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Sister’s Unexpected Impregnation

Hey, I know we have that agreement… I made you pretty late to practice, so it’s only fair that I spend that much of my own time doing something for you. But sex? I don’t think that’s the answer! Remember last time, we weren’t smart and we didn’t use protection and we had a pregnancy scare! We can’t let that happen again. We’re family and any new little bundle added to our family would be a blessing, but we’re family. Mom and Dad would flip their lids! No one can find out and an accidental pregnancy would for sure expose us… But, I’ll do it for you if you promise to pull out! It did feel so good last time. Okay… hey! I said pull out, oh my god!

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Sister’s Birthday Gift creampie

Happy birthday!! I know you didn’t ask for a cake, but I’m not going to let my brother go cake-less on his birthday! So, mom and dad just left… What do you feel like doing? Sex? I’m not sure… I guess we’ve done it before, and.. you’ll buy me the morning after pill? You do deserve sex on your birthday. Okay, but only if I don’t have to buy you a present!
Ah! You want to cum inside me?? I’m not, we’re not protected! … I mean, ..we’re family. I know it’s your birthday, but- well okay, just this once, promise? I think it’s a little gross you want to look at it afterwards, but you can if you want…!

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My Nerdy Slut Sister

Help Me Practice – Why the fuck can’t people just leave me alone? I just want to go to work and the gym and come home and play on my phone, just like everyone else. I guess I should have moved out of my parent’s house awhile ago. At least then I wouldn’t have my crazy family making my life completely fucking unmanageable. Like my goofy little sister Gianna… When the fuck did she become so obsessed with sex??? Masturbating outside and all over the house??? Asking me to help her practice??? I told her NO. I told her I have a girlfriend. I told her SHE’S MY LITTLE FUCKING SISTER. I’m just saying I tried to do the right thing at least. I’m moving out for real this time…. pt.2 Let’s Stay Together – My brother is fucking unbelievable. He was so freaked out after we had sex… He didn’t even want to talk to me, he said he was going to move out… And a week later he decides he wants to keep doing it??? Well he messed up, it’s too late. I found a really hot guy online, we went on a date and afterwards I sucked his dick really good. We’ve been dating for two weeks now and he makes me feel pretty and he’s so nice to me all the time. My asshole brother needs to get over it, I told him the only reason we fooled around in the first place was to help me get a boyfriend

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Let me fuck you just once, little sis

My sister Riley is SO FUCKING HOT!!! I’ve been wanting to fuck her for awhile now, but today I finally grew some balls and did it. Our parents went out of town this morning for a couple days, so it was just me and my little sister. I totally perved on her getting out of the shower, I was jerking off too. I told her to chill out but she screamed at me and told me to get out. Then she was changing in her room and I snuck up behind her and grabbed her butthole! She freaked out again and called me a pervert. Later that night I crept up and tried to kiss her while she was sitting on the couch in the basement. She told me I was sick and I was acting crazy. I tried to explain to her that she’s really hot, and that I really wanted to fuck her, and our parents were out of town. I told her we could fuck just once and I’d get it out of my system and then I’d leave her alone. I even told her about all the taboo porn I’ve been watching on the internet lately and that it’s not that big of a deal these days for a brother and sister to fuck each other. She didn’t think any of those where good reasons for us to have sex. But she changed her mind when I told her I took pictures of her FUCKING HERSELF WITH A BIG BLACK DILDO and I was going to post them on Facebook if she didn’t let me fuck her. She agreed that we could do it just one time, as long as we kept it a secret. SO I TOTALLY DICKED DOWN MY LITTLE SISTER!!! I fucked her like a filthy whore, because I know she secretly is one. And she even started to like it by the end, that is until I BUSTED A HUGE NUT INSIDE HER PUSSY!!! She freaked out and said she wasn’t on birth control. I told her to just take a shower and she’d be fine, she disagreed. So I guess my little sister is pretty mad at me…. Whatever…she’s a bitch anyway…. I THOUGHT IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!

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I love my big sister!

I love my big sister. I just wanted us to have some fun again. I know she thought I was a monster at first, but I know she liked it when we fucked… But she wouldn’t do it again. I tried everything, even blackmail didn’t work. Luckily, I’m not the shy, quiet guy I was a month ago. Once I got my sister to fuck me I realized I could do anything. I wasn’t going to take no for an answer, we were going to fuck again… With the guidance of this weird old guy named George I met at the library last week, I started to research black magic online. I know it sounds crazy but I had a strange feeling it would work… And it did…kinda… There was some trial and error involved, but my creepy new friend pointed me in the right direction. I turned my bratty big sister into a perfect sex puppet, and it was fucking amazing… Now I just need to put her back to normal before Mom sees her like this. Whatever, I’ll figure it out… I always do….

