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Mother watch her son raping sister

John’s Mother has completely had it with his chronic masturbation!! His grades are slipping at school…his chores are not being done….he masturbates all day every day!! When Mom walks in and catches him yet again….it’s time for drastic measures. Mom puts John’s cock in a Chastity Device, and tells him he must remain in Chastity for three days while she goes out of town. John is ashamed….and angry….3 whole days without masturbating…..how will he survive???? To make matters worse….much worse….Mom leaves the key to the Chastity Device with his Baby Sister, Katie!!! Every day after Mom leaves…John tries in vain to ejaculate…but the Device will not permit his cock to get hard. Every day…his Sister Katie Teases him by dangling the key in front of him….and wearing short shorts, and bending over in front of him. On the third day…while his Sister is Teasing and Taunting him yet again…John breaks down…and cries and begs his Sister to release him. Katie begins to feel sorry for her tortured Brother…and after all….she did make things worse by Cock-Teasing him….so Katie makes a deal with her horny Brother. “OK…I’ll open the lock and let you out…but you have to promise that you’ll Jerk-Off quickly…and then I’ll lock it back up….and Mom can’t know that I let you out”. John readily agrees….but as soon as Katie lets him out….instead of masturbating…he attacks her!! Poor Katie is mauled by her Cock-Teased Brother as he Violently shoves her down on the bed…and before she knows what is happening…..her Brother’s rock hard cock is inside her Pussy…and Pumping her hard. As John Pounds away at his Little Sister…Mom walks in and sees the Siblings engaged in sexual intercourse. Katie screams for Mom to help her…but when Mom finds out that Katie had Cock-Teased her Brother…and had let him out of the Chastity Devise….Mom tells Katie that because she was such a Cock-Tease…that she must lie there and suffer….and let him finish!!! With Mom watching, John Fucks the Stuffing out of his Baby Sister until he cums. Katie is in tears after being Brutally Raped by her Brother…but her Mom tells her that she got what she deserved!

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Brother Makes Her His Slut

PART 1- Alex Caught Stealing – So, I see my slutty little sister sneaking into our parent’s bedroom. I know what she is going to do, so I catch her stealing dad’s money on my phone. She needs to be taught a lesson, and I am tired of her walking around like a little princess while barely wearing any clothes. She admits she needs the money for the morning after pill, SHE IS SUCH A WHORE, I make her strip, and she is really pissed, then I make her play with her pussy for me, she is still mad, but she is such a little slut she still starts getting off, so now I make her get on her knees and suck my dick. I can tell how mad she is, but a dick in her mouth starts making her show what a horny little bitch she is, she tries telling me to hurry up and cum so I make her get on the bed and fuck her and even though she acts like she can’t believe I am making her do it, she loves getting fucked too much not to moan for me. Since she has to get the pill anyway I fill her little pussy with cum and watch her try to push it all out

PART 2 – Alex’s Brother Finds Out She’s a Stripper – So, I was in the next town over, hitting a strip club with my boys, what do I see, my whore sister on the stage. I snap a picture secretly and then confront her at home the next day. I walk in with her stripper heels and she tries to deny it, but she caves in when she knows I have proof. I offer to drive to work and help cover for her, IF she gives me a family discount. I have her dance and strip for me, and get the full “campaign room” treatment for her. She acts so mad, but i feel her wet pussy while she is grinding on me. I pull her down on my cock and make her ride it then She has to get on her knees and use her mouth. She make me promise not to cum in her mouth, yeah right. I love the look on her face as my cum drips out of her pouty little lips.

PART 3 – Alex – Shower Blackmail – My sister is once more in mom and dad’s room, but this time she just wants to use the shower, or more like the shower massager, I record the whole thing on my phone. I get really hard watching her getting off so A little black mail and I have her bent over the counter and then cover her face, I even get her in the eye. The thing is, she gets so wet when I fuck her I think soon I won’t even have to ask for the pussy

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I Like Your Telescope Better

Rachel is going out, but her brother, Javier, is in charge and they are going to spend time together like a real family. He wants to read from an astronomy book and shows her the really big telescopes.Javier wants a little bit of fun with her if she is to ever go out. He leans in for a kiss and she begins to feel something big in his shorts. Out comes his massive dick and down goes her mouth! She takes off her top and continues to suck her brothers throbbing cock as he pushes his hand down her pants and rubs her pussy.
He carries Rachel to the bed where he goes down on her, devouring her little pussy. Just when she thinks she is about to cum he stops and mounts her pussy, fucking her hard and fast. He picks her up and they fuck in the air while she holds on to him for dear life! He fucks her doggystyle before flipping her over and thrusting until he cums a big load in her pussy. This is so much better than going out!

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Mother Daughter Son Orgasm Instruction

My sister can’t seem to cum. Her boyfriend is pissed at her! She doesn’t like sex. My mom decides to teach her how to get off??? I was at the store but now I walk in on them fucking and sucking!!! I am pissed! I want to get in on this! My mom sucks my cock and fingers my sister while I fuck and make my sister cum!!! I am going to cum inside my sister’s tight little pussy!!! I can make my mom and sister happy! I love my fucking family!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!

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Sneaky Brother

Sneaky BrotherStarring Penny Pax, Alina West and JavierAlina and Penny are two hot lesbians having a good time. They make out a bit and start to strip each other and fondle and worship each others bodies.While they are getting to it, Penny hears a noise from the closet and sees her younger brother Javier sitting there stroking his cock to them!She tells him to sit down and the two girls start to suck his cock, Penny gets up and rides his face while Alina sucks his dick, then they take turns fucking him to orgasm. Once both girls have cum multiple times, Javier fucks both of them until he cums!

