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Seductive Stepdaughter

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Let Momma Make It Better

While on vacation Dava noticed her son seemed pretty withdrawn and slightly angry with her. When they finally get some time alone she realizes he’s feeling neglected so she makes it up to him in a very special way. Dava pulls off his pants and starts stroking his cock. Justin protests a bit but soon mommas hands have him forgetting all his cares. When shes got him nice and hard Momma kneels on the side of the bed so her son can cum all over her big tits. Her son soon explodes all over them and they head to the shower before Dad gets back.

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Boring Vacation With Father

Alex’s step dad was sent to Vegas for a work conference. She begged and begged to go with him. He told her that she would be bored, and that it was just a work trip, but she insisted. Now Alex is sitting in the hotel room with no money and nothing to do.
Alex misses her boyfriend so much that she calls him to have phone sex. She puts the boyfriend on speaker phone and sets the phone on the floor. Alex tells him to jerk his cock for her. She describes to him what she is wearing. Alex moans and rubs her pussy pulling down her cute panties. Taking off her top, she describes to her boyfriend how she plays with her tits.
Her step dad walks in and sees his daughter on the phone. She calls him over and puts one hand over his mouth and one hand on his crotch. She moans on the phone that his dick is so big. Going to her knees she pulls down her step dad’s pants and jerks his cock. She teases and licks his balls before taking his cock into her mouth. She describes every detail of what she is doing and moans while loudly sucking cock. She rubs her pussy and jerks her step dad’s cum into her mouth. Swallowing it all down she tells her boyfriend how good he tastes.

Scene Two: Tipsy Daughter

He rushes out of the room the next morning bothered about what happened between him and his step daughter. Left alone in the room again Alex raids the mini bar. Chocolates and alcohol make a great combination and she is surprised at getting hammered so quickly on the tiny drinks.
He comes back to the hotel room to take her out to lunch and have a talk. Alex drunkenly tells him that she is sorry but she is so bored and so horny. It’s no fun without any money in Vegas. Alex tells him how much she loves his big cock and places his hands on her breasts. She kisses him, and tells him how much she wants him to fuck her. Clothes fly off as Alex strips herself and her step dad. Getting on the bed she sucks his cock. â€ooh fuck me daddyâ€? she screams guiding his cock inside her. She cums hard and keeps fucking him until he explodes inside of her.
Spent the step dad lays on the bed and closes his eyes. Alex goes into his pants and takes his credit card.

Scene Three: Look What I Bought

Alex has been out shopping with her step dad’s credit card. She takes out her purchases, sexy lingerie with nylons. Striping naked she puts on the items and lays seductively in bed waiting for him to get back to the hotel.
He can hardly believe his eyes when he walks in. His stepdaughter is the sexiest thing he has ever seen. She asks him seductively if he likes what she bought today. She sits him on the edge of the bed and gives him a Vegas lap dance. Shoving his face into her pussy she moans â€olick my pussy daddyâ€?
She strips her step dad naked and sucks on his hard cock. Pushing him to the bed, Alex pulls her panties to the side and rides on top of him. He touches her tight young body while she rides him like a sex starved daughter. She closes her eyes tight and has a quivering orgasm on his cock. Thank you for buying this for me.

Scene Four: Hotel Bill

After a great vacation Alex and her step dad are ready to check out. When he calls down to the hotel lobby he finds out that she has been buying, room service, liquor from the fridge, and movies on demand to the hotel room. Thousands of dollars have been charged alone in the last few days. Alex tells him that she is sorry but that she was really bored.
He is so mad that he flips her over and spanks her. Pulling down her pants and panties he tells her that she is going to earn every penny of that money back and gives her a few more spanks. He pulls off her shirt and bra and fucks her mouth.
He throws her to the bed and when she pleads with him that she is sorry he takes her panties from the ground and gags her. He fucks her furiously holding her down on on the bed.
Pulling the panties out of her mouth he tells her to open wide and shoots his load onto her waiting face. She is going to fuck him every day until that bill is paid, and she loves every minute of it.