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Ava Taylor Her Brother’s Slut

PART 1 Ava Busted Cheating – My “perfect” Sister Ava is studying very hard, or rather, studying the stolen answers to the exam.She always acts like she is perfect, but now I fucking have her! She tries to play it off, tries to act like she can get away with anything, but when she realizes I really will tell mom, dad, and even the teachers, she gives it, totally
PART 2 Ava Taylor – Just Aspirin – I took a look through my “innocent” sister Ava’s purse. These are the weirdest looking aspirin I have ever scene. She is super anxious when I confront her, she takes one to prove I am wrong about what they are, I check on her a few times afterwards, the first time she begs her friend to come get her on the phone, then next time she is seeming to be relaxed, and touching herself, the third time she is dancing totally naked like she is in ecstasy…she seems very open to the things I start to do…
PART 3. Ava Taylor- Working out at home. I am watching my sister working out. I have had her pussy twice now, it is so fucking tight and wet. I think she is starting to love my dick, I decide to find out. At first she acts like she doesn[t want to, then she acts like she is doing me a favor, wanting me to hurry up, but she comes all over my dick again and again, What a fucking SLUT!!!!

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Dillion Carter gives sex ed to brother, gets a HUGE FACIAL!

Dillion Carter is a sexy, long-haired 18-year old beauty with a perverted brother who loves to watch her sleep. He’s a total virgin, and so curious about the female body that he creeps into her bedroom while she’s napping, and starts to grope her enormous D breasts.
Dillion wakes up annoyed and pushes her brother’s hands away. He keeps at her, and finally she understands: he just wants to learn more about the female body. Who better to teach him than his own sister?
Dillion first tells him about her breasts, showing him where the nipples are and telling him how to touch them. He keeps trying to cop a feel, and she slaps his hands away, but after awhile she agrees he can feel them just for the sake of education! We get a good look at her amazing, huge D tits and thick nipples as he greedily plays with them. Next Dillion spreads her legs and tells him about the vagina, pointing out where the clitoris is and explaining how women like being touched there. He reaches out to touch her, and again Dillion slaps him away. But he’s persistent, and it only takes a few rubs on her clit through her cute panties to get her excited and relaxed.
Eventually, she notices his bulging hard-on and explains how that means he’s aroused. She offers to help him with it, pulling out his cock and shoving it into her mouth. She has to explain to him about what an orgasm is, how he’ll feel something building up and then he’ll shoot semen from his cock, and she orders him NOT to shoot it near her eyes. She points to her chin and says, “You need to come right here.”
As we watch Dillion swallowing her brother’s cock and demonstrating her fantastic oral technique, he keeps jerking his cock towards her face like he’s about to cum. Dillion keeps pushing it away, saying “No, no! Not on my face! On my chin.”
After lots of deep-throating and sucking, Dillion has her brother straddling her pretty face while he fucks her pretty mouth. Soon he pulls his cock out and starts jerking it, and she reminds him “Remember, Bobby.. just my chin!” and with that, he starts to shoot hot white sperm all over her eyes and nose. Dillion screams in surprise and disgust! As he spews more cum over her lips, she complains and starts to try and spit it out. She scolds him one more time and we get to see a nice long shot of her with cum dripping down her cute face! Looks like her little brother has a lot to learn about pleasing a woman!

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Brother Forgets to Pull Out

You (my brother) & I are both visiting the family home at the same time. Mom & dad have just fallen asleep, and you find me in the kitchen. I remind you about how we used to play “house” when we were younger… and then sometimes when we were a bit older. I’m obviously flirting with you, and you start to touch my breasts. I resist for a bit, but then give in. I can’t resist brother’s cock. I give you a blowjob, then you finger & lick my pussy. Then we start to fuck. I remind you to be quiet, but I can’t stop moaning. I’ve missed you. Missionary, d.0ggystyle, cowgirl, then back to d.0ggystyle. I confess that none of my boyfriend’s cocks have been as good as yours. You know that none of your girlfriends will ever live up to sister’s tight pussy.
I come hard on brother’s cock & you can’t help yourself… you cum inside me. I squeeze my pussy so hard, trying to get the creampie out. I can’t believe you came inside me! You always pulled out before! Well, I guess I can forgive you. You are my brother after all.

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Russian brother and sister fucking in the kitchen

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Family Knows Best

Nickey finds her sister Lily and brother Miles making out on the couch. Shes upset because her boyfriend broke up with her, so her siblings help her feel better. Nickey’s skeptical at first, but Lily and Miles convince her that family is best because they already love each other. She soon understands and they all show their love for each other in a passionate threesome. Lily fingers herself while Miles licks Nickeys pussy and then fucks her in several positions as he continues to make out with both of his sisters.

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