My Weekend with Grandpa

I have one more night with my Grandpa, and after dropping Summer at her car, we decide on a Sunday afternoon of bowling. He loves to bowl, and although I stink at it, I like doing just about anything with him. I get high praise from him and even some high-fives even if I don’t do very well.

I get a strike, and excitedly wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him on the lips. He pulls me away, whispers in my ear, “Don’t take advantage, ‘tunia.”

“Sorry Grandpa. But I am not a child you know. Can’t I be a little bit bad?”

I was sure that Grandpa thinks I will always be his sweet little granddaughter. But, in just over a year, I will no longer be a teenager. I will be a woman, and maybe I wanted him to treat me like one.

“Well, Petunia-face, we know what happens to bad girls, don’t we?” he asks pointedly and rhetorically.

“Well, um, I kinda think so… well maybe … but I’m just … hmmm … not … too … sure.” I draw out my teasing just for effect.

He bent down and whispered in my ear,

“Keep it up little girl; I have a hard wooden hairbrush that is just itching to meet your naked little hiney. Sit down, it’s my turn.”

He got his point across, but the prospect of my lying over his knee with panties pulled down is quite tantalizing … and hot!

I have to say, it is!

I bowled three games, all way under one hundred, and Grandpa averaged about one-fifty to one-sixty per game. On the way home, I talked excitedly. I had fun bowling, even though I really stunk at it. It was fun just being with my Grandpa, but it was not the same as when I was eleven or twelve.

I think being caught by him yesterday changed things. It was now a different kind of deal now, I guess. Particularly since I am more willing to increase the sexual tension between us. I decided that I like it on the edge, and I will push Grandpa’s buttons as much as I can. I still have one more night with him so I am hoping I can get a nice massage, just as Summer did … at least!

It is Sunday evening, and we are in the living room watching a movie. I changed into the shortest shorts I own with no panties and a short T-shirt over with no bra. Grandpa was on the couch and I was lying on the floor on my stomach in front of him, head propped up on my hands.

I open my legs hoping that Grandpa can see up the leg holes of my shorts, but I am not sure he is looking. I even wiggle my fanny a little to try to get his attention, but getting very little in the way of a reaction. Maybe I don’t have as cute a teenie-butt as I thought.

Later we made a simple supper for ourselves, with pasta and red sauce, a small salad and of course a little of Grandpa’s wine. After that, we played a few games of Backgammon all of which Grandpa won. He gets lucky with double sixes in the last game, so I lose my whole pile of pennies to his luck and his skillful use of the doubling cube. I am getting tired, so I decide to go up to my room.

I bent over to give Grandpa a goodnight kiss on the lips, affording him a clear view down my T-shirt of my naked 34B’s. I am trying to settle down, but not falling asleep. Grandpa turned off the TV, and read for a little while. He settled down in his room at about midnight.

I am still wearing my loose-fitting T-shirt. But, I traded the shorts for a pair of bikini panties, which is my normal sleepwear. I am very restless, tossing a little. One possible reason is the sexual tension that has been building between Grandpa and me all day. The guest room was way down the hall and it has a tendency to be kind of cold.

So at about two-o’clock in the morning I quietly pad down to Grandpa’s room. I open his door, and Grandpa is fast asleep. He told me earlier that he was going to take some meds to let him sleep. The poor guy has had two pretty teenage girls throwing their pussies at him for two days, and was likely emotionally and physically worn out. He had to have felt some of that tension too. I could sense it, though he hid it very well.

I bend down and and whisper in his ear, “It’s cold in the other room, can I sleep here?”

He answers, with a sleepy moan, “Uh, yah, just slide in from the other side. Go to sleep. I’m too tired tonight for anything honey.”

I was not sure whom he thought he was talking to, but I decided that he thought I was one of his girlfriends. I kissed him on the cheek, and walked around to the other side of his queen-sized bed.

I was just about to slide in, but I hesitated, and slipped out of my panties just letting them fall to the floor. I slid into Grandpa’s bed, but kept to my side. I liked the feeling of my panties sliding down over the very sensitive skin of my hiney. The cool cotton sheets feel amazing to my body as I slide into his bed. I am a little nervous being in Grandpa’s bed with him, without panties.