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Cuckold to my brother’s cock

Custom request. You are scolding me for staying out late. You ask me where I have been. You find out I was out drinking with your brother. You tell me you already knew it, that you have talked to your brother already and he told you. Your brother also told you, that he let me watch him and his sexy wife fuck. You laugh at me. Did I think I was going to learn something? Tell me I need to have the right equipment to be able to fuck like your brother. Tell me that if I want to see some serious fucking I should watch the two of you together. Tell me that yes that is right you have fucked your own brother and it was amazing. You show me your sexy legs and ass and clit and describe for me why you need more than me to satisfy you. And then a big cock shows up, it is your brother. You laugh and point at me. The two of you suck and fuck and all the time you tell me how amazing he is. Lots of pussy rubbing and fingering and actual fucking. It is forbidden, and yet it is so sexy. Lots of humiliation talk. Lots of bragging about your brother and yourself as having the right equipment to fuck like masters. Things like, why shouldn’t two sexy beautiful people fuck for the pure pleasure. So you fuck your big brother.

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Grounded Sister

Damon Dice catches his stepsister Kimmy Granger and her friend Sydney Cole sneaking out even though Kimmy is grounded. When Kimmy demands to know what she can do to keep her stepbrother silent, Damon leads them both to the bed and offers to let them go if they kiss. After a few tries they do such a good job that Damon starts rubbing his cock through his clothes.
The girls keep on taking Damon’s instructions as he orders Sydney’s shirt off and Kimmy to suck her tits. Gradually he gets Sydney on her knees sucking his stiffie, and then orders Kimmy to follow her friend’s example.
Once Damon has both girls down to their thongs, he orders them onto the bed so that he can finger their creamy bald twats. Once their thongs are gone, Damon finally gets to have his way with first Sydney and then Kimmy. After taking each girl on her back, Damon orders them onto their hands and knees so that he can pound each of their pussies doggy style.
Now that the girls are finally into the pleasure he can give them, they take turns climbing aboard to offer him a stiffie ride in their bald pussies. Damon lets go while Sydney is in mid bounce, glutting his stepsister’s with a creampie of cum that leaves her smiling and fully pleased that she gave in to Damon’s demands.

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Slut Training My Sister

Part 1: Sext Scamming My Sister I messed with the contacts in my slutty little sister’s phone. She thinks she is sexting with Bobby, some little tool bag that gets her panties wet. Well I wait until she send me some really hot pics, and get her excited with a few dick pics and then I let her know the truth, and make her live up to all the dirty things she was texting
Part 2: Birth Control Blackmail I found a receipt for the morning after pill when I saw my sister trying to stuff it in the bottom of the trash. She tries to play dumb about it, but she knows how much trouble she would be in. She doesn’t have much choice but to give me a another tastes of her sweet pussy. And now I can tell for sure she is enjoying my hard cock in her just as much as I do
Part 3: Surprising Sister in the Shower I video my sister getting herself off in the shower. She acts furious, especially when I threaten to send it to everyone she knows, so, “one last time” she lets me do everything I want to her. By now though, she is craving my cock, I know what she was getting off to in the shower. Its the way I need her tight pussy, the way she comes over and over when I fuck her. In the end, cum dripping on her face, she confesses, she wants to be mine, my little slut

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Brother-Sister relaxed fuck!

Solei, and her big Brother Eric have both just returned home from the same Club. They are both VERY Relaxed. They had both been out….partying with their friends….trying to hook up with someone……and shared a Cab back home. The two Sibling slur their words as they talk about all the activity at the Club that night. Apparently, Eric was so Relaxed….he tried to sneak into the girl’s bathroom!!! lol Brother and Sister admit that they are both frustrated about not having found someone to hook up with….and that they are both very Relaxed & Horny. Eric tells his little Sister to keep her voice down, because Mom & Dad are sleeping. As the two Relaxed Siblings continue to ramble…..they get a “strange” idea….what if they hooked up together? At first they laugh and giggle at the ridiculous concept…..and when the pie-faced Eric leans into to kiss his Sister…they both break out laughing even harden. After a moment, however…they kiss again…..and this time, the two Relaxed Siblings end up kissing passionately!!!! They kiss for a long time, and then they both get a crazy look in their eyes….and begin to start ripping their clothes off!!! “We can blame it on the Relaxing” Solei says as she throws her dress to the floor, and begins to unhook her bra. Next thing you know….Solei has climbed on top of her Brother’s cock….and Relaxed little Sister is absolutely Fucking her Brother’s brains out!!! Eric Fucks his little Sister until both Siblings have satisfied their forbidden…..Relaxed…..Carnal Desires!!!

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Your grounded. No video games!

When my parents left me in charge and told me not to let my sister play any video games while they where out for the night, I came in from playing and there she is in her game chair on the bed playing her X box! I was going to tell mom and dad but she begged me not to but she had to be punished so she agreed to any punishment I wanted as long as Mom and Dad didn’t find out she was playing her game, and it had to be tonight otherwise they would ask questions and figure it out. I told her there was only one way I wouldn’t tell and I told her to scoot her but to the end of her game chair, I knew I had her in a bad way, so I ripped her pantyhose open at the crotch and she was shocked, I said our little secret, I don’t wanna do this but you have to be punished, even though I have been waiting to fuck her for the last year or so. My dick was hard so I stuffed it in her quickly before she could object any further, and I punished her good. I even went as far as rubbing my hand on her pretty face and putting my hand on her throat so she knew I was in charge, and ripped her shirt off so I could finally see her cute titties. I blew a thick load on her pussy and told hr to clean up. I even let her play her game for another hour since I felt bad ruining her clothes.

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