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Dommy Mommy

Your mother is so uncool. Sure she does things like bake you cookies for school, but she won’t let you go out with your friends on Sunday night. You talk back to her & tell her that the other boys can go out, and she gets mad & send you to your room.
You decided to wait in another room instead, just to spite her, and you think she’ll come in to scold you, but when she walks in wearing leather & carrying a whip, you can’t believe what you’re seeing. You think maybe you’ve driven her over the edge. “You think I don’t want to send you for a sleepover tonight? I love when you leave the house. You have no idea how much fun I have.” You’re getting nervous, as it’s apparent you mother has been doing some things you don’t want to think about. “I’ve tried to hide my kinky side from you, but I think it’s time you see another side to me other than your nerdy, overprotective mother.” She says she knows you like the naughty girls at school who wear short skirts & too much makeup, “But it’s amateur hour over there. I’ve been naughty since before you were born.” You’re horrified to find she’s right… she’s whipping your dick & it’s so hard. “I’ve been doing all the things a good mother should do, but you disobey me. Turns out all I need to do is beat you a little bit.”
She reaches down & unzips the crotch on her catsuit, then she reaches for your cock. She strokes it a bit. “You’re not thinking about those naughty girls at school anymore; now all you’re thinking about is how much you want me to control you.” Her pussy hovers over your hard dick & she flogs it. Then she sticks you inside of her. She rides you cowgirl style, amazed that she found a way to make you obey her. She plays with your cock with the flogger. “From now on if I need you to study for a test, I’ll whip you. If I want you home from a friend’s house in time, I’ll just tell you what I’ll be wearing until you get home.” And she’s right, your mother owns you from now on.
She bounces her round ass on your cock. “This is a good day for me too. I finally get to let my inner freak out. I don’t have to walk around in those stupid dresses and pearls.” She rides you reverse cowgirl, then she turns around & props up her feet on your leg. “Now you know that mommy gets what mommy wants.” She tells you that she realizes why you have discipline problems. Those girls at school that you like aren’t naughty ENOUGH for you. They haven’t been making you cum, and all that tension has built up. She turns around again & orders you to do her doggystyle. Then she orders you to cum all over her catsuit-covered ass. “I’m finally getting some respect around here and all I had to do was be myself. I have a feeling things are going to go much more smoothly from now on.”

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Mommy comes up stairs and let’s her sweet boy know, “your father and I are getting a divorce,” she makes certain that the boy knows that she loves the boy very much but he now must choose between living with the father or mother. The boy is conflicted, Dad has a lot of money, enough to buy him whatever he chooses, but Mom is so sweet, and well.. look at her, she’s perfect. Mommy looks up at him with her sweet eyes, and kisses him. “Let Mommy show you how much you need me.”
Mommy lays her son down and takes out his cock. The boy is a little nervous at first, but Mommy is so soothing, and she assures him that this is what he needs. She kisses him with her perfect lips and purrs sinfully sweet things to him. The boys eyes are wide in disbelief as Mommy takes him inside of her mouth. She makes him cum, and the cum spills from the corners of her mouth as she smiles at him satisfied. Her plan is working, the boy will be hers, but there is something else that can seal the deal.
Mommy gets on top of her son and peels her panties off. She plays with the tip of his cock with her pink pussy, the boy looks at her soft hairy pussy and begins to breathe heavy. He wants to last, he wants to satisfy his mother as much as she satisfies him. He fucks her slow and deep, as per her instruction, and cums inside of her. He watches his Mommy’s body tremble as cum oozes out of her pussy.

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Can You Last? – Mommy Edition

It’s your 18th birthday, you remember Mommy waking you up, then you vaguely remember rolling around bound and gagged inside of a trunk, and now you are finally coming into consciousness, tied to a table. You see an interrogation light, and the smell of some old dusty place with Mommy’s perfume, your eyes jet around and then you see her. She’s dressed like a dominatrix, wearing the familiar gloves you’ve seen adorn her hands when she goes out at night, her favorite red heels, she smiles warmly and tells you why you’ve been tied up.
It’s now time to make Mommy cum. You feel the cold steel in your mouth, but Mommy promises not to hurt you unless you can make her cum. Can you handle Mommy’s tight, wet pussy sliding up and down on your hard cock. Mommy purrs, “be a good boy,” as she smiles at you wickedly. The pressure is high when your life is at stake.

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New tinder date my Brother fucks me in all of my holes then cums on my face.

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Dawn Willow meets teen Brother from Craigslist and fucks him twice! This video features several positions and blowjob.

