Brother Blackmails Sister to Fuck Her

Jinny owes the IRS $5000. Her older brother Robert is the only person she knows who could lend her the money. After calling him, Jinny goes over to his house. She enters in a smart beige business suit. Robert is waiting for her on the living-room couch. Jinny immediately explains the situation. She tells Robert she stands to lose everything if she does not pay up. Robert is unmoved. He and his sister have past grievances. Jinny never lent him any money when he needed it. Robert tells her he will only help if she promises to be his slave. Jinny agrees. She promises to do his dry-cleaning, give him a pedicure, whatever he wants! The siblings shake on it. Now Robert has his sister right where he wants her. He tells Jinny to stand up and take her top off. She hesitates. Robert asks her pointedly whether she wants the money or not. Jinny realizes she has no choice but to play ball with her brother. Reluctantly, she removes her top. Robert is just getting started. He makes Jinny strip completely. Once she is naked, he takes a moment to appreciate her body, then orders her onto her knees to suck his cock. Jinny grudgingly complies. Despite her reluctance, she does a good job of sucking off and deep-throating her brother. Robert then takes his sister into his bedroom. He wants to see what other skills she has. On the bed, he makes her suck his cock some more then forces her down into the doggy-position. He moves in behind her, lines his cock with the opening of her pussy, and thrusts in. Jinny is overwhelmed by her brother’s length. She groans and takes him as best she can. Robert loves it. He bends over and fondles his sister’s dangling breasts as he pushes deep inside her. Just when Jinny thinks her brother cannot defile her any more, Robert decides he wants to fuck her in the ass. Jinny knows there is no point in resisting. She allows him to take her hard. When he is done, Robert has his sister give him one last blowjob then shoots a load of cum over her face. Jinny hates it, but there is not a thing she can do. Robert tells his sister she will be doing the same thing every day until she has paid him back

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  1. sexyguy says:

    whats her name??

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