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Brothers Whore

Part One – Dakota’s Brother makes her have a Wet Dream – My slutty fucking sister is walking around in a little shirt and panties as if I don’t even notice. Well I do, and when she lays down on the couch and closes her eyes I make sure she has the best wet dream ever. I feel her up, even stick my tongue in her pussy and just a little licking and she is cumming like a sleepy little slut. She gets dripping wet and I have to fuck her. I finish by filling her open mouth, I wonder what she will think she was dreaming about
Part Two – Dakota is forced to strip for her brother – I went to a strip club a few towns over and what do I see, my slutty sister shaking her ass on the stage. Dad would her, but I see just how good she knows how to work it, and how many horny idiots she takes in the back room, so I confront her, with her stripper shoes in one hand and the pictures on my phone in the other. She is PISSED but I make her a deal, she can give me the VIP treatment, and a cut of her money, and I will keep my mouth shut AND help cover for her. Of course I want the full VIP and even though she is so mad she still gets wet, and still cums on my dick. What a whore, but she’s “family”
Part Three – Dakota forced to give her brother a private show – So, My sister stopped stripping, but, it didn’t take me long to find out why. I found the site she is web camming for, and even got a private show without her realizing it was her won brother, she did every dirty thing I said. Now I want an even more personal show, and she is going to keep giving me a good cut of her money. No matter what she says, or how mad she gets, she always cums from a my dick in her. She should just accept what a total whore she is, but until she does I will keep reminding her.

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Brother blackmailing sister for sex


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My Sister Likes It Rough

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Sister Fucks Her Brother


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Found my step sisters pregnancy test!

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Best handjob from your big sister!

You are so exited today…your big sister is coming home for few days of holiday! Last time when you saw her….you’re were a little boy but now…now you are the young man! When you open the gate and she sees you…wow…..what the handsome young man you are my bro! She is going into her old room……but you can’t stop your self! She is very, very pretty….even if she is so much older then you….the idea of having your big sister, driving you crazy! You peeping her in her room……but what game she is playing with you?!!! She feels you are watching…..and she is slowly taking her clothes off! Hell that body! Your sister decides to take a sun….and she ask you!!!….you about her bikini! Now you really feel like in hell…..she is posing front of you….pushing the butt in her mini bikini……and only reaction you can’t hide…..is in your pants! You think your sister is a bitch….to provoke you like that! But maybe……she can help you with that grown thing in your pants! Stop to be shy! Come on……be a man……and make your dream come true! Ohhh my God…..brother……I made you…..well….so hard?!!! Yes you did! I’m so…..well your are very handsome young man….maybe to much! And with that monster in your pants….is it very hard to resist you my little bro! I’m your sister and it would be wrong…..so wrong to do anything like that! …..But what the hall, please, let me see that wonderful hard cock brother! Wow…that’s the most beautiful cock I ever saw! You are in good hands my bro….your sister will take care of that beautiful piece like no one ever! Let me just give you the best handjob of your life brother! You sister is the best at that!!!

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Just Fuck Me, I wont tell our parents

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LOL! Sister caught me

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Curvy Chick Does her Stepbrother

After a wild night of partying in Key West, Kimmy Fabel is still not satisfied, so she sneaks into her stepbrother’s room, rides his huge rod with her ultra-tight pussy, then drinks his cum out of a shot glass. What a fucking rock star!

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Susanna’s Family Album

BABY SISTER TERRORIZED BY BIG BULLY OLDER BROTHER!!! TINY SUSANNA EVEN GETS HER ASSHOLE VIOLATED & POUNDED!!! DON’T MISS THE FAMILY ALBUM OF FAMILY ALBUMS!!!! This little Sister is truly a “little” Sister!!! Tiny Susanna has a big bully of an older Brother….and Susanna actually takes his Virginity!!! Most of the time, however…..big Brother terrorizes baby sister….Fucking her hard….and even pounding her in her tight little asshole!!!

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