Angie Noir – Mother & Son’s More Than Taboo

My SON Walks into my room and finds his Mother spread eagled, on the couch, with my pussy exposed and a vibrator in my Mom hole and a dirty, Escort magazine flipped open! I had just pulled my dripping shorts aside and started to rub my hard clit while watching the photos of the Escorts! BAD TIMING?!?! MUST SEE MOVIE!

I have a secret… I want to lick and fuck pussy BUT not just any pussy… it must be “dirty,” “sloppy,” “used” ESCORT pussy while my Son fucks me! It is wrong for a MOM to have such erotic thoughts but, every time I take out my hidden escort magazine and “read” the advertisements, I become dripping wet! Edward sees Mother’s exposed pussy and turns hard instantly… he loves the hole he came from… he swiftly walks over, kneels down and licks his Mother’s sweet juicy pussy! We are both deeply turned on… I ask “can I bring an escort home for both of us to use?” “Yes!” “Will you fuck her Edward? …Can I lick her pussy? …Can we share her pussy?… Can you fuck both of us?” “Yes! I will fuck my little whores!” I am delirious with TABOO thoughts! “Edward, Can I lick her pussy clean after you cum in it?” “YES! You can eat my cum from her pussy!!” “Ohhh that it is so fucking hot!”

I need his rigid cock in my pussy but, first he puts a condom on (But does it stay on?) then slides his long thick cock in and fucks me like crazy! Edward is being driven to the edge by my moaning and grunting as he POUNDS my pussy in so many positions and making me cum all the while we are talking very dirty thoughts about the escort. Edward needs to erupt and tells me that he wants to cum inside my whore loving, pussy hole! “Yes! Yes! Yes! Put your load in my PUSSY!!” The hot sperm feels sooo good! As Edward wipes his dick up and down my dripping pussy and ass, I am feeding myself his jizz until Edward insists that we shove his sperm deep into me! I get roughly finger fucked and cum very hard again!

OHH!! YOU ARE SUCH AS NASTY BOY!! Maybe Mother should be a slutty Escort?!?

File size: 230MB
Resolution: 960×540
Duration: 00:15:02
File type: WMV


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