Grandpa was on his right side facing away from me, and I was on my right side facing toward his back. I know that Grandpa always turns over to the other side before morning, so I turn around and scooch up to him so my naked butt is just barely touching him. That way he would spoon up behind me when he turned. That would be nice.

I am so jittery with the sexual excitement I worry that my case of the shakes might wake him. He always wears a T-shirt and mid-thigh-length sport boxer briefs to bed. He doesn’t even own a pair of pajamas … I think he considers them a little wussy.

My heart is pounding as I slide up against him a little more, as subtly as I can; I rub my ass against his. He turns over facing my back, still asleep and he put his arm around me. He then slides a hand up inside my T-shirt, and fondles my pert young tits a little, then slides his hand down my stomach, and onto my hip.

My naked butt is nestled in the front of his shorts. I am trying to control my breathing, which is starting to increase and deepen. I am just guessing that in his stupor he might think he is cuddling with a lady friend.

Yes, my Grandpa does okay with the ladies and has even introduced me to a couple of them on visits to his townhouse and they are quite cute for their ages. They are mostly shapely, athletic and intelligent—just the way Grandpa likes them!

I can feel him starting to move in closer behind me, spooning up close. I turned around to face him curling up inside his warm embrace.

He slides his hand down my side and onto my naked ass, and pulls me in closer, now starting to kiss me. He was not totally awake, but in a stupor from the meds. I can feel his growing hard-on pushing into my stomach, and I kissed him back as passionately as I can.

Oh my God! My heart is in my throat as I feel him respond to my kiss.

As we brake our kiss briefly, I whispered in his ear in as mature a voice as I could muster, “Oh, Michael!” pretending to be a girlfriend.

He pulls his briefs down and off, and then slides his cock between my naked thighs as I opened them to make things easier. With my pussy lips becoming very moist, I slides between my legs easily.

I push my mound into his crotch harder, grinding against him. I can feel him growing between my legs, and I am sure that he can feel my wetness on him as he starts slowly to slide himself back and forth between my thighs as I start to moan.

I turn onto my back bringing him with me, and once on top, he immediately slides his cock into my very wet teen pussy… it feels so thick inside me!

My Grandfather’s cock is inside my eighteen-year old pussy! I am shuddering just from the feeling of him in me.

I continue with my moans, and throw in another “Oh, Michael you feel so good!” in a bit of a mezzo voice tone to disguise it. He is sliding in and out of me in long smooth strokes; I can feel his balls up against my ass. I wrap my legs around him as he is stoking me long and hard. He pushes my shirt up fondling my breasts and nipples.

My Grandfather is fucking me!! I am loving it!!

The moonlight coming in the window cut across my abdomen, and leaving my breasts and face in the dark. I can feel that he is reaching the point of no return, and my Grandpa is going to come inside me.

Oh God! I so want him to come inside me!

As he starts to stiffen into his orgasm, I lifted my head so my face and breasts are in the moonlight. It is far too late for him to stop, and after one final deep thrust, he comes deep inside me only drowsily aware that he was fucking his sweet little granddaughter. He grunts loudly as he spills his seed deep inside me. I can feel it!

His coming in me pushes me over the edge, and I shudder and convulse into an extremely strong orgasm. It was so intense that it scared the hell out of me. He is a strong and powerful man, and most of my prior activity was with one or two unexperienced boys. I could feel him spurting inside me, and as he grabbed my ass cheeks to hold it inside me … I came again.

It was way too late for him to stop by the time he became aware that he was coming inside of his Granddaughter. He just held on and rode it out. We lay together breathing hard and hearts beating against each other’s. Our sweaty bodies slipping and sliding against each other for some time until we both cooled down.

I was lying on my back with my legs spread, my heart throbbing, and my Grandfather deep inside me And, as I cool down, I start to wonder just how much trouble I have coming. I fooled Grandpa into fucking me, and I know he is not happy.

