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My Escort Sister Takes My Virginity

Scene One: First time

Terrified, Brick is ready to lose his virginity. He’s been dumped by a girl who was waiting until marriage and now he’s 18 and still a virgin. His friends tell him to hire an escort and lose his L card once and for all. His eyes go wide in shock as he see’s his sister on a escort site as he browses for a hookup. She didn’t even change her name! With no options a plan forms in his mind, blackmail his sister into taking his virginity. Cory loves that she doesn’t have to work. For a couple hours of her time she makes as much as most people for the whole week. She’s on her escort site when her brother knocks at her door. “What are you doing in my room, get out” she yells at him. She hates her annoying younger brother and can’t believe they’re even related. He tries to blackmail her with her escort business but she suggests something else. “Pay my full rate and I will give you the escort experience. Now get out.” She says. He leaves more nervous and confused than when he entered.

Scene Two: Fun time

A couple of days later Cory is sleeping peacefully in her bed. Her brother sneaks into her room, unable to get Cory out of his head. He’s fallen in love with his sister and he hates himself for it. He jerks himself over her sleeping body and reaches down to softly touch her tits. With a deep breath Cory wakes and sees the cock in front of her. She doesn’t yell or scream but reaches out and strokes her pathetic little brother.

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Sisters ASS!!!

I like Sister`s big ass and start fucking her sleeping.

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Bro Stuffs Stepsis With Huge Cock

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Teen Latin Sisters

Two Latina Sister`s Help brother cum

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My Brother Has A Girlfriend Now…

I come home for a few days when I have the time, my schedule is very busy these days with college and my part time job and so on. But I enjoy very much any time spent home, especially with my brother. We shared so many things together starting from a very young age! We had our first sexual experiences together, being little but wanting to know each other’s body like a fantasy map, full of mysterious and eerie places… We discovered masturbation together, he showed me his porn magazines and favorite clips on the internet when we were and tried a lot of things inspired by the porn we watched or the magazines we used to read like some holy books. It was our secret life, undisturbed by the environment or nosy friends, we skipped through all that and now, suddenly, what I considered always a minor threat apparently has took the attention and beautiful eyes of my brother. A simple hoe, the kind who fucks the entire basketball team got under the skin of my brother, made him stupid promises and offered him her pitiable vagina and mouth…

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Taking Sis For A Spin

Elsa Jean sneaks into her stepbrother Tony’s bedroom to try stealing his money and car keys, but he catches her red handed. Instead of apologizing, this bratty sis unabashedly lies about what she’s doing. When Tony calls her out on her bad behavior, Elsa tries offering bribes. Tony doesn’t want anything Else has to offer. Finally, Tony tells Elsa that the price of stealing from him is a blowjob. She thinks about it, then tries to bargain. Tony lets her know that the price has now gone up to include her being naked so he can put his hands all over her tits and ass…
Dropping to her knees when Tony has had enough of toughing, Elsa pulls out his fuck stick and starts rubbing him off. Her hand job gradually turns into a blowjob. Tony’s suspicion that his stepsister is amazing with her sassy mouth is confirmed as she deep throats his hardon until she drives him wild. Guiding her back until they reach the bed, Tony lays down for more sucktastic action, then watches in delight as his spinner stepsis keeps her end of the bargain and climbs on his fuck stick to ride him forward and backward. Elsa is all smiles at the way her stepbrother’s big cock feels buried inside her petite twat. Getting on her hands and knees, she watches over her shoulder as Tony dominates her fuck hole. He keeps up the pussy pounding until Elsa is fully satisfied, then tells her to get back on her knees to blow him until he fills her mouth with jizz. Her stepbrother’s seed is still dripping down her face as Tony lets her know that he’ll stay quiet about her deviant behavior.

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My Step Brother Is A Pervert

Classes are done for the term, and both my step-brother and I are home for summer vacation. My brother started taking a video journalism class for fun at the local community college and decided that his home life would be an interesting subject. I on the other hand, do not agree. Can’t a girl have a little peace and quiet, or at least some privacy from her annoying step-brother when she’s home for the break? Also, why am I kinda turned on by his constant presence

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Blackmailed Sister

A night out to remember and now I arrive home tiered and a little Tipsy… all I want to do is fall asleep, but my crafty Brother has other ideas. He sneaked into my room, found me hald asleep and simply shoved his dick into my mouth! Just like that, no warning! I was pissed off, but also, slightly aroused… and more and more aroused with every thrust of his big cock. I didn’t give in though, he was invading my privacy after all, but he started to go on about telling our mom about my Tipsyen night out so I knew I had to give in. I let go of my anger and just sucked his throbbing cock, deepthroating it until it was ready for a ride. So I jumped on top of my dear horny brother and fucked him! Afterwards I made him cum on my big titties… he loves that and I know it! I kept looking in the mirror as I was rubbing his cock and realized I like to see myself doing it, it makes everything so much dirtier! Oh well, better to sleep good and fucked and my dear Brother is quite experienced at fucking me!

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My Small Sister love Me

Eden Sins stepbrother can be a real buzzkill. He walks in on her making some punch for a get together later on, and demands that he be allowed to hang out with her and her friends. She is not too happy about it, so he makes a deal with her. He will leave, if she sucks his dick. Of course, Eden hops down on her knees and fulfills her end of the bargain. The next day, the house is a mess. Looks like Edens get together was more of a full blown party. Her stepbro finds her in the bathroom with just a towel on, rubbing her pussy on the floor. She explains that the guy she wanted to fuck did not let her finish, and she is still horny. So, her stepbrother offers to be of assistance to her. He fucks her from behind and fulfills all her sexual needs. Later on, Eden wants some help cleaning up the house. She comes at her stepbro with a whiny voice asking for him to help. He reminds her that the mess is from her party. But once again, they make a deal. He will help if she takes care of his morning wood. So, she gets her pussy pulverized by her stepbros cock one more time before the big clean up. Looks like these two know how to negotiate!

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My Horny Annoying Brother!

Hey! Get out, I’m on the phone with my boyfriend!
I’m not going anywhere! Can’t you see I’m in my underwear!
Come on let’s go!
Go ask Mom or Dad, you’re annoying!
You said you’d give me a ride….They’re not here… Get off the phone!
No quit touching me!
My sister loves to tease me with her big tits when no one is looking.. Watch as I toy with my sister’s pussy while she’s on the phone! I finally get to bust my nut all over my sister’s huge titties!!!

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