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I Still Want You

It had been almost a year since Naomi and I had last talked. After I left for college it only took a few months for us to start drifting apart. I hadn’t planned on it but I guess long distance relationships usually never work. Eventually I started seeing someone else, and when I told her she seemed more disappointed than angry… Even though we stopped talking I would sometimes hear about how she was doing when I talked my Mom. She was doing well in school, had a new boyfriend, and it sounded like she was happy… When I finally came home to go on a family vacation I was definitely worried about seeing her again, but she seemed normal. It wasn’t until we arrived at the condo that my sister mentioned what happened between us. She said she was seeing someone and she didn’t want things to get weird between us again. I agreed and told her I felt the same way. We would just be brother and sister again… But it didn’t take very long before it seemed like we both still wanted something more….

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Family with Benefits

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Mom is going out tonight again dressed like a slut! I’m so sick of it. Her dress is so short, you can see her ass. The top part is see through and you can see her tits! So when she says bye to me, I just say whatever. She comes over and starts talking to me, asking what’s wrong. When I tell her the way she dresses makes me uncomfortable, she realizes there’s one specific part of me that’s is uncomfortable, and she points it out. She starts rubbing my leg, talking to me about urges and points out that I have an erection! The weird part is, she’s practically drooling over it when she realizes it’s there. Then she says maybe she doesn’t need to go out. I guess she found what she needed right here.
My Mom is being so loud, I can hear her from the other room moaning and talking to someone, but no one is talking back. When I decide to see what’s going on, I realize her door is open a little bit and I see her on her bed… talking to a camera! Taking her clothes off! Touching herself! And the things she’s saying, she’s talking to the camera as if it’s… me. Then she starts shoving this glass dildo in and out of her pussy. I can’t even take it anymore, watching her is making me rock hard and I need her again! When I come in, she tells me I’m a bad boy, and she’s been watching me watch her for a long time.
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Free Use Family

A very Loving family spend the afternoon hanging out on the couch and watching tv….

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