Big Brother Let Me Take A Selfie To Dump My Loser Boyfriend

Janie, As I’ve said before I had this really clingy boy that wouldn’t leave me alone. A few weeks after I gave my brother his fantasy I had this great idea, I’d send the stupid boy selfies of someone fucking me. I wanted to get rid of him so bad I called my brother into the room and told him my plan. It was easy to convince him, all I did was grab his cock. I sucked my brother’s cock and took a few selfies then bent over the bed. While he was fucking me I snapped a few more then enjoyed my brothers cock for a bit. After all the attention his cock was getting my brother couldn’t hold back and exploded inside me. Of course I had to stop and take a selfie of the mess. I sent the boy my pics and instead of getting rid of him, he wants to be my cuckold. Should I indulge his fantasy too??

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