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The twins have a big fight when Robby finds out I’m fucking Johnny! But I find a way to make it up to Rob & the make up sex is fucking HOT!

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Being a stepmom of Trinity is not easy and Kobe Lee knows it. She does housekeeping 24/7 and if it wasn’t enough she needs to keep an eye on her stepdaughter. Why? Because she’s entering her sexual prime age and now all she wants to do it masturbating. Picking up dirty clothes for laundry she comes to her stepdaughter’s room and catches her sniffing on her own stepmother’s panties. And she’s not even ashamed or shocked about the whole situation! Kobe might be very confused about all she sees but she’s curious too…

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And He Didn’t Pull Out Sis,Hopefully my last letter didn’t shock you too much but I left out a very important part. After everything that happened I didn’t want to risk a DUI so I stayed the night with our cousin in his bed. The next morning he woke me up rubbing his hard cock against me and I couldn’t help myself. He entered me from behind and fucked me pretty hard but hes not a marathon man in the mornings. He came so fast I didn’t have time to tell him to pull out and he came inside me. I am a few weeks late now and really worried that our cousin knocked me up. What should I do if I am?
Love Anna

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My son can’t sleep, but he has a very important day tomorrow. Once in a while, I will give my over caffeinated son one of my sleeping pills. I know I shouldn’t, and so I hurry and sneak one from the medicine cabinet. “Hurry, take it and don’t tell your father, there’s just a few hours before you have to wake up, and this will help you sleep heavy and sound.” My son takes it gratefully.
I let him sleep in as long as possible before I wake him. I cheerfully tickle him awake, “rise and shine young man!” I see that the sun isn’t the only thing that’s risen, he has quite the erection in his pants. I realize that I gave him Daddy’s viagra by accident. I was in such a hurry that I grabbed the wrong medicine bottle. I can NOT allow him to go to school like this. I need to fix this right away.
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Mandy I am hoping you can do this for me, its something that actually happened with my daughter when she had just turned 18 and was living with me after her mom and I had divorced. It was a few years ago but I still think about it and fantasize about it almost every day. I was ashamed at first for being so weak but I would never take it back now that it has happened. Her parents are separated and daughter is staying at Dad’s for the weekend at his new place for the first time. She cant sleep because its a new place and comes in Dad’s room, he’s startled and tries not to let daughter knows he was masturbating. He gives her some ideas and she said she tried them all. He tells her to try to masturbate, that always helps daddy fall asleep. She doesnt seemed shocked at all for some reason, but says she’s never done that before. He explains without touching her and she goes to her room to try, but nothing is happening for her. She goes back into daddy’s room without knocking and he covers up quickly again. This time he is a little impatient. She says its not working. I think Im not doing it right…she pulls down her underwear and shows him. Hes uncomfortable and wants to send her away but he notices that she’s rubbing it dry and realizes that might be the problem. He moves her fingers for her and gives her some saliva to use. oooooh, she says. mmmmmmmm that feels MUCH better! Ok daddy, thank you, I’ll go back to room, good night I love you. She goes back to room, tries again but she has some questions….She walks back into daddy’s room and actually catches him masturbating this time. Oh Im sorry daddy, you cant sleep either huh? She gets into bed and Dad jumps out. You need to go to bed! She ignores him and says It felt good what he showed her but nothing is happening. Maybe if you do it…… She shows him her pussy. Dad looks at his daughters pussy, surprised how clean shaven it is. He is so overwhelmed with testosterone from being in the middle of masturbating he cant think straight. He touches it lightly and really sees how she has blossomed into a young woman, and much she resembles her mother when she was that age. Its okay daddy, I know you are just showing me to help me fall asleep. You’re not doing anything wrong, Im asking you to do it. He starts to finger her and she begins to moan…he cant resist his growing temptations to taste her, he says if he licks her clit that will make her cum very quickly. She has her first amazing orgasm. He tells her that she should be able to fall asleep now, but she asks to see her daddy’s penis first. Please daddy? Daddy reluctantly pulls it out, only half hard because of the confusion he feels. Can I touch it daddy? She grabs it with curiosity and begins to stroke it, then she licks it and begins to suck it. Daddy is loving how good is daughter is at sucking his cock and doesn’t stop her…. Daddy? I don’t mind if you want to put that in my pussy. I want you to do it, nobody will ever love me as much as you do, and I want my first time to be special she encourages him, its ok, I know you miss mommy and you can pretend I am her…this doesn’t feel wrong to me at all. She climbs onto her daddy and slips it in and she moans at the feel of her dads huge penis and daddy cant believe how tight and wet her pussy is. Do I remind you of Mommy? Fuck me like you would mommy, Ive heard her cumming like crazy so many times with you and have dreamed about doing this since I was 15 She rides daddy until she has cum twice and then he flips her over and pounds her doggy until she screams in orgasm again. Oh fuck daddy! He doesn’t want to cum in her so he asks if she wants to taste cum for the first time. Yes! He blows his cum in his daughters mouth and she tastes and plays with it.After daddy has cum he begins to realize what he’s done and begs her to not tell anyone. Don’t worry daddy, we didn’t do anything wrong, I wont tell anyone, they wouldn’t understand. It’ll be our secret. She starts to leave when she notices it has made it past midnight You know what day it is now daddy? Happy fathers Day! She hugs him and he sits there in shock with his head in his hands.

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