He gets up, and pulls on a pair of jeans. Without saying a word, he heads down stairs and makes a pot of coffee. I am still upstairs, sitting up in his bed leaking my juices and his cum into his sheets, holding the top sheet against me.

God, I am in sooo much trouble.

My heart started beating faster again; as I get out of bed and pull on my panties, I pad down the stairs to face the music. He is sitting on a stool at the counter in the kitchen, and when he sees me, he slowly gets up grabs the coffee pot and pours me a cup. We sit in a very uncomfortable silence for some minutes. Then he looks directly into my wide soft brown eyes, and says,

“What in God’s name, Annie?”

I am speechless, I stutter, “I d-dunno, I j-just wanted to s-sleep in your w-warm bed, and I g-guess things um, g-got carried, um carried away … a l-little … maybe … um, I g-guess.”

I could not help feeling as if I was twelve again … a bad little girl. My voice trailed off with my last few words. I put my cup down and cast my eyes down, trying to avoid his hard gaze.

God, he is pissed!

Then I summoned a little courage and told him in a stronger voice, “I’m sorry, but Grandpa, I’m not a kid anymore … I am of legal age, I am a woman, and I am not a virgin like Summer. I-I am n-not sorry it happened!”

He lifted my chin so he could see into my eyes. Then he said, “All this weekend, you have been cruising for a paddling, and pushing my buttons. I love you Annie, you are my little girl’s little girl, but you are my Granddaughter and I am not supposed to have uh, sex with you. You tricked me into it!” He pauses still looking directly into my eyes, then continues.

“If I were more awake, I would have spanked your little ass and marched it back down the hall to your room. Bad girls are spanked, Annie! I took a couple of sleeping pills tonight because I need the rest. But, the coffee will start to bring me around enough to deal with a very naughty little girl.”

I tried to swallow past the lump in my throat. I look back at him with my eyes open wide and starting to tear up.

I’m scared!

I sat there becoming very nervous with my chin starting to tremble, and starting to tear up. I take little sips of my coffee to distract myself from his anger. He hesitates, takes another drink from his cup as if he was deciding on a course of action, and then he orderes,

“Annie, I want you to go upstairs and get the big wooden hairbrush from the top of my dresser. Bring it down here.”

My lower lip is still trembling and my tears continue to slide down my cheeks. I just say, in my most contrite naughty little girl voice, “Y-Yes sir.”

Then I straightened, wiped my eyes, and say more defiantly, “But I am not a little girl, Grandpa!”

I get the brush from his dresser, and coming down stairs with it, slap it against the palm of my hand to test it. It stings like crazy. I shake my hand, and slowly walk down the rest of the stairs. I can feel a sense of real dread, but a tiny bit of sexual excitement as well.

I hand him the brush. He pulls a straight chair out from the corner of the kitchen. With a vice-like grip around my wrist, he pulls me over his lap, and yanks my panties down.

“Annie, I really hate to do this. But, you manipulated me into very inappropriate behavior, and you need to feel a little sting where it will do you some good.”

I am sniffling a little already, but manage a soft, “O-Okay G-Grandpa.”

He pulls my T-shirt up out of the way, and then smooth’s his hand over my lower back, and then over my quivering ass cheeks … I can’t stop shaking, but his strong hand feels so nice sliding over my soft and sensitive little butt.

Then, with brush in hand he reaches back and in a long arching stroke, brings the broad back of the wooden brush down on my poor unsuspecting little flesh. The intensity of the pain is not something I was ready for, and I yelp like a little wounded animal. Then,

Smack. Smack. Smack.

He rains down three hard blows in a row and I starting crying from pain so intense I could not breathe out. I could not believe that anything could be so incredibly painful. He continued after a second or so with one stroke at a time … alternating between ass-cheeks. I scream in pain with each stroke!

I was sobbing openly and loudly. My punishment was not over yet. The blows rained down on my poor ass as I could feel it getting raw … hot … and I assume … red. My ass-cheeks now have a pulse of their own as they throb, and throb.

He stops, and rubs my ass-cheeks with his hand, and it starts to feel a little better. His middle finger slides down my crack just a little, as he soothes my ass and checks the damage.

