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Mother’s Attention

Rachel, a single mother, had her hands full with her 70 hour a week plus executive job, her home, social events and her honor role student Michael. The long day was just about over when the dean of Michael’s school phoned. He informed Rachel that Michael had been absent for over a month. Rachel flew home to confront her son. Michael came in drunk and belligerent. Rachel tried to reason with him but he only became more aggressive with her. He pulled at her dress lifting it up exposing her shiny panty hose and her bare crotch. This excited Michael, and he was feeling abandoned due to her hours away from home and from him. Michael wanted more attention than his mother could give. Rachel pushed him back as he tried to kiss her; he groped at her pussy and her tits. Rachel secretly got wet; it had been years since she had a man touch her. She demanded he go to bed to sleep it off. Rachel went to check on him and found him stroking his cock speaking about her. She was still wet and slid down the wall reaching inside her panty hose her masturbating to her son’s fantasy and her’s. Morning came as Rachel poured her coffee, worried about last night. Michael came in and apologized, and offered to take her to lunch and the zoo. Rachel and Michael had a glorious day, and they bonded closer. On their return, Rachel sat him down to remind him what happened, and unexpectedly her story of the events turned him on. Michael couldn’t lie any more as he touched her, and caressed her. Rachel didn’t stop him, looking deep into her eyes. Michael was sober and he knew she wanted him. He made his move, sliding his hand down her cum soaked lace panties. Rachel moaned but looked confused. Michael moved in for the kiss, and they soon embraced. Rachel let all her concern go and welcomed his passion. They fell to the fur rug, tearing at each other clothes until their naked bodies were pressed up against each other. He entered his mother’s tight pussy, and soon he exploded. Rachel was covered in his sperm; he slid back in her and fucked her till she came hard. They collapsed in each other’s arms. Rachel begged him to go back to school as now he knew he had the best attention a mother could give.

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The Fertility Idol


When Courtney’s Mom has a special package delivered to the house, from her Sister….Courtney’s Aunt Maria…..Courtney is the unintended victim!!! As fate has it….Courtney’s Mom is not home when the package arrives, so Courtney signs for it. Her curiosity gets the best of her…..so Courtney proceeds to open the package on her own. The contents of the box include a “statue”….which turns out to be an ancient African Fertility Idol that Aunt Maria found on her travels. Also included in the box is a note from Aunt Maria to Courtney’s Mom….saying that the Idol should NOT be around any females who are able to conceive……as it’s power is legendary….and the presence of the Idol will cause females to go into Heat immediately. Courtney does not take the threat seriously…..after all….it’s just a statue, right? That night when she goes to bed, Courtney makes the mistake of bringing the Idol into her bedroom. Sure enough…..in the middle of the night….Courtney wakes up….covered in sweat…..as horny as can be….and masturbates herself furiously. After she makes herself cum….Courtney is still not satisfied….this Idol is POWERFULL!! Unable to get back to sleep….Courtney, in a quest to satisfy her inexplicable sexual desire….goes down the hall to the bedroom of her Brother Russ. Courtney NEEDS to be Fucked….badly…..she doesn’t know or understand why….but she NEEDS it badly…..so she quietly takes out her Brother’s cock, and begins to suck it. When her sleeping Brother has produced a nocturnal erection for her….Courtney climbs on her Brother’s hard cock and rides him!!! Courtney’s out of control sexual madness makes her ride her Brother’s cock until he cums inside her. A frightened, worried Courtney climbs off her Brother’s cock….looks at the semen dripping from her young pussy…and then grabs the Idol to look at it. She realizes this statue has Taboo Powers….and she immediately panics….and runs outside to get rid of the Evil Force!!!

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Holiday with my son!

