Brother Forgets to Pull Out

You (my brother) & I are both visiting the family home at the same time. Mom & dad have just fallen asleep, and you find me in the kitchen. I remind you about how we used to play “house” when we were younger… and then sometimes when we were a bit older. I’m obviously flirting with you, and you start to touch my breasts. I resist for a bit, but then give in. I can’t resist brother’s cock. I give you a blowjob, then you finger & lick my pussy. Then we start to fuck. I remind you to be quiet, but I can’t stop moaning. I’ve missed you. Missionary, d.0ggystyle, cowgirl, then back to d.0ggystyle. I confess that none of my boyfriend’s cocks have been as good as yours. You know that none of your girlfriends will ever live up to sister’s tight pussy.
I come hard on brother’s cock & you can’t help yourself… you cum inside me. I squeeze my pussy so hard, trying to get the creampie out. I can’t believe you came inside me! You always pulled out before! Well, I guess I can forgive you. You are my brother after all.

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