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Mom and Dad are gone running errands and when you go into the kitchen for a snack after playing basketball with your friends you catch your dirty, lil sis sneaking booze out of the liquor cabinet in the middle of the day in her damn underwear! She knows she’s caught and doesn’t want you to tell the parents, plus she’s a little tipsy already so she decides to tease you a little bit, she spreads her legs and shows off her pussy through her panties. And even though it’s your sister, you can’t help but immediately get a raging boner which she notices and know she has you where she wants you. After all, she’s horny and she doesn’t want you to tell mom and dad so it’s win/win. She drops down to her knees right there in the kitchen and pulls out your hard on and starts sucking you off. Slowly at first but soon she is deep throating your dick and spitting all over it like a pro. She gets so horny she takes off her panties and lets you touch her wet pussy. And then finally she jerks you off in her mouth and swallows all of your cum.

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Making Your Little Brother

My son has been begging incessantly for a new little brother to play with. He’s finally gotten on my last nerve & I blow up at him. I can’t make him a new little brother with his father because father had a vasectomy. But I finally relent & tell my son that if he REALLY wants a little brother, he’s going to have to help me make him.
I order my son to sit on the couch & I show him how to start making the baby by getting his penis hard with a blowjob. Then we undress & I climb on top of him. He seems to enjoy me riding him cowgirl style, so I turn around & ride him the other way. He says that it feels good but it hurts a little & feels like his penis is going to explode. That’s how I know he’s about to come inside me & make his little brother.

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Mother Preparing Son For The Big Game

Harlo was going through his playbook and tossing the football around getting mentally prepared for the big home game. Mom knew her star quarterback was stressed and needed to get his mind off of things for a while. She was so proud of him and wanted to relieve him the only way she knows how. She walks in and tells him that she was going to help him relaX. She starts to massage him. She comments on how much she loves his big strong muscles. Mom tells him that she wants to kiss every inch of his body and even places he has never been kissed! She has him roll over and takes down his underwear. She starts to kiss his butt cheeks and then proceeds to lick his butt crack. Harlo is taken back and asks her when she was doing. Mom lets him know it’s alright and just relax and let Mommy make him feel good. Mommy starts licking her little mans asshole. She has him stand up so she can really get in there. She wants him to open up to Mommy. Let Mommy in. She shoves her tongue deep into his ass. Harlo starts to relax and enjoy himself. He has never had any girl do this to him. It felt so good. He grabs his Mom’s head and makes her lick it even harder! She spreads his ass cheeks and dives in. Mom loves to lick her little boys butt! She rolls him back over and starts to such his hard cock. She makes him jerk off while she licks his ass. She hands him a cup and tells him when he is ready to cum to shoot his load into the cup so she can drink every drop of him. He came so hard with his beautiful Mom licking his asshole! Mom shows him how much she loves him by sucking up every drop of his boy cum! Harlo was now ready to win the big game!

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Niece Get Nasty

Scene One: Breaking the shell
Cory’s niece has come to visit and Cory wants to hear all about her life. “Is there a boy you like?” Cory asks making Chrisi giggle. “I’m too shy for any of that” She admits. Even with that amazing body, Chrisi is so unsure of herself. Slowly Cory breaks her out of her shell.“Come on lets just take it slow and relax a little bit” Cory tells her. She strips her niece of cloths showing how perfect she is. “See it’s not scary” Cory says and licks Chrisi’s pussy. “Aunty what are you doing!” She screams and moans in innocence. Something comes over Chrisi, a white hot feeling, and she cums. “I don’t know what happened” She pants. Cory introduces her to pussy. Letting Chrisi explore and lick Cory’s delicious slit. Cory bucks her hips up and down screaming as she cums all over the young girls face. “I can’t believe I did that” Chrisi says softly.
You walk into the room just in time to see your naked niece making your wife cum. “Have you ever kissed a boy before?” Cory asks her. She looks in your direction and Cory instructs her on how boys like to be kissed. Cory shows her her first penis, pulling down your pants. Chrisi’s eyes open wide in shock and is instructed on how to kiss, suck and worship cock. Her big brown eyes look up at you, her virgin mouth used for the very first time.

Scene Two: Taste test
It’s time that Chrisi learns how to go all the way. Nervously she bends over the couch and painfully she’s fucked for the first time. What starts out in pain slowly turns to pleasure as she is fucked. Cory encourages her, touching her and whispering to her until she cums. Cory tells her how guys like to cum and you shoot your big load all over her innocent face and into her waiting mouth. “Good girl” Cory says, kissing her and sharing the load with her horny aunt. “I learned so much from you aunty” Chrisi smiles happily.

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