Bound By Stepmom

I’ve been a pretty bad girl lately. I don’t do my homework and sneak out late at night to party with my friends. My stepmom, Randy, tries to confront me in the bathroom while I’m getting ready for a shower. How dare she try to tell me what to do? She’s not even my real mom! Without a second thought, I get in her face and tell her to fuck off!That does it for my step mom’s patience. All my swearing and sass mouthing has pushed her over the edge. First, she smothers my face with a towel, then makes me suck on a bar of soap to clean out my filthy mouth. Then, to really teach me a lesson, she takes me to the bedroom, where she produces a long, thick pink rope. I beg and plead with my stepmom to let me go, but she’s serious about disciplining me this time. She binds my body tightly from head to foot. Then to drown out my protests, she gags me with duct tape. Once I’m completely helpless, my stepmom leaves me there to think about my misbehavior. I struggle and strain against the rope to no avail.

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