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My Teenage Stepdaughter

The family that`s stuck together, fucks together! That`s the motto in this almost-incest fantasy where that forbidden teenage stepdaughter is just too damn hot and horny to ignore! She`s flaunting her tight little body and perfect tits, and he`s got too much time on his hands – that`s when the perverted playtime begins! You won`t want to miss this family fuck fest!

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A horny brother watches as his sister gets ready for the day. She fixes her hair and clothes, then looks down at her chest. Disappointed at how small her chest is, she begins stuffing her bra with a pair of socks. She admires how much bigger they look, and adjusts them until they are perfect. Just after she fixes them, her big brother walks in, complimenting how nice her “rack” looks. He tells her to let him see, but she pulls away, telling him to stop. He puts his hand on her chest, squeezes, and laughs–asking what is inside her bra. “These are mine! STOP!” She keeps smacking his hands away, but he manages to get his hand inside of her bra, pulling out a sock, and waving it at her. “Are you kidding me? You’re stuffing your bra with socks? Awww, poor little, tiny tits.” He continues to pull out the other sock, teasing her–telling her that her chest is “cute.”
“Awww, I’m sorry. Well, you know, if you want my help, I can help you.” Her brother offers her some help, but she doesn’t believe him as soon as he tells her. “Well, all the girls are talking about it. Have you not heard?” She tells him that she thought all girls stuffed their bras, and he laughs, telling her that she’s the only girl that does that. “Have you ever noticed how everyone’s boobs are huge now? And you’re still stuffing your bra to keep up?… No, you know what they’re doing, right?” He teases his sister, telling her that maybe he shouldn’t tell her, and she begs to hear the secret. He tells that all the cheerleaders in school have their boyfriends cum on their chest, and it helps to increase their boob size. She immediately bashes the idea, telling him it’s not true, but he continues to convince her that it is. “Cum makes your chest grow?… Is that a secret or something?” After she is convinced that cum will make her chest grow, she asks her brother where she can get some. He tells her that he can help her out, and she gets excited, saying that she will do anything.
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Care For Your Brother

Whenever a sibling is in trouble, even if its a stepsib, you need to be there to help them. Richie gets back from the gym and thinks he pulled something. He asks his stepsis Stacey to check, and maybe see if she can massage it out. She gives it a try, but in order to get to that muscle she is forced to reveal Richies huge cock. Although shes trying to relieve his pain, she cant help but notice it. She decides it might be a good idea to not just rub out the muscle, but also rub out richies cock on her throat. The next day, Stacey goes to draw a bath, but gets her hand caught in the drain. Richie runs right to the rescue, and notices her sweet pussy sticking out as shes stuck. He decides to rub his cock on it while he tries to help, and Stacey gets excited, then Richie sticks it in. He fucks her right on the edge of the bathtub until he accidentally jizzes all up in that pussy. Stacey was pissed, but not as pissed as when Richie freed her from the drain, which took all of two seconds. A few days later, Stacey shows up in the living room after school dressed like a little slut. Richie questions it, but Stacey replies with she does/gets whatver the fuck she wants. Right now she is horny as shit and wants some of Richies sibling dick. Dads on his way home, but does it matter? Gotta care for your step sibling. Richie rams Stacey right there on the couch and doesnt forget to pull out and fill her mouth up with white goo instead of her pussy this time. Look out for the step bro of the year award Richie!

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Family Game Night, Incantation

Rachel is upset at the breakdown in communication in her family. She goes to a consignment shop and buys a board game for them all to play. She hopes it will lead to everyone bonding. What she does not know is that the proprietor is an evil magician who put a spell on the game. When Rachel gets home and the family starts to play, each of them becomes possessed by a lust demon. Soon stepfather is making out with stepdaughter and stepmother is making out with stepson. The wild action escalates into a full blown orgy.

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Twisted stories about their Secret Taboo Lifestyle.

-Daughters Initiation: “Mom and Dad decide to make a visit to their college freshmen daughter and talk to her about how important it is to please the new guys she is going to meet at school. That is why mommy teaches her how to be a good cock sucker slut and daddy will teach her how to take big dicks in her tight young pussy. And obviously to not let guys cum inside her and make her preggo and ruin her college career”
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The Flowers 2

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Something Is Bugging Me

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Mothers and Daughters

I convinced her Vanessa says, sitting next to her step-mom. Vanessa tells you to buy a car for her and a trip for her step-mom. You happily agree and they kiss and strip in front of you. Their huge tits and perfect bodies suck and worship your cock. Do you like the way I suck your cock daddy Cory asks. You fuck Cory like her husband never could and watch her lick her daughter. Vanessa wont be left out, fucking on top of you and letting you plow into her. Mother and daughter team up to give you everything you ever wanted. They even have something special planned for you. You cum into Vanessa’s mouth and she shares the load with her mom. Thank you daddy they say.

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