Big Sister Is Pregnant

Katie comes in to see her little brother. She begins playing with her belly. It’s getting bigger. Not just because she is eating more. She informs little brother that she is pregnant from the last time they fucked. He doesn’t know what to do. But Katie does. He will have to get a job and support her and the baby. Then Katie gets a little frisky. She smothers her brother with her belly, ass and tits. Once she is done with that, she wants to fuck. After all, she can’t get pregnant again. Little brother fucks her doggy. He fucks her hard and you can see her ass and everything jiggle. He then fucks her missionary. Just as hard and just as much jiggling. He finally flips her leg over for the final position and this quickly makes him cum, which he shoots all over her belly. Katie says this is silly. No reason for him not to cum inside.

File size: 898MB
Resolution: 1440×1080
Duration: 00:15:12
File type: WMV


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