Brother confession – Sis’ i want to fuck you!

Jeremy makes a startling confession to his baby Sister Jemma……He wants to Fuck her!!! According to Jeremy….seeing Jemma walk around the house in her “short shorts”…is becoming very distracting for him…and he can’t help but realize that she is SMOKING Hot!!! Jemma is surprised to learn that she has been having such an effect on her older Brother….and being the playful, free-spirit that she is….Jemma tells Jeremy that she has an idea for an interesting Bet. “If you win….I’ll let you Fuck me. If I win….you have to give me your car”. Jeremy accepts the Bet….because he wants to Fuck Jemma badly. Jemma suggests a Game of Battleship to settle the score. The two Siblings play a spirited Game of Battleship…but eventually….Jeremy sinks Jemma’s last ship!!! Jemma gives him the big doe eyes….and the crocodile tears….”You’re not really going to go through with it are you??? I’m your baby Sister!!”. But Jeremy….fueled by hormonal driven lust….largely because of Jemma strutting through the house in such short shorts….doesn’t let her off the hook…and insists on cashing in! Jemma sucks her Brother’s cock…and lets him taste her pussy….something he admits he has wanted to do for a long time….and then Jemma lets her big Brother Fuck her. Unfortunately for Jeremy….he is so horny for his Hot baby Sister….he cums in 10 seconds!!! He LITERALLY cums in 10 seconds!!! Jemma consoles her embarrassed Brother…..”Look on the bright side Jeremy….you didn’t last very long inside your baby Sister…but at least you didn’t have to give me your car”.

File size: 608MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:10:09
File type: AVI


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