He told me that I had gotten ten strokes, and would get ten more. The oddest thing was that I could feel my pussy leaking again. This intense pain also has a strong sexual component to it that I did not expect … being exposed to my Grandpa and being spanked by him is turning me on!

I plead with him, “No Grandpa, no more I’ll be good, I promise. Please it hurts so much!”

He quickly answered my plea with another eight or ten strokes delivered in rapid succession; I was crying as hard and loudly as it was physically possible to cry. The pain is becoming unbearable. I’m sure I will not be able to handle the full amount of strokes.

I kicked my legs at each stroke, but his strong arm had me in a vice grip on his lap. I was bawling uncontrollably as I gripped the legs of the chair. The hard spankings stopped for only a few seconds, then I received one final slap, and it was the hardest and most intensely painful of them all. I could begin to feel my womanly juices leaking down my crotch.

I was sobbing uncontrollably, and hiccupping between them trying to get my breath. I was in absolute agony. At last, the punishment is over and I am still sobbing, with my soft and tender little buttocks on fire. I knew that I had been cruising for a beating all weekend long, but was completely unprepared for the terrible reality of it.

He delivered the last series of blows with the flat of his hand. I guess the brush was doing too much damage to his little Granddaughter, so he set it aside. He stopped a couple of times to check the damage, and to rub my injured hiney.

In a calm and even voice, he said, “Upstairs now, Annie! Move it!”

I start to get up from his lap but I need his help to get to my feet. I could feel the intense heat, as my buttocks throbbed. I reached for my panties, but he said, “Leave them!” I walked up the stairs in front of Grandpa trying not to expose too much of my wetness to his view. I can feel my slippery inner thighs sliding together as I mount the stairs.

Every step I took that required my buttocks to flex, even in the slightest way, was intensely painful. I was sure he could see my juices running down my inner thighs. As I turned to go to my room, he grabbed me by the wrist, and pulled me into his room and telling me to lie across his bed on my stomach.

I lay on my own previous wet spot still sobbing trying not to rub my ass. It was just too sore and it hurt too much to touch it … even in the gentlest way. My ass seems like a painful thing separate from my body. It doesn’t even seem a part of me, it hurts like hell!

“Oh my God, It hurts so much!” I think to myself as I cry into Grandpa’s soft sheets.

He sits beside me on the bed, and puts some lotion in his hand, then starts to spread some on my poor little ruined ass. At the first touch, I shrieked and breathed in sharply and deeply. I start crying again.

I hold onto the sheet tightly gripping it in my fists, and crying into it. I stuff it in my mouth a little to stifle my cries. After a few rubs, it starts to feel better, and then it starts to feel good. My breathing is still catching a little from my sobbing, but I am starting to calm down.

His hand feels so good as he spreads the lotion on my butt, and my pussy is still moistening from the stimulation. His lotion-laden fingers follow the natural contours of my ass and the crease between my buttocks. I feel a lubricated finger running down my crack and even push into my butthole a little. I am moaning, as pain is turning to pleasure.

He played with my little pucker with the tip of his finger, and I felt it enter me just a little. It felt so good, that I forget about the fire on my back porch some. I push my ass up a little hoping he would continue.

“What was my dear Grandpa up to?” I am thinking to myself!

He withdrew his finger to massage my crotch further down, leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Pull your T-shirt off honey, and I will give you a nice massage since I have the lotion handy.”

I wasted no time getting my T-shirt over my head and throwing it onto the floor. I spread my legs, and now lie completely nude in front of my Grandpa, as he starts to massage my neck, my back, my sides, and up onto my shoulder blades. As his hand rounded my shoulders, I turned my head to kiss the back of his hand.

At that moment, I resign myself to the fact that I have changed my eighteen-year relationship with my Grandpa forever. I think he realized it the moment he saw me spread before him, invaded my asshole, and asked me to take off my T-shirt. I was hoping that now he wanted to have his little Granddaughter.