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Rachel Steele, producer of Red MILF Productions hired a hot MILF named Orabella to shoot hardcore scenes with a young male talent for her internet porn site. Orabella did not want to go alone to the shoot because she had never done porn before and was nervous. Orabella took her 22 year old son along as an escort. He thought his mom was just doing a model shoot. When they arrived Rachel took notice of her stud of a son and an idea went racing through her mind. Rachel told Orabella she was still waiting for the male talent to confirm. She actually emailed the male talent and cancelled him. Rachel told Orabella she had no male for the shoot and would have to cancel. She wanted to see Orabella squirm, she knew she was in desperate need of money due to a messy divorce lawsuit; it was all on her application. Orabella’s face went pale when she heard the shoot was off. Rachel asked her about the young male who dropped her off. Orabella giggled and said that was her son. Rachel paused and told her use him or lose a $6000.00 shoot. Rachel did not care, she was a sleazy porn producer and all she cares about is cold hard cash! Orabella told her son Frankie what was happening and what was absolutely necessary to save their financial ruin. Frankie relied on his mom for school and board, he knew they had to do this. He was disgusted with Rachel and very nervous about having sex with his mother! Rachel quickly brought them to the bedroom set where a camera man was ready. Rachel gave them a quick synopsis of the scenes. Then, ACTION! Orabella and Frankie had to slowly undress each other, kiss hard and long, she sucked his cock as he ate her pussy. Frankie was hard as a rock and mortified. His mom made faces of disgust when she put her mouth on his cock. Then Rachel who stood in the room watching, directing told them to start fucking. They had to do as many positions as they could and the money shot. The mother and son did well. Rachel was pleased. She sat on the edge of the bed to congratulate their performance. Rachel also told them there was never a male model set up to shoot, she knew Frankie would be there and wanted a mom and son sex video for her new MILF site.

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OMG Shes Fuckin Daddy Too

That evening I wanted even more of his cock so I went in Daddys bedroom and started teasing him. He played with my titties as I sucked his shaft and soon I was riding him hard. Daddy teased my nipples and spanked me a bit really driving me wild. He took me doggie style next and withing minutes blew another load in me. I’m a bit scared now.

Dear Diary,
Now I really hope Tucker doesn’t read this since I’m pregnant with our stepdad’s baby.

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Alyssa Wants Her Uncles Cock – Uncle Fred Knocked Me Up

Dear Diary,

I’m in Florida for Spring Break,staying with my Aunt Mary and Uncle Fred. A few days into my trip it was raining so I stayed in and watched tv in my Aunt room. Uncle Fred came stumbling in from the bar and flopped in the bed almost on top of me. His semi hard cock brushed against my leg reminding me I hadn’t been laid the whole trip. I’m not sure why but I started getting turned on and began rubbing Uncle Freds cock through his pants. I just had to get it in y mouth so I unzipped his pants and rolled him over. His cock throbbed to life in my mouth almost gagging me. Before I knew it I was naked and riding my Uncles cock cowgirl style. I’m pretty sure Uncle Fred was enjoying himself since he blew a huge load in me as I came the 4th time.

Love, Alyssa

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Taboo – The Awakening

Julia’s son found an old photo album. As he looked through he commented on how beautiful and hot his mother was. He asked her why she had let herself go. Julia explained to him that since his father had left him for a younger woman her self-confidence did not exist. She felt her days were just for taking care of the house and him. Her son told her that his buddy’s friend’s mom was her age and was hot! Julia became upset and felt awful about her appearance. Her son told her he thought she still had it, this cheered her up a little. Her son went to bed after kissing his mom. Julia looked through the scrapbook remembering happier less stressful days. She went in to the bathroom and gazed in the mirror, she had been ignoring herself and she realized it. Julia turned in for the night. As she drifted off to sleep she heard her son moaning in his room, she went to see if he was ok. When she got to his room the door was cracked open. She peeked in and saw him masturbating. At first she wanted to quickly run back to her room embarrassed, but something inside her churned. She stood watching her son stroke his large cock. Her pussy got wet and she touched herself. Julia was confused by her sexual turn on. She felt her breasts and slid a finger into her pussy. She was afraid he may see her so she watched a minute longer then went back to her room. Julia was disturbed by these feelings towards her own son. She tossed and turned, not able to get his body off her mind. She masturbated hard to relieve her desires so she could sleep. The next morning he rushed out because he was late. He called to her wishing her a good day. Julia got up and began her daily chores, first into his bedroom for dirty clothes. She saw a magazine on his bed with naked woman, older women with younger men. She opened it and saw that it contained stories about mother and son’s sexual fantasies. She was shocked at first but again she became aroused. She read some of the stories and she said out loud, I want my son to make love to me. Julia went into town and got her hair, nails and toes done. She went to a sexy store and bought new high heels, silk stockings and a garter belt. Julia wanted to look like the women in the magazine for her son. She took her time getting ready the incredible evening. She slowly put on her stockings and garters, making sure everything looked just right. When everything was perfect she put on a pink satin nighty. She timed it perfectly. She sat on the edge of the bed waiting for him to return home. Minutes later her son came home, Julia called him into her room. He was shocked to see her dressed up and smiling. She asked him what he thought. Her son secretly had desires for her and this was it! He reveled in her sexy beauty. She dropped to her knees and began sucking his cock. He guided his cock deep into her mouth with his hand on the back of her head. She leaned back on the bed and motioned for him to climb on. He gently kissed her stockings and pussy as she continued to suck and lick his cock. She could not wait any longer so she stripped off her lingerie and spread her legs. He buried his long cock in her pussy as she cried out in pleasure. He rolled her onto her side and took her from behind. She rubbed her breasts and clit as he pounded her from behind. She watched her son’s cock slide in and out of her pussy. He placed her legs on her shoulders so he could penetrate his mother deep. She held onto her ankles and screamed in pleasure as he bottomed out in her. She got on her hands and knees and grabbed the headboard. He wasted no time in pounding her from behind. Her breasts swung back and forth as he sawed in and out of her. When he was ready to cum he put her on her back and shot his load all over her pussy. She reached down and stroked his cock with one hand and rubbed the cum into her skin with the other. They expressed their love for each other and kissed. The next morning Julia was in the kitchen. She was dressed in sexy lingerie. She joked that did not have any cream for her coffee and wondered if he could help her out. She noticed that his boxers were tented. She dropped to her knees and starting sucking his cock in the middle of the kitchen. She decided she wanted to be more comfortable so she led him by the cock into the living room. She dropped to her knees and resumed the morning blowjob. They had a replay of last night. She leaned back on the couch and spread her legs wide. Her son wasted no time in sliding his cock into her pussy. He held her leg up in the air as pounded her pussy. She told him how much bigger his cock was than his father’s. She rolled over and draped herself over the arm rest and presented her ass to her son. He fucked her from behind as she cried out in pleasure. She rolled onto her back so she could look in his eyes as he fucked her. It was more than they could handle and they had a huge simultaneous orgasm. They gently kissed.

