Bambi’s Daddy Desires

Dear Diary,
My feelings keep getting more and more intense. The other day I was doing my schoolwork and thought about Daddy coming home. Just that thought was enough to turn me on.
I reached in my drawer and pulled out my favorite glass toy. I licked it to get it wet and I imagined it was daddys cock. IMy pussy was so wet it slid right in and I fucked myself like I imagined Daddy would do. I’ve never cum that hard in my life, I’m not sure I want to control my desires anymore. Is it so wrong???

Dear Daddy,
I know I can’t come out and tell you this so I thought I’d write it down. These feelings I keep getting when I think about you are getting so intense. I almost feel like its real. I think about your cock sliding in my mouth slowly while you watches my every move. I can almost feel your cock throbbing in my mouth as it gets hard.
The urges overpower me and I straddle your hips sliding your cock into my tiny pussy. Ohh Daddy you feel so good inside me and I can’t help but ride you hard. My mind wanders even further as I feel you cum inside me as I scream in ecstasy. Oh Daddy I want you so bad!!! I hope you understand your little girls needs
Love Bambi

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