Banging My Brother

Sean likes the think of himself as a ladies man and a player. What he doesn’t know is his girlfriend Amber found out he cheated on her while she was out of town. Instead of just breaking up with him she wanted to teach him a lesson…Amber told Sean she had a special surprise for him when she came over last night. She helps him of with his clothes, tells him to get on the bed and ties him down. When she’s sure he can’t move, she slaps him on the chest and yells “YOU ASSHOLE, Did you think I wouldn’t find out you cheated on me?” She tells him she hopes his mom and step sister find him as she storms out of his room.
A couple hours later Sean hears the front door open. “Mom?” he calls. His step-sister Raven erupts in laughter when she walks in his room. “OMG Sean what douchebag thing did you do this time” she asked snickering. He tells her about Amber finding out he fucked her bf and that she tied him up and left. “Can you give me a hand please” he begged. Raven looked at her naked step-brother and grabbed his dick. “Like this?” she asked as she started to suck it. “Fuck me or I’ll tell mom and dad about this” she threatens as she climbs on his hard cock. Raven has watched him screw over girls and now she’s going to take advantage of him. “You like my tight high school pussy?” she asked as she grinded on his dick. Raven untied him so he could pound her twat from behind. Sean was totally into banging his 18yr old sibling now and pulled her pony tail as he thrust deep in her tiny hole. Now completely untied he flips Raven over and slams her with his college cock. Sean grabs her arms and bangs her shaved young pussy as hard as he can. She warns him not to cum inside her. He doesn’t and pulls out in time to cum all over her mouth and face. “See you ARE a douchebag” she complained.

File size: 395MB
Resolution: 856×480
Duration: 00:22:17
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