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My Mom really likes yoga. She started taking a class at the gym a few months ago, and would always talk about good it made her feel and how relaxing it was. I guess going to her yoga class twice a week wasn’t cutting it because last week Mom started doing it at home after she’d get back from work. I couldn’t help from watching Mom do her stretches the other day, her ass and legs and feet just looked so good… She caught me snooping on her, but she wasn’t mad. Mom told me I could help her do her stretches. I think Mom noticed I was starting to get a boner – but that didn’t bother her either. She said to really do yoga the right way, we had to be naked. I thought Mom was joking until she took her top off. We both got naked and Mom got me to do all kinds of stretches. She told me to hump her really hard because that was the only way to get a really deep stretch. After a while my cock slipped inside my Mom’s pussy. She told me it was OK and to keep going. I fucked Mom really hard and before I knew it, I had to cum. I pulled out and came on my Mom’s tongue. Mom said she was really happy I helped her stretch. I used to think yoga was kinda stupid and gay, but I don’t think that anymore, from now on I’ll do yoga with my Mom whenever she wants!

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Relaxing in her hotel room Molly touches herself in her cute panties. She moans softly as she pleasures her pussy. “Why don’t you come in here and kiss me?” Molly asks. Daddy kisses her body softly making her squirm. Their mouths meet and their tongues flicker from one to another. They kiss passionately on the bed.
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Alex is lounging around the house again in his boxers like a lazy bum. His Mother comes in the living room and tells him to clean his room right now. Alex says he doesn’t want to, but says he’ll wrestle her, and if she beats him, then he will clean it. His Mom laughs at him and says he doesn’t stand a chance. She agrees to the wrestling match and goes to her room to change into workout clothes. Alex decides to catch a peek at his Mother’s butt while she changes, but is caught in the act. Mom chases him to the sofa and tackles him. They wrestle back and forth until finally Mom grabs Alex by the balls and gets him to submit. Unable to control herself his Mother begins sucking his cock. Alex begs his Mother to put her big beautiful ass in his face. Mother and son 69 until finally Mom sits on his cock and Alex cums deep inside his Mother’s pussy. No match for his strong and sexy Mom, Alex reluctantly agrees to go clean his room, but says next time she better not cheat!

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Katie walks in to the living room and drops off a package that was delivered for her brother. That SHE had to sign for, because he’s too damned lazy to do anything! She starts to nag him about not doing his chores, but he has a smile on his face – because in the box is his BRAND NEW MIND CONTROLLING REMOTE! He quickly puts it to use – freezing his bitchy sister mid sentence – and then he takes it a little further. A LOT FURTHER, actually…. He makes her strip, bark like a , touch herself, and give him a blowjob! And then he figures he can get a little more, so he walks her into the bedroom…. He didn’t get a little more – he got a LOT MORE – and after he blows a load on Katie’s stomach, he puts her on a 5 second delay – just enough time for him to disappear out of the room, before she realizes that she’s naked…. with a load of cum on her belly…. and no idea how it got there!

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Jayden’s son is playing video games on the couch when she comes in to give him a margarita. She “accidentally” spills the drink all over his pants and grabs a towel to clean him up. He tells her to stop but she tells him it’s fine and pulls off his wet pants. She takes off her wet top and pants leaving her only in tight panties. “It’s ok sweety, don’t these panties make my ass look great?” she says giving him a show.
Tasting some of the drink on her hands she tells him that it’s really good. Not wanting any to go to waste she starts to lick it from his legs and balls. His cock tastes so good that she can’t stop sucking it, telling him what a big cock he has now. She takes him into her mouth and sucks him clean until he tells her that he is going to cum. “Cum in my mouth” she begs “I bet it tastes better than the drink”. He cums in her mouth and she sucks its all down with the last of the margarita to chase it. “That’s my good boy” Jayden says and leaves him to play his games.

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Naked and sprawled out on her bed, Jayden is masturbating. She moans loudly as she slides her vibrator up her ass and feels the ecstasy that goes with it. She continues to slowly work the dildo in and out moaning when her son sneaks into her room. He watches her for a while before taking off his pants.
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Jayden walks into her sons room and strips naked. She sits on his bed and puts on some lingerie and stockings talking about how good it feels to be fucked by her son. Jayden takes a pair of handcuffs and latches her hands together. Laying on her son’s bed she puts her arms up high and spreads her legs for him.
Walking in Jayden tells her son to do whatever he wants to her. He wastes no time using her hot body. Fucking her pussy and ass, he makes her suck his cock before stuffing her full again. She squeals with lust, being thrown and fucked like a rag doll. Jayden cums hard and loud when she feels her son shoot his load inside her. He leaves her cuffed on his bed to go clean up.

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Wearing only a pair of stockings, Jayden is collared and leashed in the living room. She rubs her pussy anxiously waiting for her master to return to her. Her son takes the leash and pulls her to him demanding that she suck his cock. When hard and wet he tells her to bend over on the bed and present her ass for him to fuck. She lovingly obeys his every command excited for the fucking to come.
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