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Sara Luvv – Please fuck me brother!

When Sarah noticed how big Ralph’s cock was she said “Fuck me until I gush! Just don’t tell Mom please!” It’s a family affair!

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Rachele Richey – My Step Brother make me Squirt

When Rachele found out her step bro makes his girlfriend squirts every time they fuck, she couldn’t resist her urge to ride his dick!

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My Gifted Son

Mother enters the room with in her tight workout clothes. She has been trying very hard to keep in shape for her family, but it seems to do no good with her husband.
Worse yet, this one is even younger then their own son Johnny!
She begins her stretching, and lays our her workout mat in front of their penthouse window. Mother always has enjoyed the view as she worked out. As she stretches her backside, Mother’s tight ass strains against the tight material. Her large breasts pulling her very small workout top to it’s limits.
Mother raises her ass high in the air in the downward position just as her son Johnny enters the room.
“Oh Johnny, come in!” Mother lowers her ass to talk to her son. “You teach at the gym. Am I doing this position right?”
Johnny has his mother raise up to do the position, but this time he lifts her ass higher to make the position correctly. From his guiding position Mother can feel the stretch… but also can feel something else. Was that really the size of her son’s penis in his pants pressing against her buttocks?
Mother makes an excuse to change positions, and starts her crunches with her son holding her feet. But as they continue the workout, it is very clear that her son has very inappropriate thoughts!
Once she sees that his own mother is making a physical change to her son in the form of a massive erection, mother tells her son “I think we both need to take a cold shower” and has him leave…. The thoughts going through her mind were also very inappropriate, but she was not going to let on to him that she felt that way.
Later that night, Mother was preparing for dinner, when her son entered the room to use the sauna in their bathroom, dressed only in a towel around his waist.. She had talked about this with him. He just couldn’t use the sauna anytime he wanted, and this was not a good time…All of the sudden, her son looses control of the towel and it drops to the floor. Mother was not ready for what she saw next!
Her son stood there before her naked, and the size of his penis astounded her! She had her son sit next to her, and tried to explain that he could not use their bathroom anytime he wanted, but the thought of his huge cock still was on her mind. As she spoke quietly to him, his penis started to harden under the towel, and he knew his mother was looking at it.
Johnny pulls the towel aside and takes his mothers hand and places it on his hardening penis. Mother has never seen a penis this large and had no idea her son had grown to be such a large man.
Mother was not sure if it was the thought of her crappy husband, or the seductive size of her son’s enormous cock, but she had to continue on this dark path!


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