

Lexi joins Brad at the door as they watch their kids fuck. Brad succeeds in keeping Lexi from interrupting as Alex peels off Tiffany’s thong and slams into her from behind. Their doggy style sex becomes more intimate when Tiffany rolls over so she can watch her stepbrother bang her as she explodes in a climax that milks a creampie of cum from Alex. That’s the point where Lexi can’t take it another moment! Exploding into the room, she confronts her daughter and stepson as cum drips from Tiffany’s twat.

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Pervert Stepbro Stalks Stepsis Sunbathing

Perverted stepbrother stalks his stepsister while she is sunbathing in the backyard.

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Switching Up Sexy Stepsister

Are you a fan of overly obvious sexual innuendo? Well, Dani Rivers and Rosalyn Sphinx are. These stepsisters cant help but make jokes about nuts while eating their snacks. At least they have good hygienic practices. They brush their teeth and then take a stepsisterly rest together, tops off of course. Later on, Dani hatches an ingenious scheme. Shes been fooling around with a guy recently, and since everyone is always calling Dani and Rosalyn twins, she thinks they she should do a switch up on him. Dani sucks with youth and vigor, but our stud doesnt notice a thing as Rosalyn replaces her and begins to enthusiastically choke on his chode.
He catches on soon enough, and the stepsisters are busted. They start making out instead of trying to use words to explain, and our stud understands right away. They head upstairs and go for a wild romp on the bed. Our stud fucks them like a stallion while they 69 each other into euphoria. Finally, he busts a nut and they lick if off each other. Now theres a couple girls working together for the greater good. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

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Fucking Your Sister All Day

I know that you’ve been looking at me differently lately. I can see it in your eyes. I see that telltale bulge in your pants when I’ve been around you for a while. And I’ve seen your computer. All of those pictures and videos of me taking a shower, changing my clothes…but don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone. I was actually hoping that someone could show me the ropes sexually. I’ve never had sex before and I’d really like to get used to it with someone I trust, and who can I trust more than my big brother? So…what do you say?

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Shoplifter Step Sister

Carolina Sweets had her eye on some jewelry, and when she couldn’t afford to buy it she decided to steal it. Her stepbrother Logan Pierce finds out, and claims he’s going to video tape her confession. She tells him to cut it out, so instead of telling their parents Logan offers Carolina a form of clemency: Strip and he’ll stay silent.
When Carolina has pulled of her shirt to reveal her perky titties and then peeled off her panties, Logan decides he’s still not satisfied. He pulls out his hard dick, and Carolina gets down on her hands and knees to stroke and suck him off. Now that she’s committed, Carolina realizes she’s enjoying herself, especially when Logan starts feasting on her bare twat. It’s not a big jump for her to lay down on the couch and let him shove his dick all the way inside.
On her hands and knees, Carolina takes a doggy style pussy pounding. That turns into a stiffie ride in her shaved snatch as she arches her back in true pleasure at the climax that courses through her. One reverse cowgirl ride later, and this naughty babe has had all she can take. Back on her knees, she waits for her stepbrother to stroke himself off and cover her face in cum to guarantee his silence on the matter of her shoplifting.

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My Brother Fucking Me Behind Moms Back

You know those movies that start with the ending first? Yeah, those movies that were considered edgy and experimental in, like, the 90s. Well, this is one of those. We know Stevie Grey wants to get her stepbrother back for something that happened yesterday, but we dont know what it is. We flash back and discover the source of the mystery. Turns out her stepbrother grabbed her ass after looking up her skirt the day before. Their mom comes in and starts talking to her, and her stepbrother ducks down behind the kitchen counter and starts fingering her tight pink pussy. Good thing their mom is preoccupied with her cellphone, because Stevie can barely contain herself. Now she is going to get her step bro back, and she is going to do it in style.
She slobs on his knob while they are right behind their mom sitting on the couch. Again, it is a good thing she is so glued to that phone, because before long, they are full on boning right there on the living room floor. She tries to keep her mouth shut to muffle the moans, until the cum shot that is. She opens wide while he milks his cow into his sweet step sisters mouth, successfully completing the cycle of step sibling vengeance. Mom really needs to get off the Pokemon Go every once in a while.

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Brother Coming Home

I heard you were back in town.. I didn’t think you were ever coming back… I’d like to see you. I’ll make dinner tomorrow night. You should come over.. Your little sister misses you….

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Stepbro Creampie Stuck Stepsis Pussy

Stepsis gets stuck in a washing machine. Stepbro offers to help her out for a price.

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Magic Control My Sister

“She was supposed to be here two…three hours ago,” Aiden said frustrated. He looked through the blinds to see if his date was outside, but the parking lot was empty. He didn’t want to accept the fact that she wasn’t coming, especially after they had seemed to hit it off so well. But truth was, she had fallen for another guy, and when Aiden received the message that she wasn’t coming, he was heartbroken. “Hey, Aiden – what’s up?” his sister, Nadia, had said sitting down beside him. She snagged the hat off his head and tickled her brother who obviously looked upset.

Aiden rambled on about what had happened, and Nadia was upset for her brother. “I hate seeing you sad,” she told him. “I’m sorry, sis, I’m just depressed right now,” Aiden replied. Nadia held out her arms for a big hug, and her little brother magnetized into them. “You’re smart, you’re handsome, and you have a lot of things going for you,” she said comforting him. A sweet smile ran across Aiden’s face – his sister had always been so close to him and never failed to make him feel better. “I mean, she probably has a really awful body, and she probably doesn’t have boobs like mine at all, I guarantee you that,” Nadia smiled. Nadia knew exactly what to do to make her little brother forget about his heartbreak. She’d strip down, show off her body to him, and let him see how much better his sister was than any other girl he’d ever meet.

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