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Brooke Benson in Sisters and Brothers

Scene One: Fight TimesBrother and sister are arguing in her bedroom. He is accusing her of putting him down in front of his friends. She tells him he’s a loser and a pervert, his friends are losers, etc., etc., and to never touch her again, he calls a bitch etc, etc.. He slaps her knocking her on her bed. He gets on top of her rips her shirt open and shorts down. During this entire time he holds his hands around her neck holding her down. She is red-faced and has a terrified look on her face during this, and keeps trying to pull his arms off and hitting his arms etc. After he is finished, he calls her a bitch and stomps off, she rolls over sobbing, crying, and choking. I’d like the video to really concentrate on the choking, her struggling, and the way she rolls over choking and crying afterwards.

Scene Two: I Get the PointBrother barges into his sister’s room. She angrily asks him what he wants. He says he wants her. She tells him if he ever touches her again she will tell Mom & Dad. He pushes her up against the and holds her throat, drops his pants, and demands her to drop her shorts and has sex standing up with her while holding her throat and she has a terrified look on her face and cries. Afterwards she collapses to the floor crying.

Scene Three: Morning JacketGirl wakes up in the middle of night with brother getting on top of her. He kneels on her shoulders and rips her shirt while she gives him head and rubs his dick all over her face He cums in her mouth and rubs it all over face. She is red-faced and crying of course.

Scene Four: Pure HeartSister is up against the wall in the hallway, standing up with her hands on the wall police-style, her pants are down around the ankles and legs spread. Her brother (pants down around his ankles) is fucking her from behind while he holds her hair and throat tightly. She is bug-eyed in terror the whole time. He finishes in her mouth, he pulls up his pants and walks off. She slowly curls up into a ball on the floor and cries.

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My “Perfect” Sister is a Slut

PART 1: – Cali Sparks- My Thieving Slut Sister – So mom and dad think my sister Cali is “so perfect”, but I know what she really is. Little miss perfect thinks no one else is hojme, and I catch her stealing money out of dad’s night stand. She tries to deny it, even up to me showing her I got it all on my phone. Now it is time to teach her a lesson, and get what I want. The thing is she might be a spoiled little brat, but she is SO HOT and I know secretly she is a total slut. I make her strip, and she refuses, but she can’t risk not being “daddy’s girl” any more so I get her to do what I want, EVERYTHING I wantPART 2: Cali Sparks – My Sister is a Cam Whore – Maybe it is because of what I did to her, or maybe she is spoiled slut that loves easy money and showing off her body, but my “perfect” sister Cali has been web camming. She doesn’t know that I have been going in her chat room, and jerking off to her. Now though I decide to bust her and record her in the act. I make her give me the best “private” of all time, and I think she is starting to crave the way I fuck herPART 3: Cali Sparks – Sister is NOT going to Ballet Practice – Of course my “perfect” sister is a ballerina. But, it isn’t late night ballet rehearsals she has been going to. A little digging around and I find out what she is really up to. She stopped camming, trying to get out of giving me pussy and money for keeping quite. But she can’t help but want to get money getting guys dicks hard. I don’t even feel bad about what I make her do, knowing what a little cock teasing slut she is. I know she has always noticed how I look at her, and she deep down loves the attention. My sister is a a better ballerina than stripper, but I don’t mind letting her practice at home. After all, she needs to make money for the both of us. And, the way she can’t help but cum when I fuck her, even with her pouty little ashamed face, I think she owes me

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My Brother Wouldn’t Pull Out!

Hmm, so your girlfriend broke up with you? You know what you gotta do, now, right? …Get laid! No, seriously, don’t you have any girls you can call? No one?! Hey, that’s okay. I can see how stressed you are. Do you want my help? You’ll forget about your girlfriend in no time if you cum in a tight pussy. As your sister, only I know just what you need. I’ll just, bend over and let you fuck me. But look, I’m not on any protection so we have to be super careful about this. I’m doing you a favor. Don’t, DON’T, cum in my pussy, got it? Pull out, please!

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I love my sister!