Things are different all right … even his tone of voice is changed. The poor guy is just a man after all. With all of the tension building in him all weekend, curtesy of two slutty teenage girls, it had to be getting to him. Grandpa and I are now at a place from which neither of us can retreat.

He continues slowly to massage my entire body, starting again with my neck and shoulders, down my back and onto my buttocks, which are now starting to feel quite good. He massaged under me on my belly and hips, and then my lower abdomen and pubic mound … God, he is so turning me on with his massages. He continued down the back of my legs, from hamstrings to calves, and then all the way down to my feet.

With the lotion put aside, he is sliding his hands up the inside of my legs and thighs. He uses one finger to rub my pussy lips. I was so wet by now, and my breathing started to increase along with my heart rate. He slid his finger into my pussy, as he lowered his head to place little kisses on my jittery buttocks.


I moan louder as he tickles my tightly ringed opening with his tongue. He removes his finger from my pussy, and slides it down to my clit, massaging it with my juices on his finger. He rises, strips off his jeans, and gets into the bed next to me on his back.

He softly said, “Annie, climb on top of me.”

I could tell that his voice is a little nervous … different … scary. I carefully move on top of him with a wary little smile, and we start to kiss softly. He moves his hands up my back, and over my shoulders. I moan softly in his mouth, and then I brake from the kiss to ask him,

“Grandpa, are you going to do something I will have to spank you for doing? I have a pretty strong arm you know.”

He laughed, giving me little kisses as I spoke, then he says, “Maybe.”

He was getting very hard by now, as he opens my legs with his. He slides himself slowly into my pussy. It feels sooo good to me, and I crush my lips against his, and pushing my tongue into his mouth as far as I can. I press my firm breasts into his hairy chest.

Here I am, lying on top of my Grandfather … naked … with his thick hard cock filling up my sweet young cunny. I am so confused, not knowing what to feel. I feel great pleasure for sure, but am still scared, fucking such a strong adult man. I had barely gotten used to the clumsy fumbling of boys.

It is something I had thought about for a while, but now with the reality of it, I was not sure how I felt. It’s kind of a ‘be careful what you wish for’ thing. He responded immediately, and we were kissing like lovers. I was only eighteen, but I was transitioning from girlhood to womanhood tonight pushing myself down onto Grandpa’s cock, which is filling me up so completely inside. It’s still scary … but so nice … sexy!

I have to say, it is!

He is stroking smoothly in and out of my wet little pussy, as I rise up and put my hands on his chest and drawing my knees up. I raised and lowered myself on his cock to match his stroking. He begins to rub my breasts and uses his fingers to play with my nipples.

He was so turning me on with his touches to my breasts, and bringing me very close. He raised his head enough to take my hardening nipples one by one into his mouth, sucking and licking them.

I increase my movement up and down on his cock, and he increases his full strokes as well to match. I have to remain on top of him due to my sore and swollen butt, so I make the best of this position. I reach back to massage his balls; and as he starts to get close, I squeeze them. He pushes up into me one final time, and his cock throbs as it explodes deep inside my tight eighteen-year old vagina.

Feeling him fill me up again tips me over the edge, and I collapse on top of him as I convulse into another strong orgasm. My breasts slide against his sweaty chest and that stimulation of my breasts helps to prolong my orgasm. After we slow down a little, I lift myself off him, turn around and shove my pussy in his face, lowering my mouth to his very slippery cock.

I held the shaft of Michael’s cock as I licked and sucked on the slippery head. I have decided to call him Michael whenever we have sex and Grandpa at all other normal times. I tickle his balls from underneath, running my fingernail up the seam between them.

He hardens quickly and gets close to coming again, and I held onto his cock as he was slides his tongue into my pussy. I feel him begin to stiffen, and I slide him into my mouth as far as it will go, still playing with his balls. He came hard with a loud moan, and shot his stuff into my mouth.

It was a lesser amount than before and most of it stayed in my mouth. I cleaned him off as he finishes, and after I release him from my mouth, I swallow his cum. I crushed my pussy harder onto his face and he continues to slide his tongue into my pussy, I come hard flooding his face with my juices in spurts. I continue to lick the tip of his cock until it softens, which is actually quite a while for such a strong man.

