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Creampie for my sister!

My brother and I went to a rave but I had no idea what was about to happen. The rave was great but I must have taken something new cause when we got home I was so turned on. Next thing I knew I was naked and sucking my brothers cock while he fingered my pussy. I just had to feel his cock inside me and slid down to straddle it. His cock felt soo good in my wetness I almost came right then. We fucked on the couch for what seemed like hours then heard daddy’s keys in the lock. And that was just the beginning!

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Brother Fucker

Addie Juniper: Sleepwalking Siblings and Creampie Dreams Awoken and aroused by groping hands, Addie is shocked to discover her sleepwalking brother in her room! Though she’s wet, Addie is horrified when she realizes her still sleeping brother is about to fuck her. Still afraid to wake him she bites her lip as his huge cock enters her. She decides not to wake him and lets him explode inside her. This taboo encounter leads to more sex between these step siblings with Addie initiating and Conor stunned as she works his cock until he fills her once again with his warm load!

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Slipping my Brother some Viagra

Katie’s brother is trying to watch the Olympics, but Katie has her own little agenda. She tries to model her new, sexy dress, but her brother just wants to watch TV. She offers to get him a drink, but slips a Viagra pill into the glass, and continues her flirting. After a while – little brother is experiencing an unwanted growth – in his pants – and Katie is sure to pick up on that!!! She starts to rub him a bit, and little brother is shocked at first, but it feels so damned good, and nobody is watching anyway!! Right? She pulls his shorts down, and starts sucking her brothers cock – stopping to ask him if he likes it. When he answer “YES”, game is over! She takes off her bra. She takes off her panties. She straddles her brothers cock and starts riding him! Brother can’t help himself at this point. He gets his sister on her knees, and pounds her ass from behind, until he’s ready to cum. He gets on his back, and his sister jerks a big load from his cock, right over her hands…. You pretty much KNOW your sister is a whore, when she lifts her hands up, to let YOUR CUM dribble into her mouth!

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Naked Joga With Sister

Richie’s Baby Sister, Victoria was doing her Naked Yoga…..and needed some help….a “spotter”….that was all this innocent girl wanted…..and she asked her Brother Richie to give her a hand. After Richie helps with a few of her stretches, he can’t help but “accidentally” touch her Naked Pussy. Victoria yells at him and calls him a Pervert…but damage done….Richie has a Massive erection!! Victoria needs him to help her with her Naked Yoga…but Richie has a big boner……so big Brother has a deal for his Baby Sister…..if she “gets rid of his boner” for him…he will help her with her stretches. Victoria reluctantly agrees to relieve his discomfort by masturbating him, in exchange for his help. After a few minutes of Jerking his cock…..Richie confesses that he may not be able to ejaculate from her hand only…and he asks her to perform oral on him. Victoria, again reluctantly agrees to Suck her Brother’s cock. After a few minutes of Sucking his cock, Richie admits that the only sure way to get rid of his boner…is to have sex!!! Victoria is disgusted!! She does not want to have sexual intercourse with her own Brother…but makes him a deal….”If I let you Fuck me…you have to finish fast…..and in exchange…you must help me with my Naked Yoga for two hours”. Horny as he is…Richie readily agrees….and begins to pound away on his little Sister. After a few minutes of being Fucked like a Rag-Doll…Victoria turns the tables on her Brother…gets on top of him….and Fucks the living *$^# out of him, while smothering his mouth and telling him to “Shut Up and cum!!”. Baby Sister Victoria soon forces her older Brother to cum!!! She may be the younger Sister…but this Baby Sister knows how to FUCK!!!

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I love going to the beach with my family! My Dad even let me bring my best friend Esmi with us. I was relaxing in the condo after doing some shopping the other day when my brother told me something very strange. He said he met a girl at the beach and he really liked her. My brother said he thought she wanted to have sex but he was worried he might not do it right. This was weird because I KNOW MY BROTHER IS GAY!!! He’s had a bunch of boyfriends, but he said he thought he might be straight now — even though he’s never fucked a girl. I’ve always thought my brother was cute so I figured I’d help him out. I called my best friend over to help, she’s even sluttier than me so I thought she might know a few tricks. We started sucking my gay brother’s cock and it got rock hard, maybe my brother’s not as gay as I thought… I told My brother it was time for him to fuck my best friend. Esmi slid off her panties and warned him not to go soft. My gay brother seemed to do ok, but he wasn’t fucking her hard enough. I got behind him and pushed, I had to show him that girls like being fucked really hard. I guess my brother fucks guys a lot slower. Then it was my turn, I sat on my brother’s fat cock and I actually came!! Not to bad for a gay guy..My gay brother asked if he could try doggy with me and I said yes. He still wasn’t fucking hard enough so Esmi helped him out. I think he finally started to get the hang of it, so Esmi made out with me and watched my brother pound my little pussy. Then she told my gay brother he had to cum on my asshole. I guess he did pretty good for his first time. I think with a little more help from his sister my brother will be straight in no time Wink

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Hipnotize and abuse his own sister!

Richie is getting hassled by his Baby Sister, Victoria. He is practicing his Hypnotism as they are watching TV…and Victoria is teasing him by saying the “hypnotism” is NOT real…and that Mom and Dad have wasted their money sending him to school for hypnotism….and should have forced him to go to school for something proper…like law or medicine. Richie wants to prove to his Sister that hypnotism is real…so he bets her that he can hipnotize her. Victoria laughs at him and dares him to try. Richie goes to work on her….and sure enough…after a few moments…she is completely under!! With his Baby Sister in a total trance…Richie decides he will get revenge on her for her taunts. Richie unbuttons Victoria’s shirt….pulls down her skirt….and Fucks his Little Sister HARD!! Victoria is completely under as she gets Pounded by her big Brother. When he has Fucked her good…Richie finishes by unloading on her…and using his Young Sister’s face as a cum Dumpster!! When he finishes unloading on her face…Richie brings her out of the trance…at which point Victoria, who has no idea anything has happened says “See….I told you….Bull*$%#!!!….I told you there was no such thing as hypnotism. Richie smiles slyly and walks away. Within a few seconds, Victoria notices a warm, sticky, white substance all over her face!!!

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Mother and Daughter Share a Creampie

Son, Mommy knows about your little problem. Don’t worry, your sister and I have decided to help you. Honey, don’t play dumb. Mommy knows you have become a chronic masturbater. We are tired of finding our panties and socks hidden around the house filled with your cum. Son, you’re not in trouble. We are going to help you. Mommy knows you’re still a virgin, but we’re going to change that. Mommy wants you to fuck your sister and fill her tight warm little pussy with cum, you don’t need to waste it in our dirty panties anymore. It’s much too precious for that….

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Brother and sister from France

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