Better than your Son

You can’t help but notice your son’s girlfriend. She’s smoking hot. Beyond sexy for a 21 year old woman. Your son is late meeting her, so she decides to hang out and wait for him with you… but it doesn’t take long for her to start straight up eye fucking you. She says she usually like older guys… much much older guys. She also says that your son can’t fuck her right, that he always cums too fast. She delights in tempting you, looking at her big tits falling out of her top, its obvious that she wants a real man. Fuck it. She’s a grown woman who needs to get some real man cock. If only your pathetic son would stop phoning and interrupting…

Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your sons girlfriend wastes no time seducing you now that you’re alone together. She cums so fast on your cock that you have to bite your lip to keep yourself from cumming in her tight little pussy right then and there… luckily, your son’s persistent phone calling makes you last long enough to make his girlfriend scream. **Cheating girlfriend. Cuckold on the phone. Cuckold Hotwire Bull. A father without loyalty. Cucking your son. Cream pie.

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Duration: 00:59:13
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One Response to Better than your Son

  1. Mary44MM says:

    Damn you are larger than your son. Sperm my fertile womb and I will marry your son and that way you can keep putting your babies in me.

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