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Sister’s Sex Lesson

The other day I was having a relaxing afternoon watching porn and jerking off on the living room couch. I knew my parents wouldn’t be back for a few hours, which gave me more than enough time to punish my one-eyed monster. Then I was shocked to hear my older sister, who moved out of state for college last year, calling me a pervert and asking me why I was jerking off in the living room. I was about to run in my room and put clothes on but she told me to stay put and started asking me why I was watching porn and not out fucking real girls. I told my older sister I made it to second base with a girl last month, but that I was still a virgin because I’m too shy and jerking off is a lot easier. My sister said that was crazy and that she would teach me herself. She just started blowing me and it felt so good I couldn’t tell her to stop. Before I knew it I was in her pussy–which feels way better than my sex doll BTW. I’m so glad my sister made a surprise visit home from college to give me my first sex lesson!!! I can’t wait until the next one….

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Incestual Fantasies

Odette has been having incestual thoughts about her new step-brother and needs to see her therapist.
Young Odette has been having consistent sexual fantasies about her new step-brother. So much she goes to her therapist to discuss her unusual predicament. She explains that she cant stop masturbating to her thoughts about fucking her step-brother Calvin. Her therapist listens and asks Odette some questions about the fantasies shes having. I keep having this fantasy that Im in my cheerleader outfit and Calvin walks in on me playing with myself and fucks me she begins to explain. Her therapist writes down chronic masturbation with incestual fantasies.
Odette tells him it sounds worse when he says it like that. She continues to give him more details about her fantasy how she rides her step-brothers cock and gets her tight pussy fucked. Odette doesnt realize shes fingering herself as she moans for Calvin to cum on her face. She snaps out of her fantasy forgetting shes at her therapists office. I guess I went too deep into my fantasy she says shyly. Her therapist shakes his head and tells Odette they will need to have many more sessions.

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Son Forces Mother to Fuck

Rachel knows she does not have any choice but to suck her son’s cock. She says she will do it this one time and then they are done. He knows he has her just where he wants her so he tells her to start sucking. He does not waste any time grabbing the back of her head and forcing her mouth deep onto his cock. She begs him to hurry up and cum so it will be over. As he pulls out of her mouth she thinks it is all over. While he was watching his mother suck his cock he decided he was going to fuck her. He did not care what he agreed to. He stands her up and bends her over the bed. He unties her bikini bottom and easily slides his cock into her pussy. He does not know if she is wet from the excitement or from her webcam show lube. He does not care; all he knows is that he is balls deep in his mother’s hot pussy. Rachel protested and moaned as her son fucked her hard from behind. Eventually her protests changed to words of encouragement. She had not been fucked like this in years. She wanted to look into his eyes while he fucked her. She turned over on her back and spread her legs for him. She felt like she was on her honeymoon as she changed from position to position. This was the best sex she has had in ages.

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Taboo Family Vacation An XXX Taboo Parody

Meet The Jizzwalls: Mark is a retired SEO consultant who spends lots of quality time with his daughters. Russell is the only son and has developed a very special bond with his sister Kate. Kate is an aspiring model who is very close with the men in the family. Hope has Daddy wrapped around her finger and other parts of her anatomy. Gramps still chases younger women like he’s 18. With his vast wealth it’s no wonder all his granddaughters fall for his charms. When young Hope uses her “talents” to encourage Daddy to take the family on a vacation you know he can’t refuse! This naughty girl knows just how to get what she wants from her father and promises she won’t let him cum until she gets her way! Of course she wins, and this sets in motion a series of unbelievable taboo sex acts that will leave you shocked but rock hard! Sister Kate takes turns with Daddy and her brother, but that’s not enough for her – she needs Grandpa’s big dick in her ass too! And while it’s a great way to go, Grandpa can’t handle the thrill and collapses in bed. It’s up to Hope to comfort the whole family in her special way, but Daddy looks to relieve his sorrow in the babysitter’s ass! This is one family vacation no one will ever forget!

