Brother Sister Lust

Ashlynn nd her older brother Giovanni had been secretly lusting after each other for years. They shared a bedroom and as they got older it became difficult to continue to repress their sexual feelings. One evening Ashlynn heard her brother in the bed room moaning. She snuck a peek through the partially opened door. He was lying on his bed slowly stroking his cock. His eyes were closed as he masturbated thinking of her. Ashlynn felt herself become aroused and put her hand down her pants to rub her swollen pussy. He came out and watched TV. Ashlynn went into the bedroom and began masturbating herself thinking of him. She purposely left the door cracked. He heard her softly moan and went to peek. When he saw his sister’s pussy open and her fingers rubbing her clit he became hard. He stroked his cock watching her. That night they went to sleep. Ashlynn had a nightmare and awoke. She went to her brother’s bed and told him she was scared. He invited her to cuddle with him. Ashlynn crawled into her brother’s bed into his arms. He held her assuring her it was just a bad dream and she was safe. She felt warm in his arms. Ashlynn felt his cock hard against her back. She pressed her ass close to his cock. He was aware of what was going on. He pushed up closer to her for encouragement. They did not exchange words but they both had the same feelings. Ashlynn took a chance; she reached over and slipped her hand down his pajama bottoms. His cock was big and hard. She moved her hand up and down stroking him. He said something and she told him to be quiet. She sat up pulled the blanket down and put his cock in her mouth. He laid back and felt his sister’s hot mouth suck his cock. They knew it was right. She lay down and he took her clothes off. He could not wait another minute. He mounted his willing sister missionary. She opened her legs and arms to take him inside her. Giovanni thrust his cock in her for only a few minutes before he felt his urge to explode. Her pussy was white with cum as he pulled out and jerked off on her face. Ashlynn smiled and went to the bathroom to rinse off. She crawled back in her bed and they said good night. Ashlynn let out a sigh of relief, Giovanni had a peaceful smile on his face. The lust they had endured finally came true.


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