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Get ready to meet the Johnsons!!! They are the Modern Family!!! In this household, they have outrageous sexual appetites….and they satisfy them on each other!! Mom introduces her Family….her oldest Son, Colin….her youngest Son, Steven…..her Oldest Daughter Christelle….and the bay of the Family….youngest Daughter Sindy. Mom explains that they believe in using each other as sex objects. Brothers Fuck their Sisters…Sisters Fuck each other….Mom Fucks the Sons….Daughters Fuck Mom……you name it, this Family does it!! “The people at school think what we do is weird” Steven says as his Sister Christelle fondles his penis. At Mom’s direction…the Modern Family begins a Fuckfest. Mom sucks both her Sons to get them hard, then Both Sisters mount both Brothers, and go for a ride. Mom tells Sindy not to be a “cock hog”…and Mom takes over riding on Colin’s cock, while Steven Pounds Christelle from behind as Christelle kisses Sindy. When all pussy’s have been Pounded….Mom suggests that the two Brothers close out the proceedings by cumming all over their Baby Sister Sindy. One at a time, both Brothers soak young Sindy with their semen. Mom tells everybody to get cleaned up, and get their chores done…..as Dinner will be ready in an hour.

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Family Therapy – It’s Not Wrong

Hey guys, it’s Molly again:-) You won’t believe what I caught my pervy little brother doing — or maybe you will;-) I got back from the gym yesterday and went in my room and saw my brother laying on my bed naked, sniffing a pair of my dirty panties!!! He jumped up and started apologizing, but I grabbed him and told him it’s not wrong that he thinks I’m hot — I think he’s pretty cute too. I told him I that if he was gonna be in my room that I would play with him and make him do whatever I said. I popped his fat cock in my mouth and started blowing him. My little brother was freaked out and asked what if Dad found out — I told him not to worry, I do it with Dad all the time. I sucked and jerked my brother until he was on the verge of cumming and then I told him to fuck me. He definitely needs more practice because he was about to cum after just a few minutes. I yanked his cock out of my pussy and told him I wanted to see it — I jerked his cock and IT EXPLODED EVERYWHERE!!!! Then I told him to clean up his mess with my panties and get out of my room. My little brother asked if we could practice again sometime — I told him of course — that’s what big sister’s are for:-)

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Mom, I Want to be Like You!

Rachel is a single mom and knows how to use men to get what she needs and wants. Her daughter Kelsie is a studious type and very nerdy. She looks at her mom and sees all the men she dates. She sees all the expensive gifts Rachel gets and becomes more depressed. Kelsie heard her mom come in late and peeked in the kitchen. She saw her mom sucking off a 22 year old. Kelsie began to think. If she could be like her, she would be popular and have a lot of nice things. But how? After a date Rachel sat with Kelsie and her son Anthony to show off the ring she got. That was the final straw; Kelsie snapped and told her mom she wanted to be like her. Rachel calmly explained that she would never be quite like her since she is her own person. She got angry as Rachel belittled her and her brother laughed at her. He sneered she could never be as hot as their mom. Rachel even had the attention from her own son. He knew she was a bomb shell and encouraged her to use it as long as she can. Rachel kissed her on the forehead and said good night. Anthony poked fun at Kelsie again. Later that night, Kelsie woke up and snuck into Rachel’s closet to find the sexiest slut dress she could. She put it on and a pair of black lacy thigh high stockings. Kelsie wobbled out of her room in high heels. She put on heavy makeup and headed to her brother’s room. Kelsie was determined to prove to him she could be just like mom. Anthony lay sound asleep. She moved the covers and started to play with his cock. She saw her mom do it so she knew how. As she started to suck it he woke up. He was shocked to see her dressed and sucking him. Kelsie smiled and told him she wanted to do it with him. Anthony a horny young stud of course agreed under a condition, he would tell her what and how to do what men like. She agreed. Kelsie sucked and stroked him. Anthony told her it was time for fucking, she got on all fours and he slid his cock into her pussy. She loved being a slut just like mom. He fucked her in several positions then he made her suck his cock before her came all over her face. She liked everything but the facial, she thought it was nasty. Anthony laughed and told her mom loves facials! Kelsie was still not quite like Rachel but very close.

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My Sister’s Panties

Rachel and her daughter Leihla are very laid back about sex and their bodies. They think nothing of walking around the house half naked. Rachel’s son Brandon sees them like that every day and is constantly being turned on by them. One night, he is in his room. He has a pair of Leiha’s panties that he swiped so he can sniff them and think of her while he jerks off. She’s such a cute sister: blonde and curvy, with big almond eyes. Brandon is in the middle of things when Leihla walks in to ask him something. He panics and tries to cover himself up. Leihla immediately grasps the situation. I did not tell you to stop, she says to him. Coming closer, she recognizes her panties in his hand. Brandon admits they are hers. Leihla surprises him by telling him that she thinks it is hot he is jerking off with them. Having broken the ice, it is not long before Leihla is stroking and sucking her brother’s cock while Brandon fondles his sister’s breasts. Meanwhile, Rachel wakes from a nap she had been having on the couch. She hears unusual sounds coming from her son’s room and goes to investigate. She gasps when she walks through the door and sees her daughter sucking her son’s cock. The startled siblings try to think of something to say to say. Rachel approaches the foot of Brandon’s bed. She wears a tight black negligee and gown. She asks her son and daughter how long they have been playing around. Leihla says it is their first time and mentions how Brandon stole her panties. Rachel smiles and tells them she thinks that it is good that they are so close. Brandon can now see a lot of his beautiful, big breasted mom. He is still gawking at her in amazement as she walks to the side of the bed, kneels, and takes his cock in her mouth. Brandon thinks he is in dreamland. Mother and daughter take turns sucking and stroking him. They break off only to kiss and play with each other’s breasts just when Brandon ends up shooting a huge wad of cum on their faces. They smear it over their mouths. Afterward, Rachel and Leihla are glad of what happened. Brandon is delighted. He’ll never need his sister’s panties again. Now he has the real thing!