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Daddy’s Confession (Heavily Impregnation)

Daddy, do you remember what you said to me last night? I didn’t think so.. you were pretty out of it. Well, you said… Daddy, you said… you want me to have a baby! But Daddy, I think we both know you don’t want me to have a baby with just anyone. The guys I’ve dated are clearly not up to your standards. So… I don’t know if you really want to do this, but I definitely do! You’re the one who confessed, after all.
Daddy, I know it’s such a wrong thing to do. It would be awful if someone found out! But, I mean, do they have to know? Please Daddy, this is what I’ve always wanted. You and I used to play house all the time when I was younger, and you were Daddy and I was Mommy… Let me show you. I want to play real House, Daddy! I want you to give me a baby. Won’t you make your little girl pregnant? Fill my womb? Watch my breasts and belly begin to swell? Make me pregnant!

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Daddy Likes Watching

Dear Diary,
I’m just a normal young girl I suppose, even though my hormones seem to be excessive. Most of the time when I’m home alone I can’t help but please myself. About a week ago I got the feeling someone was watching me and it turned me on a lot more than normal. I played with my pussy harder than ever before and it was so intense. The next time I played with myself I got the same feeling and I’m pretty sure I caught Daddy peeping.Yesterday I was in my room masturbating again and I knew I was being watched so I really put on a show. I began to fantasize that it was Daddys cock making me cum and soon I was blissfully calling his name. Before I knew it Daddy was in my room making my every fantasy cum true. Everything was better than I had ever imagined until Daddy got to excited and lost it inside me. I hope I can get a morning after pill or something, I just can’t get pregnant at my age.
Xo Piper

Dear Diary
It’s getting so overwhelming lately, I’m even skipping school to spend time with Daddy. The other day after breakfast I couldn’t contain myself any longer and as soon as mom was gone I dropped to my knees. Daddy and I got so intense we were all over the kitchen, He even picked me up and held me for a hot 69. After Daddy made me cum a few times I dropped to my knees again and finished him off all over my tits. At least I can’t get pregnant that way.

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One Last Time With Son

Mommy Madisin Lee walks in on her son, Freddie Cee masturbating on his computer. She asks him why he is not out with his girlfriend. He informs her that she does not take care of him as good as Mommy does. Mommy tells him they can not fuck anymore, it is not right.. Freddie asks how can something that feels so good be bad and then asks for just one more fuck since he is throbbing and ready to explode. Madisin agrees to give him head and finally succumbs to her sons’ demands. They fuck on the office chair almost breaking it and at one point they fuck standing up doggie style as her son pounds his mother’s pussy away

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Fuck My Ass Grandpa

Dear Diary,
Since I started fucking Grandpa I’ve been imagining his cock in my tight little ass. The other night he was still hard after he came in me (gotta love Viagra) so I asked him to fuck my ass. He lid his big cock in slowly letting my asshole stretch. Once I was ready though Grandpa really fucked my ass good. I even came a few times before Grandpa pulled me to the side of the bed and came in my waiting mouth. I sucked him clean then we curled up on the bed for the night.

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I Know You’re My Cousin

Dearest Paricia
Later that week I invited my cousin Ted over to make sure I got enough seed to make me pregnant. Ted has always had a crush on me so it was easy to get him to have sex with me. He was so excited to fuck me his cock was hard before his pants came off.
I sucked his cock while he played with my huge tits getting me nice and warmed up and then I straddled him on the couch. I rode him for awhile before he bent me over on the couch and pounded me doggystyle. I could tell he was ready to cum and I begged him to cum in me but for some reason he pulled out and shot his load on my sexy ass. Maybe he wants to try again.
Love Vanessa

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Slutty Schoolgirl Creampie

Veruca is dressed up like a naughty little school slut. She wants all the extra credit so she’ll do whatever it takes. She’ll talk dirty, deep throat and then ride a dick to completion. She even steals the cum from his dick before he’s ready. Once the satisfied little cum stealing slut has acquired her creampie, she queefs it out of her slutty little pussy letting it drip and ooze.

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