Blackmailed Into Sex With Her Son

Rachel comes into the room wearing the slutty outfit David has specified. She continues to try to convince him that this is very wrong as she applies her lip gloss. David knows what he wants and is not listening to her arguments. He tells her to take off her panties and kneel on the bed. She curses him and calls him a pig as she gets into position. She is still cursing him as he slams his hard cock into her from behind. Her curses quickly change into moans of pleasure as she gets her first good fucking in a long time even though it is from her son. She tells him how big his cock is as he shoves her head against the mattress. He flips her over on her back. She struggles momentarily but her legs spread and go straight up in the air as he shoves his cock back inside her. There are no more objections coming from her. She is now grabbing his ass and telling him to fuck her harder. After she has multiple orgasms she decides to finish him off with her mouth. She has him lay back on the bed as she positions herself on her knees on the floor between his legs. She takes his cock into her mouth all the way to the root. She stands up without ever taking his cock out her mouth allowing her well fucked pussy to peek out from beneath her short skirt. She pulls down her top to expose her huge breasts while continuing her stroking. She jerks his cock between her tits coaxing the cum out of him. Finally when he is ready to explode she directs the cum on her face. She continues to stroke and lick his cock after he has shot his load. She turns her cum smeared face towards him and tells him that their relationship has changed forever.

File size: 124MB
Resolution: 428×320
Duration: 00:11:33
File type: WMV


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