Love is a funny thing… I guess sometimes you fall in love and sometimes it falls on you. But I’m not scared anymore. And I don’t care who finds out about us. My little sister has shown me how wrong I was. I can’t believe I thought I could just do whatever I wanted. I was so selfish, but that’s all over now. It did take a little encouragement but now I know she was right all along… All I needed was my sister, and now I have her forever….

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Me, My Brother And Another

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My Step Sister Loves Anal

Karla and Zoe are stepsisters who don’t have a great relationship. When Karla gets evidence and Zoe has been having her boyfriend over to fuck while their parents are away, He decides that he can handle the situation for her. She is soon joining in on the fun, sucking off his cock with her stepsister overseeing the process. They share his dick, giving him an awesome sloppy blowjob. He fucks Karla’s tiny hole as Zoe licks his ass and balls. When Zoe says she wants to watch him fuck Karla’s ass, she is so turned on she can’t say no! Her butt doesn’t need too much warming up before his is banging right into her while she is playing with her clit and making herself cum. Zoe’s getting jealous, so it’s time for her to get some anal action! She cums loudly too, before its straight back to Karla’s tight little hole. When he as finished nailing her from behind, he shoots his load straight over both their sexy faces!

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Banging Sister Hope

Hope Harper is such a slut and when her brother confronts her about fucking all his friends she takes matters into her own hands, mouth and pussy. Hope is hanging out on the couch when her brother, Brad, comes in. Brad tells her that he wants to talk to her about something. When she asks what he tells her that his friends have been talking about her. She acts all innocent like she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He tells her that they are talking about how great she is to fuck!
She laughs at this. Brad is livid over this hearing his friends talk about how much they love having Hope fuck them and suck their cocks. Hope tells Brad that she wouldn’t have to go running around fucking all his friends if he’s just let her have that big cock of his that she’s heard about. Brad is shocked by this.. But Hope is adamant about having his cock inside her pussy. She takes his pants down and starts sucking his cock until he has a huge boner which is what she wanted. She climbs on top and slide his cock inside her pussy. She’s never felt such a big cock inside her pussy and she immediately starts creaming. They fuck in several positions until it’s time for her to taste her brothers cum. Brad obliges and gives her a nice hot cum shot on her face for her to eat.

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Bad Brother fuck his little Sister at home

Brother always like his sister, blonde with nice boobs !!! One day when the parent are not around he decide to fuck her, to show her how he love his familly ,the scene contains blowjob ,doggy ,cum im mouth…

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Sister’s Sex Lesson

The other day I was having a relaxing afternoon watching porn and jerking off on the living room couch. I knew my parents wouldn’t be back for a few hours, which gave me more than enough time to punish my one-eyed monster. Then I was shocked to hear my older sister, who moved out of state for college last year, calling me a pervert and asking me why I was jerking off in the living room. I was about to run in my room and put clothes on but she told me to stay put and started asking me why I was watching porn and not out fucking real girls. I told my older sister I made it to second base with a girl last month, but that I was still a virgin because I’m too shy and jerking off is a lot easier. My sister said that was crazy and that she would teach me herself. She just started blowing me and it felt so good I couldn’t tell her to stop. Before I knew it I was in her pussy–which feels way better than my sex doll BTW. I’m so glad my sister made a surprise visit home from college to give me my first sex lesson!!! I can’t wait until the next one….

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Incestual Fantasies

Odette has been having incestual thoughts about her new step-brother and needs to see her therapist.
Young Odette has been having consistent sexual fantasies about her new step-brother. So much she goes to her therapist to discuss her unusual predicament. She explains that she cant stop masturbating to her thoughts about fucking her step-brother Calvin. Her therapist listens and asks Odette some questions about the fantasies shes having. I keep having this fantasy that Im in my cheerleader outfit and Calvin walks in on me playing with myself and fucks me she begins to explain. Her therapist writes down chronic masturbation with incestual fantasies.
Odette tells him it sounds worse when he says it like that. She continues to give him more details about her fantasy how she rides her step-brothers cock and gets her tight pussy fucked. Odette doesnt realize shes fingering herself as she moans for Calvin to cum on her face. She snaps out of her fantasy forgetting shes at her therapists office. I guess I went too deep into my fantasy she says shyly. Her therapist shakes his head and tells Odette they will need to have many more sessions.

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