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When Alaina has a Project due the next day in Art class at school….she reluctantly asks her Brother Mitchell for help. Her Project…..is to do a “Nude Portrait” of the male body….and her Brother is the only subject she has access to. With some persuasion….Alaina convinces Mitchell to pose for her. After a few minutes of sketching him…Alaina realizes that something isn’t quite right…..she thinks the Portrait would be better….if the male had….in her words….”an erect penis”. Mitchell tells his Sister that there is NO WAY he is going to get erect for her….so she might as well continue drawing. Alaina, however, realizes that Brother or not….ALL guys are the same…so she removes her shirt, and starts to draw. As expected….Mitchell does get excited by Alaina’s Tits (which are absolutely SPECTACULAR) and his cock starts to grow. Alaina, however….wants a full erection…so she removes her pants too!! Alaina prances in front of her Brother in an effort to get a boner out of him….but she soon realizes that a horny guy….Brother or not….wants to Fuck!!! Alaina, feeling guilty for the painfully hard erection she has caused….agrees to have sex with her Brother. Alaina sucks Mitchell’s cock….let’s him have a good long lick of her sweet, young Pussy….and then she lets him take a poke at her. Alaina is NOT happy when her Brother….without warning…..ejaculates inside her….but she quickly gets up, grabs her sketch pad….and begins to work on her Nude Portrait.

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When daddy gets home, it’s time to play! Hannah Hartman, Jillian Janson, Yhivi, and Scarlett Fever are the most delicate dolls who are pure with innocence and eager to please. Daddy had a long hard day, so he’s prepared to give these little dolls a long hard surprise too

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Vanessa has taken her son for a business trip but leaves him in their hotel room all day long. When she returns from work she only wants to go down to the bar and drink, telling her son to find something else to do. Vanessa wakes up to find herself tied with her hands above her head.
Vanessa calls out to her son to help her down, not knowing that her son was the one who her and tied her up. He gropes his moms breasts and pulls them out of the top of her dress. With whip in hand he smacks them. “honey stop” she protests. Turning her around he pulls up her dress, removes her skimpy thong and whips her ass with smooth strokes. She yelps in pain asking why her son is doing this to her. He unties her from the door and pulls her to the ground.
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Rachel and her sister Joey were bitching about the lack of respect they get from their husbands. Joshua, Rachel’s son, is rolling his eyes at them. Rachel does not want her son to turn out like his father. Joey agrees. They tell him to sit between them so they can talk to him. His attitude is terrible. Rachel knows it is time for drastic measures. She and Aunt Joey take him in the bedroom to teach him how to please a woman. Joshua is reluctant. Rachel sits him on the bed and reminds him who is boss. She and Joey strip down. Now Joshua is quiet. Rachel and Aunt Joey slowly lick his hard cock side by side. Rachel tells her son to fuck his Auntie. Then she has her son fuck her. They tell him the right spots to get while he has sex with them. Rachel tells him to fuck his mother good, and he does. Both women cum fast. Now it is his turn, they suck and jerk him to orgasm. He cums over their faces. Now he knows what a real woman needs to be happy.

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I found a strange old book the other day at the local library. It was propping up an old rickety shelf in the back, but it didn’t belong to the library. And it was full of weird writing in a language I’ve never seen before, and had many pictures of perverted sex acts that I was unfamiliar with. My sister Molly walked in on me reading it and asked what I was doing. I explained to her that I found what seemed to be a spell book to make someone a sex slave. She said that was ridiculous and laughed at me. I told her she was probably right, but I suggested she recite a passage, just for fun….

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