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Double Or Nothing – Make It Special Brother

Baby Sister Jenni, and her big Brother, Russ are fighting over the TV remote. Russ tells Jenni that she really shouldn’t be watching TV anyway….since all her chores are still not done….and Mom & Dad will be angry if they are not done when they get home. Jenni has an idea. She decides to make a bet with Russ. Since he has chores to do too….she offers a deal. They play a game of War. If he wins….she will do one of his chores for him. If she wins…he has to do one of her chores. They begin to play, and with Jenni doing the dealing….she wins several hands in a row!! Russ now has to do all his chores…plus several of hers too!! After several losses….Russ wants to quit, and count his losses…but Jenni wants to keep going. Russ tells her, he will play one more hand…but only if it is…”Double Or Nothing”!! They decide that if Russ wins…his debt is clear…he doesn’t have to do all Jenni’s chores….but if Jenni wins….not only does he have to do her chores….she gets to sit on his face to gloat!!! Jenni wins again!! She screams out in celebration…and then hikes up her skirt to rub it in by face-sitting her older Brother. Jenni makes him lick her cunt and her ass….before deciding that she is so horny now….that she wants cock!!! Jenni makes Russ shove his hard cock into her tiny little cunt….and she makes him fuck her until she is satisfied!! Little Sister decides she wants a face full of cum…so she jerks a huge load out of her big Brother…all over her face!!! She is ready for a shower….he better get to work on all the chores….his chores AND her chores!!!

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Sister gets Intense Anal and Impregnation Creampie

This scene features the amazing Chloe Cherry and I hooking up for the first time. We have really intense chemistry and love fucking each other aggressively. This scene has tons of eye contact, kissing, and intense sex , anal fuck finishing with a close up of me cumming in her pussy.

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Be My First, Brother

Mandy and her Brother, Mitchell are hanging out in the Family Room. Their Parent are away for the weekend….and they are chillin’. Mandy is reading a book….and Mitchell is watching TV. There is nothing good on TV….and Mandy tells her Brother about a Documentary she saw a few days ago……that talked about some cultures….(she couldn’t remember if it was in Africa….or Alabama lol)….where it is common and acceptable for Family members to have sex with each other. Mitchell scoffs at the idea….he tells her that even if two Family members WANTED to have sex with each other….there is no way that a male could get an erection for his Mother, or his Sister. Mandy disagrees….she thinks that a healthy male could…and would get an erection from being stimulated by a female….regardless of who the female was. Mandy, who actually thinks what she witnessed in the Documentary was kinda “sexy”…..decides to challenge Mitchell to a Bet. “Tell you what….let me play with your cock for 2 minutes….if you’re right….and it doesn’t get hard….I’ll do your chores for you for 3 weeks. If, however, it does get hard….you have to have sex with me”. Mitchell is shocked by the odd proposal from his Baby Sister….but sure that he will win….he agrees to the Bet, and pulls his pants down. Bad move Mitchell!!! Within SECONDS……basically as soon as his Sister touched his cock…it was standing at FULL Attention!!! Mandy smirks at the site of her Brother’s huge erection…not having to work very hard at all to induce it…and begins to take her jeans off….”A Bet is a Bet…you have to Fuck me now….”. Mitchell pays his debt….he Fucks Mandy until he fills his Baby Sister with a massive amount of sperm.

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Our Family Breakdown

I have been such a bad girl for making Brother wait so long but how else am I supposed to tease you? Do you like how I dressed up like an unicorn for you. Pull out your cock for your little girl because I’m your Unicorn Princess. I love watching you because it’s so naughty. Edge yourself up and down the shaft of your private area as I watch and giggle. I’m better than Mom, otherwise you wouldn’t come back to me.

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I Want My Sister

With stepsisters this hot, it’s only a matter of time before the panties drop! Sidney Alexis, Eden Sin, Tiff Bannister and Emma Hix have caught their brothers staring at their asses and tits! It just so happens that these cuties have been dying for cock and have a hardcore step-sibling fantasy.

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Fucking Your Sister

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Slutty Sister Needs a Ride

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Family Traditions

Brad’s parents taught him the family that plays together, stays together. You could say he has a uniquely perverted family. This is why when he came home on winter break he wasn’t surprised to find out he had a new adopted Asian sister… a 28 year old adopted sister named Chanel. As odd as that would seem in any other family, it wasn’t that strange for Brad’s family. He takes his new sister on a weekend retreat to get to know each other.
Once they’re in their room, Brad pulls his cock out and says he’s going to teach her about their “family traditions”. He bends her over and fucks her against the window overlooking the hotel pool. He picks Chanel up and tosses her on the bed.
Brad shows his new sister his favorite positions for fucking. He holds her head down as her pounds her from behind. Chanel’s little Asian pussy is so tight, Brad can’t hold any longer and cums in and on her pussy. Welcome to the family sis…

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A Dick Pic Of My Brother

Zoe’s best friend is dating her Brother Conor. As girls often do….they share everything…even “inappropriate” things!!! Zoe’s friend, Stacy tells Zoe that her Brother has a HUGE Dick!! Zoe doesn’t really want to hear about it…but Stacy surprises Zoe by texting her A Dick Pic Of Her Brother!!!
Zoe is shocked….but she also VERY impressed!! Zoe has never seen a cock so big. Zoe confronts her Brother…and shows him The Dick Pic, and asks if that’s really him. When Conor acknowledges that the pic is real…Zoe, right away tells him that she “must have” his cock!! Zoe tells her well endowed Brother that she has always wanted to fuck a huge cock…but unfortunately…her boyfriend has a small one. Zoe pulls down her Brother’s pants and starts sucking the giant member!! Conor is apprehensive at first….to be cheating on his girlfriend….with his Sister, of all people (!!!)…but soon starts to enjoy it…as his Sister is SMOKING hot!! The two Siblings screw each other’s brains out…and Conor even cums on his Sister’s face. Texting Dick Pics is NEVER a good idea!!!!

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Two Sisters better then one

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