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Sister Get Home From Summer Camp

Mona has just gotten back from summer camp and shes really excited to see her brother. Hes just been lazing around the house while shes been gone. Hes in the middle of a nap when she bounces in talking of hikes and summer fun. She crawls into bed with him and asks him to rub her feet. Hes still sleepy, but she shoves her feet in his face, teasing him for being so lazy and whining that her feet needs his attention. He finally gives in and starts rubbing her feet. They chat and catch up, and she starts nagging him to find a job since shes been letting him crash at her place and she wants him to contribute. But hes just so lazy and doesnt really feel like getting a job. She keeps shoving her feet in his face, flirting and shoving her butt in his face. She starts to pout because she hasnt had any camp romances this year, and shes jealous that her brother has been on so many dates. She decides to show him her tan lines, so she takes off her shirt. He makes it a little weird, and blushes, but she doesnt stop there. She takes off her shorts and pulls down her panties to show him her butt crack. She shoves her ass in his face, telling him to smell it, and he does and starts to tickle her. He starts to lick her and she gets into it. And now she wants a little more. They make a deal, that he can give her some other services for letting him stay at his place. He starts to caress her, and then suck her nipples. His sister is so beautiful. She orders him to take out his dick and starts to suck it. She feels so good with her lips tight around his dick. Then she sits on his face and he eats her pussy until he lifts her up and flips her around, so they can 69 while theyre standing. He fucks her hard, all over the bedroom in various positions, releasing all the built up passion theyve had brewing for each other until he cums into her mouth as she throws her head back and sticks out her tongue.

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My Sister Is Wet And Horny

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My Brothers Not A Virgin …. Anymore

Thanks To Me!Dear Diary,Apparently a few days ago when my little brother Loki was at our neighbor’s house helping do yard work my best friend Brittany ratted me out to him. She told him I told her he was still a virgin! Well today on twoface-book she messaged me and told me she gave him a handjob! I decided to confront my annoying little brother since dad left us in the hotel room alone. He didn’t want to admit it at first but when I had his pants down and his cock in my mouth he slipped up! Needless to say no one, not even my best friend takes his virginity! While we were fucking he kissed me admitting I was his first kiss, I guess I was his first creampie too then huh.

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Super Small 18yr Old Step Sis Gets Destroyed

Super cute and tiny Lucy Doll just got home from gymnastics practice and was feeling very horny! She was touching and fingering herself in all sorts of positions until her step brother caught her in the act! Lucy told him that she was just doing stretches but he knows she always plays with herself when their parents arent home. Lucy told her step brother to come over and put his dick in her mouth and he obliged! She got mouth fucked by his massive cock and he returned the favor by tasting her perfect 18 year old pussy! Then he completely destroyed her tight twat with his giant rod until he sprayed his load all over her cute face!


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Big Boobed Sister Controlled & Creampied

Long hours spent in antique shops, swap meets, and estate sales all ended in failure. Weeks spent traveling up and down I95 staying at any roach motel with a decent wifi connection, all for nothing. As far south as Georgia and and as far north as New Hampshire. I even made a three day trip to Indiana on a tip from a drunken old Haitian witch doctor. My obsession to find the case was total. My sister was worried sick about me, she heard I quit my job and I wasn’t answering her calls. We’ve always been close and we usually talk on the phone every few days. My sister is a beautiful blonde with big tits. Little did she know I was doing all this for us, so we could finally be together. I first heard of the suitcase from my crazy rich Uncle Rob on his deathbed. He told me about a slave trader that sold his soul to a demon in exchange for a suitcase that could control anyone who gazed inside it. I would normally not take him seriously but something about the look in his eyes and the dreams I had in the following days told me he wasn’t lying. I knew I wouldn’t be able to rest until I possessed it. Funny enough my success finally came from answering a craigslist ad. An old woman was selling everything from her husbands home office. She had no idea what it was, and took $5 for it. I sold my home and moved into a small basement apartment in the city, taking only my most prized possessions. Everything was different after finding the mythical suitcase. I was animated with the frightful knowledge that I could have everything I’ve always wanted. It was thrilling. But I knew my first conquest had to be my big boobed older sister. I always wanted to fuck her, and more than that, to make her my wife. Now with the suitcase I could finally make her mine. I invited Nadia over to see my new place. I could tell she was disturbed by my new demeanor, but I wasn’t worried. I told her I had a present for her, she opened the case and couldn’t take her eyes away, within moments she was possessed. My sister was my slave, completely under my control. I immediately commanded my sister to do every perverted thing I could imagine. I fucked her hard like a rag doll and came inside her warm tight pussy… She’s in her room right now as I write this, along with all my other collections. Soon she will give birth to our son, and we will truly be a happy family….

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Brother catches teen sneaking out while grounded and fucks her

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Fucking My Sister in The Tool Shed

Dad and I got into an argument over some bullshit..once again. I guess I need to organize the tool shed…again? Whatever this sucks but the consequences are far worse than just doing what he says. Oh how nice! Courtney overheard and is asking to help me in the chore. “I think I got it sis but thanks.No she’s asking to help with something else…Kneeling down she ask’s me “Are you sure?” She wants it. I show her what she can help with and she is happy to help her brother out. Damn Courtney! This makes it all worth it, She puts her mouth around my cock and tells me she loves me being in her mouth, but wants me to fuck her. I make her suck on me for a while before I let her feel me inside her. Courtney Straight up tells me she wants to fuck. Oh fuck…what if they see??? What if dad catches us??? She don’t care, she pulls her dress up and allows me to enter her. I fuck her as good and quick as I can so we don’t get caught. I’m so happy Courtney understands and is there for me. She lets me paint her pretty little face with big brother cum, hmm this is exactly what I needed. Hopefully dad will be happy with the job Iv’e done here.

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Sister fucks step brother so she can borrow his new car

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Promise not to tell mom

Bree Mitchells: Bree’s step brother goes out side to help put lotion on his little step sister. It turns Bree and step bro on, Bree begins to give step bro head only to be scared off by there neighbor. Later that night Bro cant take it any more and goes into Bree;s room and starts to molest her with his cock while shes asleep. Bree then wakes up excited by her step bros action, and gives him the blowjob of his life. Bree the enjoys a nice cozy night of sleep. Her brother wakes up not so satisfied and greets Bree in the shower where he finally gets at his little step sisters sweet pussy. They then fuck in the shower standing up. Bree then takes him outside the shower and rides his cock cowgirl,reverse cowgirl and spooning before he blows his load all over little sister’s face.

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Blackmailing sister to fuck

Kleio gets her sweet pussy blackmailed when her brother finds out she’s been less than faithful to her boyfriend. She unwillingly takes a hard pounding until he shoots a huge wad of spunk right in her eye. That’ll teach her!

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