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Auntie To The Rescue

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A Mother’s Progress

Let Me Comfort You
”Mom, about last night… I know you’re upset and probably confused… Don’t be so hard on yourself. It wasn’t your fault. I should have stopped myself but it all just happened so quickly… I just wanted to make you feel better. The way you looked at me when you told me Dad wanted a divorce, you were shaking… And when I held you, the way you looked at me… No one has to know what we did, it was an accident. Mom, I’m here for you, please don’t worry… We’ll get through this together…. — A week passes and Alex’s Mother has begun to reject his advances. She decides what happened was wrong and they have to stop

Don’t Tell Me No
MOM, DON’T TELL ME NO. Why are you pretending you didn’t like what happened??? DAD IS GONE. STOP FIGHTING IT. I’m in love with you and I know you feel the same way about me. I don’t care that it’s illegal. We can keep it a secret or tell everyone, it doesn’t matter to me. I just need to be inside you… Mom, can’t you see? We are meant to be together….

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Me & Tom 2nd fuck

Version of Video 19 in the Jan and Tom saga This is the HD VERSION of video 19 in my series leading up to me fucking my real stepson Tom. This is NOT ROLEPLAY this is a real series of hidden camera videos of me slowly teasing and finally fucking my husband’s son Tom. We’re alone in the house again. Its been a few days since we’ve been able to be together, but this time we take more time, and this time its in my marital bed. Its SO WRONG, yet so right. Tom’s virile young body, his taut muscles and hard HARD cock are just what I want and need. Husband is 10 years older than me and less interested in sex, but his SON is just right for me. We fuck a lot on our bed, and he cums all over my chest. It was great !

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Blackmailed MILF

Uber hot MILF, Allura must give up her tight little pussy to her creepy neighbor when he threatens to tell her husband of her infidelities.

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Little Brother’s Learning Experience

No, I don’t want you to leave… Just promise me you won’t do that again, okay? You always need to ask first. It doesn’t matter if I’m not wearing any panties… Now lay back and let your big sister taste you. I’ve still got a lot to teach you little brother….

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Diabolical Sister

Megan and Jay are sitting on the sofa, it’s another boring Sunday when Mom and Dad have left Megan’s older brother Jay in charge of watching over her. Megan tries to entertain herself by scrolling through her phone while Jay watches Sports on TV. Jay is relaxed, his back buried into the soft sofa back, his mind is on autopilot as he listens to the highlights of the game. Megan looks at him and back at her phone, she rolls her eyes at her overprotective brother and dreams of what she would be doing if she was an only kd. Jay is so relaxed that he does something embarrassing, as if it’s only him in the room, and Megan scoffs, “Wow!”
Her mind is racing with what advantage she could have with this juicy tidbit of information. Her phone is in her hand, and with it lies all the contacts on FacePage. She decides to tell the hottest girls in the school, twin sisters that Jay pines over, Laura and Lana. “I know you have a crush on them,” Megan warns, “and you’re going to.. you’re going to… lick my foot and I won’t tell.” Jay is scared, shocked, he tries to wrestle the phone from Megan’s hand and the wrestling excites something deep within Megan. His body is so close to her’s, she could smell him, he smells so different than just a few years ago, this must be what they were talking about in school, “pheromones.”
Jay decides that he will give in, he’ll do what she wants. Megan watches Jay beneath her, his tongue on the sole of her foot, and it strikes a chord with her conscience. It feel as if she is torn in two, one side of her excited, eager to make him do more for her, to her, make her feel pleasure, and the other side begging her to do the right thing, to drop it and leave it be. Megan wrinkles her nose, she has always had a penchant for naughty behavior, and she can justify her behavior when she remembers how her brother likes to prank her. Megan likes to feel powerful, and oh God, she feels sexy for the very first time in her life.

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Stepsister fucked for a cigarette

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