Abusing My Wasted Sister

My convinced my sister to have some drinks with me- Our parents aren’t home so we stole some of their whiskey. It hit her pretty quickly, she must not be a big drinker. I got her so wasted that she barely knew what she was doing. This was my chance to get to play with her- she’s so hesitant when I make a move on her, but I know she wants it. Now that she’s fucked up, when i played with her she didn’t really fight it off. She was too drunk to be able to stop me. I groped her while she laid there, almost . Her tits felt so good in my hands. i got so hard touching her body so i slipped my cock into her tight pussy. She loved every bit of it- I could tell. Once she felt how good it was she started to moan. I loved fucking my sister- she came so many times!

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