Brothers and Sisters

Scene One: Sister Surprise
Your wife Cory has a special kinky surprise for you and you’ve been waiting for it all day. Dressed in sexy lingerie she walks in with your sister dressed in a matching slutty outfit. What the hell is going on! The girls are all smiles as they tell you how they fantasied about tag teaming you. They’re all about making you so horny that you can’t help but fuck your sister. You watch as they kiss and pull down their tops, moaning softly. Your wife is so kinky. your sister tells you licking her pussy. Their tongues are all over each other and with every inch of your being you try not to get turned on.

Scene Two: Controlled by sister
Are you ready your wife asks. They pull down your pants and worship your cock. Two beautiful girls doing something so wrong. You’re paralyzed as they suck you off. Why don’t you sit on his hard cock Cory tells her. Your sister looks you in the eyes as she slides you inside her tight wet pussy. Oh my god She moans. Her big titties bouncing in your face Cristi turns around and lets you fuck her from behind. You’ve fantasized about this and now you’re fucking your sister with her head buried in your wife’s pussy. Both girls are desperately sucking, moaning and becoming more turned on. I want to see my brother cum Cristi screams as she cums with high pitched squeals of pleasure. She opens her mouth wide and your wife encourages you to cum in your sisters mouth. They kiss, sharing your load and giving you the best surprise ever.

File size: 356MB
Resolution: 960×540
Duration: 00:30:27
File type: MP4


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