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Molly Jane – Earning Extra Lunch Money with My Son

Just Me and My Son

Molly is getting ready for work when she throws on a towel and goes to look for her phone. She asks her son Alex if he has seen it, but as she does her towel slips off her large breasts. “Oh my god” she says quickly putting the towel back on and leaving the room. Alex is weirdly turned on by his mom’s breasts. Should he be having these feelings for her? He peaks in on her in the bathroom getting ready, her breasts still exposed.

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The next day Alex goes to talk to his mom when he finds her taking sexy photos of herself. Ashamed Molly explains to him that she is short on cash and she is selling photos online. When Alex tells her it’s ok Molly wonders if she could ask him for some help taking the photos. She goes back upstairs and, with her son behind the camera, poses for him on the bed. She models a different top for him and takes off her top all together for some boob pics. Alex feels excitement looking at his mom’s sexy body and is relived when she lets him leave.

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Molly has gotten some great responses from her naked pictures online. But if she wants to make more money people want to see her give a blowjob. With no boyfriend, Molly knows of only one other person she can trust to do this. “We can pretend” she tells her son as she brings him to the bedroom for blowjob pictures. She opens her mouth for the pictures with her sons cock inches away from her face. With her mouth open she places the head of his cock inside, careful not to wrap her lips around him. She doesn’t want to have sex with him just pretend. Carefully wrapping her hand around his cock Molly makes sure she doesn’t move as she takes the next photo. The photos turn out great and nothing sexual has happened, Molly is sure these pics will bring in the money.

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With her son relaxing by the pool Molly asks if he would like to work on some more fake photos. Reluctantly agreeing, both he and his mother strip naked. She holds his cock for some photos, and opens her mouth for him. But she takes it one step further. Placing his cock inside her mouth she closes around the head. The feeling of her warm mouth instantly shoots through Alex’s body making him cum. Disgusted Molly spits his cum onto the ground. “Really! You could have warned me first” she screams at him. After cleaning up she takes one more photo with him in her mouth.

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