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Zoey Holloway – I need my son hard cock

Isn’t it nice to be on vacation as a family? You father is playing golf all day and has left me here alone. I am so horny I just had to call you in from the pool. You know what your step mother needs. I saw all those cute college aged girls at the pool, staring at you. Before you ruin your vacation with some random slut, why don’t you share your hard cock with me? I need to get fucked and your dad certainly isn’t going to take care of me. I only need your penetration for a few minutes. I’m so horny I could have multiple orgasms in hardly any time. You are such a good son for understanding my needs. All you have to do is lie down and I will use your cock to fill my pussy. Now don’t’ worry, you took care of your mom right now but I will soon return the favor. I have a feeling we will have a lot of time together this week without your father in the way.

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Jade Learns Self Defense From Her Daddy

Jade’s daddy wants to make sure she can handle herself and is teaching her how to fight and protect herself. A couple of accidental touches when he show’s her how to “hit where it counts” and then a few more compromising positions begins to create tension. Jade wants to ow what to do if an attacker gets on top of her, daddy explains she needs to use her hips to wiggle free while biting and clawing but when Jade gets too intense, digging her nails into daddy’s back, biting his neck and grinding her hips her dad pushes away, embarrassed by his impossible to hide hard-on. Jade’s tights are soaked at the crotch and her dad tries to say it doesn’t mean anything, that they should take a break, but with smoldering eyes Jade peels off her tights and jumps on her dad, kissing, biting, clawing biting, tearing off his shorts. Over and over her dad tries to get her to stop, but she is wild and pulls his cock into her. They fuck with wild intensity showing how long this has been building .

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My Stepmom The Control Freak

Stella Cox’s new step mom Leigh Darby has some serious control issues, and it’s starting to drive her nuts. She can’t even masturbate in peace without her stepmom popping in to show her how it’s really done! So it was no great surprise when Leigh decided to join in on the action when Stella was hooking up with her boyfriend Danny. Stella proved herself to be a great student, quickly grasping the lessons Leigh was giving her about how to give blowjobs, titty fuck, and taking huge cocks deep in her tight pussy. Eventually, Danny fired off a huge cumshot all over those busty sluts faces and big tits!

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Dee Dee Lynn – Let’s Work It Out Together Little Brother

Tyler Nixon has never gotten along with his step sister Dee Dee Lynn, and it’s driving their parents crazy. So when family friend Lezley Zen sees them bickering, she decides the only way to ease the tension is with a little sexual healing! She starts by stripping Dee Dee down to show off her big tits, and then the two busty babes give Tyler an incredible double blowjob. Lezley and Dee Dee take turns riding Tyler’s big cock and licking each other’s tight pussies until he finally blasts a cumshot all over both their faces!

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Dillion Carter, Cory Chase – My Family Doctor

Scene One: Getting a sample

You and your mom go to your aunt Betty’s office. Aunt Betty is your doctor but your unsure about asking her your personal questions. When she comes in you explain to her that you have a pain in your groin area even though you’ve never masturbated. “We’re going to have to strip you naked” she tells you to examine you.
You can trust me” she says taking off your pants. She examines your cock and balls with her hands. You don’t mean too, but your cock gets hard as she touches you. “I’m going to have to jerk it for a little bit, just to get a sample” she tells you. Your eyes go wide as your aunt jerks you in front of your mother. “Just trust me” she tells you again. Taking out lube you sit down as your doctor jerks your cock with a loving hand.

Scene Two: Trying a blowjob

“I don’t think this is working” you tell your aunt. “There is another thing I can do” she tells you putting your mouth around your cock. “Just relax sweety” your mom says. Aunt Betty sucks your cock working your shaft with her hands and makes you feel funny inside. Mom helps her by unbuttoning her shirt to expose Betty’s large tits for you to look at.
Seeing that this is not working your mom comes over to help. She knows exactly how to get her son to cum. Taking off her shirt she plays with Betty’s tits and encourages you to cum while rubbing your leg.
It looks like so much fun” your mom says as she starts to suck on your cock as well. “oh yeah get that sample out” Aunt Betty moans.

Scene Three: Trying Sex

“What are we going to do?” Cory asks her sister as you haven’t cum yet. Betty says there is only one way left to get your sample. To have sex with you. She strips down to her stockings and glides her pussy onto your cock. Cory reaches from behind her and rubs her perfect tits as she bounces on your cock.

Mom can you try too?” you ask. “You just have to understand you can’t tell anybody” Your mom tells you striping naked for you. She rides on top of you fucking her son and shaking from the naughtiness. “Does that feel good?” she asks you.

Scene Four: Sample ruined

They lay down next to each other both horny and ready to get fucked by you. You fuck one than the other, telling them to kiss and touch one another so you can cum for them. Betty bends over the couch so you can fuck her from behind, your cock going deep inside her.
Fucking your aunts and your mom’s tight pussies your cock is ready to explode. With smiling faces they get to their knees and wait for you to cum on them. Tongues sticking out you cum in their mouths. “Oh no!” Betty tells you. The sample is ruined, guess we will just have to try tomorrow.

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