Amiee Cambridge & Cory Chase – Naughty Seductions

Amiee and Mom are way too hot for their dresses…Mom and Sis have big plans tonight and are about to leave…Poor little brother crossed their path of destruction… Mom was hungry for some cock but not as much as Amiee was… Sis talked Johnny out of shorts and began sucking his cock…She could not believe how big it was…Mom was impressed too and pushed Amiee out of the way…Mom jumped onto John and rode his cock…His cock was too big for Mom so Amiee took over again…She would not stop till her little Bro finished in her mouth… That is exactly what Johny did…He blew a huge load in Amiee’s mouth…Not wanting to look selfish in-front of Mom, Amiee shared the big mouthful with Mom…Mom and Sis cleaned off each other and then left Johny the way they found him…Alone with his video game remote control, while Mom and Sis are off to the Grand Opening of the Hottest Club in town…

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Duration: 00:12:19
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