Big Sister Blackmailed

Ariel has been told over and over again by her Father NOT to have this bad boy, Jack come to the house. In fact….last time Dad caught Jack in the house with Ariel….not only did Dad kick Jack out….Dad Fucked Ariel to punish her for having that boy in the house!!! You would think that Ariel would have learned her lesson after that ordeal….but apparently not!!! With Dad away for the weekend on a fishing trip…..Ariel figured it was safe to have Jack back to the house, and have sex with him. After all….Dad was far away for the whole weekend…..what could go wrong??? As Ariel and Jack start to make out on the living room sofa…..annoying baby Brother Josh catches them!!! Josh threatens to call Dad if Jack doesn’t leave right away….and makes a big scene. Jack figures the jig is up…and he grabs his coat and takes off. Josh isn’t done yet, however. Josh tells Ariel that he will tell on her…..if she doesn’t let HIM have a go at her!!!! Ariel is repulsed by her Booger-Head Baby Brother….and the thought of him climbing all over her…and sticking his weenie inside her makes her sick….but she knows that if Dad gets wind of her bringing Jack back, after being told not to……she will be in really big trouble….so she gives in to the little goofball’s Blackmail…and allows him to Violate her!!! Baby Brother Josh really goes to town on his sexy older Sister, and gives her a good hard Fucking. After Fucking her….Josh requests that Ariel Beat him Off….and Ariel jerks her little Brother’s cock until he explodes!!! Little Brothers can be so annoying…..

File size 625MB
Resolution: 1920×1080
Duration: 00:10:28
File type: WMV


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