After I finish, I slide off and onto my stomach next to him totally out of breath. When I had so brazenly shoved my pussy in his face, I felt like a little whore. I was never that aggressive with any of the boys with whom I had been. But, there were only a few of them and they were timid and inexperienced lovers. Michael is such a good lover, and experience shows.

We are both breathing hard, as he reaches over and massages my ass, letting his fingertips trace down the crack of my ass. He slides his middle finger into my pussy to lubricate it, then taking it out with my juices on it, slides it into my asshole as far as he possibly can. I let out a shriek of surprise, and then start moaning. He moved his finger around massaging my fleshy interior.

It is a very strange sensation, but amazingly sexy. This is the first time I have had anything in my ass. I can definitely get used to that feeling, and it starts to give me ideas for my next visit with Grandpa (I mean Michael). Another thought I have, is to bring Summer into my lovemaking with Michael. I know she wants my Grandpa to fuck her.

“Hmm, my first threesome!” I started to think, with a wicked little smile.

Oddly, none of what we are doing feels wrong to me; unless it is wrong to make love to someone you love. I do not know what the future might bring, but for now, I want to explore my friend Summer and my Gr—ah, Michael for a while longer. I would insist that any other lovers use a condom, but I wanted to feel, Michael’s cock inside me while we make love.

We turned toward each other and just kissed and fondled each other for what seemed like hours until we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I slide a leg between Michael’s, to get as close to him as I can. His muscular chest and flat hard stomach felt so good against my soft body. He looked down at me and said,

“Annie, I want to make love to you every time you come over; just our secret, okay?”

“O-Okay Michael.” was the only reply I made to my Grandpa … my lover.

Then I could feel it coming before it happened and couldn’t stop it. I farted loudly, as Michael held me tight. We look at each other with surprised looks, then both burst out laughing, and Michael gently pats me on my bottom. I give out a long slow moan. It’s a moan of total contentment as I start falling asleep.

We sleep late, and take our time getting out of bed. I let Michael fuck me hard again, before we leave the bedroom. This time I lay a soft bed of the pillows and insist on having him on top of me. It worked out quite well … didn’t hurt too much. After we finish, I am hungry, so I jump out of bed and race him down the stairs to the kitchen. I won!

We move around the kitchen wordlessly; as we each choose necessary tasks, leading to … breakfast. He cooks the omelets, and I start the grits, and slice up some strawberries and kiwis. He made about eight or nine silver dollar pancakes, and I heated up the syrup.

We ate like lumberjacks, and talked and laughed until every scrap of food was gone. I was perched on a stool, on top of a very soft pillow.

We clean the kitchen, again wordlessly dividing necessary tasks. I am wearing nothing but my long T-shirt, and he is in T-shirt and jeans. He never wears underwear with jeans, so I know that all I have to do is slide my hand down the back of his jeans to cop a feel of his hard ass-cheeks. After cleaning up, we are on the couch drinking our coffee, talking softly and just listening to some soft jazz.

Sitting on the couch, my ass didn’t feel that bad with some cushions under it, and we start to talk about last night. We both decide that however accidentally it happened (on his part anyway) our lovemaking fundamentally changes the nature of our relationship. He said that he knew that at some point I would stop being his little girl, and would become a woman.

I am not willing to give up making love to him, and I will come over as often as I can. Since I will be very uncomfortable screaming out “Grandpa” in the throes of a powerful orgasm, I inform him that I will be calling him “Michael” in bed. He is agreeable with that logic!

I mention bringing Summer into our lovemaking but Grandpa is not sure about including her, even if she does lose her cherry to some young boy, because she is still another man’s sweet little daughter. I tell Grandpa that we can be very gentle with her at first, and that I know she wants to.

I will also talk to her about her about using condoms with outside lovers, but to be free and naked between the three of us. Michael and I made love slow and easy one more time with me straddling him on the couch, before he reluctantly drove me home. He once again filled me with his come.

As I got out of the car, I turned and asked, “Grandpa, what are you doing next weekend? I think that Summer and I are free!”


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